[YesAuto Test Drive] Unknowingly, the Southeast V3 Lingyue has been on the market for more than a year. I remembered that when it was first launched, it was well received by consumers because it developed its own platform with Mitsubishi's excellent genes and has high cost performance. And favor. However, the V3 Lingyue launched earlier does not have an automatic transmission model, which is not a happy thing for novices or female car owners who like it, and it also limits its user base to a certain extent. Southeast also seems to be aware of this problem, so it launched the V3 Lingyue CVT version on the 7th of last month, and I think the purpose of this CVT model is only one, and that is to make up for the regret that the V3 Lingyue does not have an automatic transmission.

Wuyi Mountain in May is when the spring tea is fragrant. Driving a V3 Lingyue CVT among the graceful mountains and rivers, enjoying the beautiful and timeless natural scenery of Wuyi Mountain, it is really refreshing for the body and mind, and it has a special taste. Let's take a look at the test drive part first, and there are wonderful travel notes and beautiful pictures waiting for you later, so stay tuned!

Test Drive

The V3 Lingyue CVT is just a new model in the V3 Lingyue car series. Except for the addition of the CVT logo at the rear of the car and the new style of wheels, there will naturally not be any changes in appearance. If you’re just getting to know the V3 Lingyue for the first time but want to know more about this car, then you can click on the link below to go directly to the previous car home experience article, there should be what you want to know, so in this article I I won't repeat it.

Although its appearance has basically not changed, the interior design has made a little effort. The most obvious is the design of the center control panel of the navigation version. The design of this panel is more fashionable than before.

Previously, the screen of manual gear models was at the bottom of the panel, but for CVT models, the screen was moved to the top of the air-conditioning control area, which is more convenient for the driver to view and operate. This is indeed an improvement. Of course, it is not only this place that has changed. If you want to know more about the changes of V3 Lingyue CVT, you can click the link below:

The V3 Lingyue CVT still uses Mitsubishi’s new 4A91 engine. This engine has been used since the manual style version was launched. It has a displacement of 1.5L, has continuously variable valve timing technology, and uses an all-aluminum structure. Its power has increased by 10 horsepower to 120 horsepower, and its torque has also increased to 143N·m.

The new generation of VT2 CVT continuously variable transmission produced by Punch, a subsidiary of German ZF, is the focus of this article. This CVT transmission can simulate 6 gears and has multiple smart modes such as snow and sports. The purpose of V3 Lingyue equipped with this gearbox is obviously to ensure better economy and comfort, which is also necessary for a model with a cost-effective selling point.


The gear ratio of a CVT transmission is not an intermittent point, but a series of continuous values, for example, it can vary from 3.455 to 0.85. CVT has a simpler structure and smaller volume than traditional transmissions. It has neither the numerous gear pairs of manual transmissions nor the complicated planetary gear sets of automatic transmissions. It mainly relies on the driving and driven wheels and metal belts to achieve stepless changes in speed ratio.

The CVT transmission can bring you very good ride comfort without any frustration. This is its innate advantage. Of course, the needle is not sharp at both ends, it can bring you good smoothness and comfort, but on the other hand, it inhibits the engine from performing better, so that you can not play the engine performance well. Come out, this can be experienced when starting and accelerating.

Due to the constraints of the CVT's own characteristics, the V3 Lingyue CVT in D mode is not too straightforward to accelerate and the throttle response is quite a bit lagging. The right foot needs to exert a little force on the throttle to allow the pointer to climb speed. Make the car move faster. I am impatient, and the D gear mode can't meet my requirements, so I pulled the gear to the left and switched directly to the sports mode. At this time, the V3 Lingyue CVT did not give me a more direct feeling of power.

Although the response effect of the throttle is better than that of the D gear at this time, and the pointer climbs slightly faster, the substantial difference is not too big. In the sport mode, I really feel motivated after 2000 rpm. As the speed increases, the throttle response is faster. At this time, the combination of the engine and the gearbox can achieve the desired effect, and the power output is better. It seems that in a low-speed state, the power output of the V3 Lingyue CVT is more affected by the CVT, which makes its start always give people a very stable feeling.

If you are an impatient like me and also need driving pleasure, then simply switch to manual mode and let the CVT gearbox simulate the operation of the manual gearbox. At this time, its gear shift speed is not too slow, which is much better than in D gear and sports mode, but of course this is still somewhat different from the manual V3 Lingyue I tested earlier. After all, this is not a pure manual gearbox, and such direct power output performance is already satisfactory. If you want to get more direct power output and throttle response in manual mode, it is the most straightforward way to increase the speed to 3000 rpm and then shift gears.

The CVT gearbox emphasizes comfort, and the 4A91 is a high-revolution engine, which means that the V3 Lingyue CVT is not a car that pursues rapid acceleration. There is no obvious power point, and the acceleration is quite stable. To accelerate and overtake your right foot, you have to press the accelerator as hard as you can, of course, in exchange for the engine noise that is not too beautiful.

The excellent platform genes also continue to the V3 Lingyue, and the smoothness and tracking performance of high-speed driving and cornering is very good. The improved brake system since the manual V3 Lingyue can make you feel at ease. The five-link rear independent suspension system also guarantees driving comfort and handling stability. In addition, the advantages of the engine with good power seem to imply The V3 Lingyue CVT has excellent sports performance, but such a slow power output has nothing to do with words such as control and sports.

to sum up:

The V3 Lingyue has a very good price-performance ratio. The CVT model tested this time is also the same. For 90,000 yuan, you can buy a compact with navigation system, fixed-speed cruise, reversing video, keyless start, DVD multimedia player, etc. This type of car is indeed rare, and it is indeed a compact car worth recommending from a comprehensive point of view. If you are as impatient as me, then I suggest you not to buy the V3 Lingyue CVT version, the manual V3 Lingyue will be more suitable for you. The CVT version is a model purchased by friends who enjoy personal comfort more and care about their family's ride experience. Its appearance is not to help you gallop on the street, but to let you feel the comfort of driving. Maybe one day you drive a V3 Lingyue CVT like me to play in Wuyi Mountain easily, you will experience it. To the charm it brings. Maybe you will have some doubts about what I said, but when you read the next page of my wonderful travels to Wuyishan and imagine yourself being on the scene, your doubts about me just now will be dispelled.


Wuyi Mountain is located in the northwest of Fujian Province and the east of Jiangxi Province, at the junction of Fujian and Jiangxi. With a total area of 999.75 square kilometers, Fujian Gan dialect, northern Fujian dialect and Mandarin are commonly used. According to the different characteristics of the resources in the area, the whole area is divided into 4 conservation areas, including biodiversity in the west, Jiuquxi ecology in the middle, natural and cultural landscapes in the east, and the site of the Minyue King City in Chengcun. The core area is 63,575 hectares, and the core sub-area is 36,400 hectares. At the same time, the outer protection zone-buffer zone is delineated, covering an area of 27,888 hectares.

After reading the brief information introduction, I think you have a preliminary understanding of Wuyi Mountain, but after reading the photos I took, I believe you will be more admired for the natural wonder of Wuyi Mountain. Of course, I will not hesitate to agree with you. Everyone share my photos together.

Wuyi Mountain is indeed a place with rare natural beauty, or it can be said that I was lucky to come to this beautiful place to enjoy driving, and the weather on the day of the test drive was good, which happened to be a good day for an outing. It seems that God makes beauty. Under the bright sunshine, you can not only enjoy the comfort brought by the beautiful scenery and nature, but also enjoy the comfortable driving experience brought by the CVT. This pleasant life is indeed intoxicating! (Photo/Picture/Text Car Home He Jiarong)

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