[YesAuto original test drive] On August 16 and September 28 last year, BYD released two new car series. They are the stylish coupe L3 for urban young people and the seven-seater MPV M6 for business and families. Today, these two models have gathered in Xiamen, which gave me the opportunity to taste them carefully on the picturesque beach. Although the M6 has a well-known face; and the L3 is similar to the F3 and G3 brothers, after reading the model manual carefully, I still found some distinctive shining points on them, which made me full of expectations.

M6——Multifunctional urban MPV integrating business and home use. Manufacturer's guide price: 139,800 to 239,800 yuan
This test drive model: 2.0 manual luxury model price: 150,800 yuan


The appearance of the BYD M6 comes from Toyota Previa, but in the details, we can see BYD’s new interpretation of it. In terms of external dimensions, the car is slightly larger than the standard seven-seater MPVs such as Previa and Odyssey, and the wheelbase is also slightly longer.

From the blackened lens headlights, chrome-plated air intake grille and two-point front probe, it can be seen that BYD has studied the needs of domestic consumers more thoroughly. The headlights are connected to the horizontal air intake grille, and the overall feeling is very strong. The front probe helps to facilitate parking and warehousing of this large MPV.

The streamlined bullet body has a rich layering from top to bottom. Except for the lowest equipped models that only provide LED rear-view mirror turn signals, the rest have added an electric folding function on this basis. When the car is locked, the car will automatically retract the rear-view mirror. On the flagship model, you can also see a camera under the right rearview mirror. Its purpose is to allow the driver to see other objects in the blind zone on the right front when merging, and to avoid accidents. It is a very user-friendly function. The rear doors on both sides of the body are manual sliding structures, which are similar to most models, with low cost and far less chance of failure than electric doors. Dark gray invisible glass is used for the side windows and rear windows of the rear two rows of seats, which eliminates the expense and effort of filming later, and can provide a relatively private space in the car.

A spoiler on the upper part of the rear part of the car renders a sporty atmosphere for the whole car. Not only does it hide the LED high-position brake lights, it also serves as a signal receiving antenna for GPS satellite navigation and digital TV models. LED brake lights can be seen on the F3 that was remodeled earlier, and BYD has continued this practice to this day, one is to achieve a beautiful effect; the other is to make it more eye-catching. The configuration of the four-probe parking radar is more generous, and no probe is reduced because of cost considerations.

The size of the 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels is more coordinated with the body, and the expanded fork-shaped design is more beautiful, but it also increases the risk of scratching the road teeth or pillars when parking. The tires used in this model are Dunlop SP Sport sedan tires, which pay more attention to noise reduction performance and long service life. Its size is 215/55 R17, and the tires can be slightly wider for MPVs seeking stability.

When the manual sliding door is opened to the maximum position, it will be automatically locked to prevent natural sliding. If you want to close the door at this time, you must first pull the door handle to unlock it before pushing it. Although this is troublesome, it is necessary for safety reasons.

It is worth mentioning that the overall workmanship of M6 is different from the past or other independent brands in rough style, but the sheet metal stamping process is more detailed, with almost no uneven seams. Even the headlights and the upper edge of the air intake grille are also designed with sealing strips to prevent foreign objects or rainwater from directly flying into the engine compartment, and it also plays a certain role in sound insulation.


The overall shape of the center console has not been able to get rid of the shadow of the Japanese prototype car, and the flat audio and air-conditioning button area are its own characteristics. In terms of material, the entire center console is made of hard plastic, and the surface is treated with imitation leather patterns, which looks okay. The seams between the plates are relatively uniform and detailed, which can basically be a tie with the joint venture brand.

The size of the steering wheel is slightly larger and the thickness is more appropriate. Most people should feel more substantial when holding it. The soft outer ring of the steering wheel feels good, and the middle area is all hard plastic. There are only four multi-function buttons, just to control the sound. The lower left side of the steering wheel provides some convenient and practical functions, such as folding the rearview mirror, adjustable headlight height and so on. Many people think that adjustable headlights have no practical effect, but in fact, the headlights will be slightly raised or lowered when the vehicle is empty, fully loaded and the trunk is loaded with cargo. In order to achieve the best lighting angle, the height of the headlights should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Make corrections.

The design of the central control area is relatively simple, the buttons are all Chinese characters, the functions are clear at a glance, and it is very easy to use. The buttons are comfortable to operate; the damping feel of the knobs is acceptable; the display detail of the LCD screen still has a certain gap with the joint venture brand. The standard keyless entry and one-key start of the whole series are in line with popular tastes. It should be noted that the one-button start of the manual transmission model requires the clutch to be stepped on, which is slightly different from the automatic transmission and the brake. The left and right dual temperature zone automatic air conditioners are all standard equipment, highlighting the cost performance. High-end models are also equipped with independent evaporators and blowers on the right rear side of the vehicle, and the front and rear air-conditioning systems can operate independently, making the rear passengers more comfortable.

