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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] Tesla MODEL S is currently the most successful case of electric vehicles on sale in the world. It has changed people’s perception of electric vehicles and also allowed us to see the direction and direction of new energy vehicles in the future. Development potential. Maybe you still have doubts about it so far, maybe you are wondering what kind of mentality a group of people have chosen Tesla, so we invited three car owners.

●Mr. Liu

Mr. Liu is engaged in the health industry in an American company and frequently travels to and from the United States, Canada and China. I have never heard of Tesla before. I accidentally saw a Tesla passing by on a road in the United States. At that time, I thought this car was particularly handsome. After a brief understanding, I found that it was still a pure electric car. Foreign media’s evaluation It was also quite high. So the next day after returning to China, I went to the dealership for a test drive and ordered the car immediately. At this time, there is no selling price in China. Mr. Liu expected it to be 1.4 million.

Mr. Liu is a “BMW-controlled” and a senior BMW owner. A few years ago, a batch of BMW 1 series pure electric test-driving cars recruited long-term “test drivers” in China. Mr. Liu became one of the members; at the same time, Liu There is also a BMW 7-series hybrid in his car, but due to Beijing's lottery policy, he had to replace the 7-series hybrid and replace it with a Tesla.

Mr. Liu did not encounter any obstacles in installing the charging pile. Before long-term test-driving of BMW 1 series electric vehicles, it was necessary to install a charging wall box. After finding the property and communicating, the property asked for a description of the use of the charging wall box and a copy The wall box circuit construction drawing was approved by the property after providing these two materials.

The parking spaces of Mr. Liu’s house are only rented out and not sold. In order to facilitate the construction, the property coordinated a parking space close to the distribution box and installed an electric meter to measure power consumption. Everything went well. After purchasing the Tesla, Mr. Liu found the property again and proposed to install another charging wall box. The property approved without questioning.

According to what we have learned, as long as your home is a fixed parking space, whether it is leased or purchased, you can install charging piles. Tesla has a dedicated team to negotiate with your property to jointly promote this matter. . Some properties will be more conservative, worry about the safety of charging, and will require the owner to sign a safety agreement.

When it comes to Tesla's experience, Mr. Liu is more willing to start from the previous BMW 1 series pure electric. That 1 series pure electric vehicle can only travel more than 100 kilometers per day, which is basically enough for commuting to and from get off work, but going to a gathering with friends after get off work will cause some concerns about mileage. It can be said that this is the biggest problem.

The daily mileage of Tesla is more than 300 kilometers, which is a bit inferior to traditional gasoline cars, but it is enough for normal daily use. Mr. Liu mainly charges at home. He has developed the habit of plugging in the charger cable every day when he gets home. Therefore, he travels with full power. The mileage is no longer a problem. At least it is sufficient when used in Beijing.

As for the convenience of operation, Mr. Liu first thinks that the large screen is very technological, and it is also very adaptable to the operation of the touch screen. There is no shortage of convenience in terms of convenience. However, Mr. Liu thought the storage slot at the bottom of the middle of the front row was too rough. Some small items were placed in a mess. The acceleration brakes occasionally slipped. He was planning to go to the dealer to install a storage. box.

There are no flaws in driving and comfort. Mr. Liu believes that Tesla’s greatest charm lies in power, and it is very smooth. After buying Tesla, if it is not necessary, he will basically choose this electric car for travel. I am very satisfied with this car. Speaking of shortcomings, Mr. Liu believes that the seat comfort is very general, the seat back is relatively straight, there is no support and wrapping, in addition, due to the tall body, the length of the seat cushion is not enough to support the thighs, and the length cannot be adjusted. We also mentioned the issue of workmanship, because many people think that Tesla's workmanship is rougher than that of models of the same price. Mr. Liu also affirms this, but he believes that he bought technology and technology, and the workmanship is not too rough. It is within the acceptable range, so it will not affect, and the flaws will not cover up.

One word comment from the car owner: cutting-edge technology products, but also because of the car made a lot of friends.

●Mr. Xu

Mr. Xu runs a listed catering company and is very interested in new things. I also met Tesla in the United States and learned about it in many ways. I felt that this car was a product of the cutting-edge technology, so I was tempted. After returning to China to chat with family and friends, my wife is also particularly interested, but the friends are divided into two groups, one group strongly supports, and also thinks this is a good car! The other group is more conservative, thinking that 1 million to buy an electric car…After really buying the car, I also asked my friends to feel this Tesla. Everything I have felt is basically full of praise.

Mr. Xu’s parking space is owned by him, and the property did not raise any requirements or comments for the installation of charging piles. Mr. Xu’s Tesla is only used for traveling in Beijing. The main charging location is also at his own home. He has also developed the habit of charging at home every day. Occasionally, he will go shopping when he encounters a public charging station when he is free. .

