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[YesAuto Multimedia Experience] Sonata Nine has a brand-new appearance, interior and powertrain, and the overall configuration level is also high. From the previous evaluation shopping guide article (click to enter), it is not difficult to see that its comprehensive strength has indeed improved significantly compared to Sonata Eight. In addition, its multimedia system is also richer than Sonata eight in terms of functions, and it is also equipped with practical and avant-garde functions such as Blue Link 2.0 and blueExplorer. It sounds good, how does it work? The answer will be given below.

Full text summary:

Sonata Nine's 8-inch multimedia system has a wealth of functions, and each function is easy to use, without any difficulty in getting started. Its biggest highlight is Blue Link 2.0 and blueExplorer, which not only improve the functions of the on-board system, but also provide car owners with more considerate services.

After in-depth experience, what impressed me the most about this multimedia system was not its rich functions, but the smooth running of the system, the speed of connecting to external devices/service centers, and the ease of use of various functions. In my opinion, this is actually more important than rich features. Of course, it would be better if it can have a wealth of functions and is simple and direct to use. (Photo/Picture/Text Car Home He Jiarong)