The gear lever is integrated in the center console, which is the same as Previa. The location is not far from the hands, and there is no situation of reaching with hands after actual driving. It is more ergonomic and convenient to use.

The glove box is damped, which is BYD’s tradition and I appreciate it. Its internal shape is very irregular and its depth is limited. I am dissatisfied with its storage capacity.

The flying handbrake is a great place, and I like this trendy way of using it. The fly in the ointment is that its design position is too low, which may pose a safety hazard to driving.

From the outside of the car, it seems that the size of the sunroof is not small, but it is actually found that it completely inherits the impractical characteristics of Previa. This regret is left to the manufacturers to ponder.

In the context of increasing attention to environmental issues, is the all-manual mode a very low-carbon behavior?

Seats, space

The 2.0 luxury full car seat I tested is made of fabric, which looks much cheaper. But after actual experience, it is found that its slip resistance is not bad, and the hardness is moderate, and it is psychologically balanced a lot. The cleaning difficulty of the fabric seat is higher than that of the leather seat, but lower than the flannel material, which is quite worry-free.

Let's take a look at the most important second-row car that provides those things. First, the seats similar to the first row are more comfortable to sit on; secondly, it has armrests on the left and right sides, which are very intimate; third, the air-conditioning switch on the top of the air outlet gives the rear seat a lot of freedom; fourth, up and down Car pedals provide practical convenience for passengers; finally, electric lift windows are very good, much stronger than some windows that cannot be opened using negative pressure.

The space in this row is very important, and we can easily see its advantages from the picture. The seat can slide back and forth and adjust the angle of the backrest, making it easy to find your favorite posture.

The third row of seats also has a certain degree of practicality. Although the head and leg spaces are not very rich, the temporary ride will not feel very uncomfortable.

This quick-folding seat switch is indispensable, because it can provide great convenience for the last row of passengers to get on and off the car. It's just that the switch is designed on the inside of the two seat backs, so it is not convenient to use from the outside.

When the third-row seats are not folded, the trunk space is only 504 liters; the backrest alone can bring 1,560 liters of space; when the seats are fully folded, the space can be increased to 2,520 liters, which is more flexible. The trunk floor is flat and practical.

Test drive experience

The 2.0-liter M6 uses an engine independently developed by BYD. The electrical equipment is provided by Bosch. The maximum power is 103kW (140 horsepower); the maximum torque is 186N·m. From the parameters, we can see that the maximum power and maximum torque burst point of this engine is late. It is a high-speed engine, and its power output is almost the same as that of mainstream joint venture brand engines. The engine rotates at a low speed when idling, so the adjustment is to save fuel as much as possible, so the performance is relatively quiet at this time. When the speed exceeds 2500 rpm, the noise increases significantly.

The five-speed manual gearbox has a slightly longer shifting stroke and clear gears. The overall feeling is in the middle and upper reaches of the domestic independent brands. The clutch is lighter and the coupling point is fuzzy. It is not easy to find the coupling point when the clutch is loosened. This is basically not reflected when driving on a smooth road, but it is easy to stall if you encounter a traffic jam or reverse. In addition, the stroke of the clutch pedal is too long, and it is more laborious to step on and lift it, and it will take some time to adapt. Like most manual gearboxes, the first gear must be less than 10km/h for protection. The subsequent gear ratios are tightly integrated and the shifting shock is less.

Due to the long wheelbase of the vehicle, the four wheels are also distributed closer to the corners, making the vehicle more stable in driving. The trailing arm torsion beam rear suspension provides good support for the vehicle, and the suspension has a strong overall feeling and basically does not feel loose. When cornering, the weight of the car has a certain inhibitory effect on the roll, and passengers sitting in the car will not feel excessive swing.

Because it is a commercial vehicle, its throttle adjustment is very gentle, and the 1.7-ton body also limits its power. If you step on the accelerator pedal vigorously, the vehicle will not give you a lot of feedback, but slightly increase the throttle opening and accelerate smoothly. It feels like the electronic throttle has a sponge between your feet and the engine. No matter how you step on it, the force that is finally transmitted to the throttle and the fuel injector is so little. When the speed exceeds 3000 rpm, the torque is released slowly, and there is no sudden strong acceleration due to the approaching maximum torque. It is a very unwise move to downshift and increase the speed, because it will only make the engine roar more violently, but the speed will not increase rapidly because of this. At a speed of 80km/h, the engine's fifth-gear speed is around 2200 rpm. At this time, noise and power have reached a balance point.

