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[YesAuto News] In the past year, the FAW Group has continued to make great moves. From the establishment of the Hongqi Brand Division, the Bestune Brand Division and the Jiefang Brand Division in September last year, to the transfer of Tianjin FAW Toyota's equity by FAW Xiali in November this year, to the Qiming Information and the reorganization of FAW Fuwei, a listed company in the FAW Group. It is believed that it is intended to remove obstacles to the overall listing, and FAW Group's overall listing may be put on the agenda again.

On November 27, FAW Xiali transferred 15% of Tianjin FAW Toyota’s shares. After the transaction is completed, FAW Xiali will no longer hold FAW Toyota’s equity, and FAW’s shareholding ratio in FAW Toyota will reach 50%. Think of it as FAW Xiali's move to get rid of the current loss situation and avoid delisting. Some analysts say that FAW Xiali’s various actions may pave the way for the FAW Group to go public as a whole.

In addition to FAW Xiali, the parts and components companies under the FAW Group have also been moving continuously recently. On November 22, the FAW Group Qiming Information released the “Announcement on the Progress of Planning for Major Events,” stating that it will be transferred to the major asset reorganization procedures. The Changchun FAW Faway, which is also a FAW Group, also issued an announcement on November 23 that the company is no longer a state-owned holding company. In other words, FAW Group is no longer the controlling shareholder of FAW Faway, and the abandonment of FAW Faway's equity is regarded as FAW Group's move to pave the way for listing. The FAW Group's previously held Fawer shares and Changchun Yidong and other parts and components companies have also been stripped. FAW Group's multiple integration of capital is regarded by the outside world as clearing obstacles for its overall listing.

In fact, the overall listing of FAW Group is not smooth. In June 2016, FAW Car and FAW Xiali successively announced that they could not resolve the competition between the two in the same industry, and urged the general meeting of shareholders to postpone the overall listing commitment period for 3 years. In May 2017, FAW Car and FAW Xiali successively issued announcements requesting that the general meeting of shareholders agree to postpone the commitment of FAW's overall listing for another three years. As for this re-posting of the overall listing, insiders of the FAW Group said that the changes in the FAW Group are part of the comprehensive and deepening reform of the FAW Group, and the overall listing is not mentioned.

However, with the advancement of the FAW Group’s mixed ownership reform and the divestiture of its component companies’ assets, and the FAW Group’s previous trillion-level “intentional” credits, the pace of reform of the FAW Group has accelerated, and the FAW Group may be listed as a whole. The schedule was re-upgraded. (Information source: Beijing News Compiler: Car Home/Wang Lin)