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[YesAuto Motorcycle] I have to say that this is the most enjoyable motorcycle event I have ever participated in. Ducati will sub-brand Scrambler to create a global cycling day called “Ducati Scrambler Days of Joy”, the purpose is to pass Four Scrambler models bring different styles of riding experience to riders.

This event is abbreviated as Lexiang Riding Day in Chinese. Ducati has begun to vigorously promote its Scrambler car series this year. After the remodeling of all cars, this cycling activity focusing on roads, off-roads, and mud began. Held globally, I had the honor to participate in the first Asian stop in Moganshan, Hangzhou. Unexpectedly, Ducati invited an official Italian cycling instructor team to guide the cycling activities throughout.

The activity distinguished multiple groups of different projects at the same time, and the first item of my group was mountain riding, the models involved the basic Icon and Café Racer. I have never experienced the retro racing style Café Racer before. The detachable handlebar makes this car more combative, but due to the characteristics of the vehicle (handle mirror, spoke wheels, etc.) it will make you feel like nothing More style than it. When switching to the Icon model, the riding style changes drastically. The difference is concentrated on the wide handlebars, which directly leads to the vehicle becoming more flexible and the sitting posture easier. The two models have obvious differences in style characteristics.

I still remember that when Ducati Scrambler was just launched a few years ago, although it claimed to have off-road attributes, consumers thought that there was still some distance between the actual word and off-road. Later, Ducati simply launched the Desert Sled model that is completely biased towards off-road performance. This car has a redesigned suspension, longer damping stroke, off-road tires, spoke wheels, and completely changed its character.

For the off-road link, Ducati has created a mini off-road field. For those who have never been in contact with off-road cycling, it is better to be cautious when driving up. For off-road enthusiasts, after mastering the rhythm of the field, It's perfectly possible to make some beautiful turning movements, even small leaps are no problem. For desert sleds, ground clearance and damping stroke can give full play to their effects. Vehicle weight is the only weakness, but don’t forget that this is a street-based model after all.

Dirt Circle Race

Next is the Flat Track that I am most looking forward to. It is called the Dirt Circle Race in Chinese. This motorcycle race originated in the United States. As early as 1900, a group of American children intertwined wooden boards in pursuit of the pleasure brought by motorcycles. Pave a track with a 45-degree inclination angle together, and then go crazy racing on it. Later, as the speed of motorcycles became faster and faster, this group of organized riders believed that there was a great danger to the spectators and riders. As a result, they decided to rebuild the oval track on the ground, this kind of motorcycle muddy ground. The lap race began to develop from then on.

What we are experiencing now is a simple and unprofessional mud oval track, which has two crucial parts. First, the road is not level enough; second, the track is not long enough. Because in the actual race, the vehicle cannot slide up through inertia if it does not reach a certain speed, and the faster speed and long-lasting sliding are inseparable from the length of the track. Therefore, the mud lap race in the event is just an experience, but it is enough for people who have never experienced this kind of riding.

For the vehicle, the Full Throttle of the Scrambler series is used. The design of this car is inspired by the Scrambler dirt car driven by California driver Frankie Garcia in the 2018 U.S. Supervillain Championship. The biggest difference from the normal version of the Icon model is that the handlebars with completely different angles and heights have been replaced, making the driving posture more suitable for the Flat Track venue, not just changing the color scheme.

After the simple guidance of the Italian champion riders, everyone was able to find the main points of Flat Track riding, and also to make the correct posture and movements in a small range. Flat Track always turns to the left. When riding, you must open your arms and extend your left leg. During the process, you need to adjust the center of gravity in time. When it reaches a certain speed, it can form a reverse push handle to make the vehicle slide through power. After you find the feeling, you can realize that Flat Track is really enjoyable, but the required riding skills will make you exhausted quickly.

Regarding meals, Ducati invited an Italian restaurant chef to come and guide everyone to make their own Pizza, so that we can participate in the Italian culture throughout the process. Of course, the pizza we made by ourselves is considered a semi-finished product. The dough has been reconciled. Just knead out the shape, about 8 inches in size, and then spread the ingredients you like. The most difficult part of the production is to send the prepared raw pizza into the oven. In this session, two of 10 people can succeed, and the rest requires the help of an Italian chef.


This event is not just about riding. In addition to personally participating in the baking of Pizza, it is surprising that Ducati also invited the coach of the Juventus team to the site to lead everyone to participate in the team’s basic training courses, plus Italian women The singer's live singing. They say this is called Italian life culture… (Zhu Xuran, Home of Wenzhou)