The braking system is all provided by Bosch. The force of the four-wheel disc brakes with the front ventilated and rear solid discs is relatively linear, and the braking feeling is basically not felt in the first 20% stage, and the braking force is softer when you step on it deeply. When you step on it harder, you can clearly feel that the center of gravity of the vehicle moves forward and the front of the vehicle sinks.

Generally speaking, the vehicle has a relatively solid ground and good stability; the heavy body restrains the performance of the engine; the gearbox is more elusive due to the clutch pedal; the suspension filters the road surface relatively cleanly, lacking some road feel as it should. For MPVs that shuttle in the city and need to be stable, the M6 can satisfy.

L3——Fashionable and beautiful urban home coupe manufacturer's guide price: RMB 7.98-118,800
This test drive model: 1.8CVT premium model price: 92,800 yuan

As a sports car that focuses on young urban groups, L3 is surrounded by the popular X-shaped design. The blackened headlights and the raised lines of the engine cover give it a distinct personality. This is exactly what its target consumer group is concerned about.

Compared with the front face, the rear of the body has a lot of convergence. The distinctive LED taillights are indispensable, and the rest is the dual-mode electric sunroof on the roof and the shark fin antenna. What is interesting is that this antenna contains GPS satellite positioning antenna, electrostatic discharge electrode and mobile digital TV antenna of the top model. Use and beauty can kill two birds with one stone.

The camera on the trunk door means that the car is equipped with reversing images. 1.8-liter models are equipped with this function as standard, and integrated GPS navigation, very cost-effective.

The center console still took the Japanese design route. The material is hard plastic the same as M6, but the light gray of M6 is more business-like in color; the light yellow of L3 is closer to home use. In terms of workmanship, the two cars are also very similar, basically there is no uneven seams or burrs, and the performance is fair. The damping of the air conditioner knob is slightly worse, not as good as that of the M6, but the large buttons are more conducive to operation.

The central handwriting touch screen has a medium resolution. The 1.8-liter standard is equipped with GPS navigation and reversing images. The top configuration also adds a mobile TV function, which is more in line with the characteristics of Chinese people. It should be noted that the guide line of the reversing image cannot be moved dynamically with the rotation of the steering wheel, but the distance is only indicated through different color sections, which is a pity.

The maximum power of this engine is 90kW (122 horsepower); the maximum torque is 160N·m, and the power parameters are not much different from engines of the same level. The noise at idling speed is slightly louder than other engines, and the sounding part is likely to be the valve. In the era when the 1.6-liter displacement is extremely hot, BYD has instead launched a 1.8-liter engine with a high profile. The purpose is obviously not to compromise with the power.

The CVT gearbox still comes from the Nanjing plant in Bunge, Belgium. It can simulate six gears and has S sports mode. Obviously this transmission does not meet the positioning of the L3 city coupe. When placed in D mode, the engine will maintain a relatively low speed. This design is designed for fuel-saving and smoothness considerations. When it is shifted to the S position, the transmission ratio is reduced, and the engine speed is increased at this time, so as to obtain power at any time. Although CVT is not suitable for intense driving, its excellent smooth shifting feel and fuel-saving performance are very conducive to urban driving.

When driving, the 1.8-liter engine and the CVT match the power output relatively smoothly, but the car's accelerator sensitivity is very high, you can feel the engine start to increase the speed when you step on the accelerator pedal a little, this kind of on-call power will be Give people a feeling of obedient. When the speed is increased, the engine noise increases more obviously, and the vehicle speed rises more slowly.

The integrated design of the rear suspension spring and hydraulic suspension rod, theoretically speaking, the response speed should be improved, and the overall feeling will be stronger. However, it was actually found that although the rear suspension of the trailing arm torsion beam has a slight toughness, it still feels a little loose when encountering bumps.


Through the test drive of these two new models, it can be seen that BYD is making progress bit by bit. Although there is still a certain gap with the joint venture brand in many aspects, it has displayed a sincere attitude of learning. Because the M6 is introduced at a relatively high starting point, many aspects of the car are still very competitive and commendable. It is positioned as “politics, business, home”, but I think its price of more than 130,000 to 230,000 yuan and its large body are not very attractive to home users, and small and medium-sized enterprises are likely to value its affordable and high price. Cost-effective and cheap post-maintenance, they may be the main buyers of M6. If L3 wants to further narrow the distance with young people, it should first start with internal design and selection of materials, and then work harder, because people in this group accept new things quickly and are more picky. It is not enough to satisfy them when they only have technology and equipment. To impress them. This test drive also gave me a close contact with the beautiful Xiamen for the first time. I will come here again when I have the opportunity to blow the sea breeze and enjoy the nature bath.