Mr. Xu has not been exposed to new energy vehicles before, and this is also a new attempt. I feel that the car is very good when I use it. I call myself a crazy driving person. I have requirements for power. I didn't care about the fuel consumption before. Now I don't care about the electricity. I have to drive myself. He felt that compared with his other large-displacement gasoline vehicles, Tesla's power performance in the city was even better.

During the conversation, Mr. Xu mentioned some of Tesla’s workmanship issues, such as the slightly larger seams of interior parts, etc., but Mr. Xu said that he had come into contact with many American brands of cars, and it’s normal for American cars to be inadequately crafted. At the beginning of buying a car, I was also prepared. I value Tesla’s performance and this cutting-edge technology. I don’t care about these small workmanship problems. If I pursue workmanship, I won’t buy Tesla because Mr. Xu is a “Benz-controlled”. .

Mentioning some details, Mr. Xu first felt that the storage box in the middle of the front row was a bit primitive and rough. Although it was large, everything was piled up in an untidy state, so he spent RMB 5,000 to install a storage box at the dealership. The box fits perfectly with the original car without any sense of disharmony. This way, it is a lot more regular.

Mr. Xu’s car is usually driven by himself and his wife. In rare cases, he drives by the driver. During the ride, he found that the storage space in the back row was insufficient. Sometimes there was no suitable storage place for drinks, so he added a simple The fixed belt, the practicality of the rear row has a certain improvement.

One word comment from the owner: great power! Make people love cars addictive.

Ms. Tong

In the interview, we also invited a female car owner to learn about Tesla's daily use from a female perspective. Ms. Tong loves to collect and is a freelancer. She was about to change cars. At first, the goal of changing cars was still a traditional gasoline car. However, in chatting with friends, she learned about Tesla’s pure electric car. The lady went for a test drive. After the test drive, all the feelings satisfied the lady. The zero-emission electric car has relatively little environmental pollution and has a design that she favors, so she immediately ordered a red Tesla.

Ms. Tong has her own garage, and the installation of the charging wall box was not hindered, and the installation was completed smoothly. Usually this Tesla is only used as a means of transportation in Beijing. Usually the driving distance is less than 100 kilometers per day, and the maximum is not more than 200 kilometers. Therefore, the seat heating and other equipment are used normally with the ladies, and they are also developed. With the habit of charging at home every day, I have never felt nervous about mileage. However, when going out to play, I still choose gasoline cars. Basically, a few friends travel together, carpooling with each other, and driving as little as possible.

Different from the first two owners, the same lady chose a 21-inch big wheel, the visual experience is indeed more eye-catching, but the bumper cushion is slightly lacking, and due to the low flatness, the tires are prone to injury. The same lady has replaced it. There are two tires, and the original tire dealers sell for about 3,000 yuan/piece.

In terms of convenience, male car owners and female car owners have completely different views. The difference of views is concentrated on the large central storage tank that both male car owners criticized. They will feel that it will be messy to pile up their belongings, while women Owners think this storage tank is too good and too convenient. The daily bag can be placed in it easily. The storage tank is very suitable in size. Users of different genders do have different perceptions of products, mainly because of differences in their actual needs.

Other aspects are basically the same as the first two car owners, such as the design of the large central control screen and the interior design. Ms. Tong is very satisfied with the workmanship of Tesla. Compared with her other car, the old Cadillac CTS, it is much stronger, so there is nothing to be dissatisfied with. However, the LCD screen has been black during use, and it will be restored after restarting. normal. However, there is a slight impact on the daily life. Because the Tesla roof line is very smooth, the rear head space is relatively cramped, and the same lady sometimes participates in some ceremonies and will do hairstyles. When sitting in the back row, often rubbing the hair on the roof will affect it. hairstyle.

Tesla does not have a traditional engine and gearbox, so there are compartments on the front and rear, which can fully meet the daily shopping needs, and the front compartment is also unique.

One sentence from the owner: To pay for environmental protection and pay for science and technology, electric vehicles are bound to replace diesel locomotives, just as electric lights replace kerosene lamps.

to sum up:

The advantages that car owners think: technological products, fashionable! Power is very good; environmental protection; low cost of use.

Disadvantages considered by car owners: slightly rough workmanship; system crashes and black screens.

First of all, the three car owners are all people who like new things very much, and are more concerned about environmental protection. They value Tesla's technology, and frankly, they are also paying for technology. As far as the product is concerned, there is indeed room for improvement in workmanship, but as several car owners have said, American cars have always been like this. The flaws are not concealed and do not affect the use. It can be seen that they are all very rational people. What you need. To be more specific to the product, the Tesla Model S 85 has a daily driving range of about 300 kilometers. From the perspective of mileage, it can fully meet the daily normal use, and it has a very good driving experience, which is enough to surprise people in terms of power.

However, when it comes to price, the most entry-level model will also be sold for 700,000. Obviously this is still suitable for consumers with a certain level of strength, but in future product plans, Tesla will launch a model with a lower threshold , It will basically be at the same level as the mid-size cars of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi. At that time, more people may accept it.