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[YesAuto Internet Travel] There is a saying on the Internet that “Technology is driven by lazy people”, I have no doubt about it. A few years ago, the reversing radar and parking images were able to greatly improve the experience of use. Later, the automatic parking has liberated many “difficulties in reversing.” Now, Changan has announced the remote parking technology, you can call it and leave.

I don’t know if you have ever had the following troubles. It’s hard to find a parking space in a crowded parking lot. As a result, the space is small, but I don’t have confidence in my technology, and I can’t stop several times; or people are fighting fiercely in front of the computer. , Suddenly received an unfamiliar call, the other party said that your car is blocking someone else's parking space.

Now some new cars are equipped with automatic parking systems, but most of them require you to sit in the driver's seat and always pay attention to the vehicle's movements. Some also need to switch gears, or even need to take braking measures in an emergency.

According to the official materials, the system can automatically find parking spaces within 30 meters of the vehicle. In the App, the outside view can be switched through the control key. The relevant information is the data collected by the camera arranged on the vehicle.

What's more noteworthy is that this technology does not require you to stand by the side of the car to operate. In the demonstration video, the operator was 19km away from the vehicle, and the system still successfully completed the entire parking action. The core is that the entire parking process is controlled by the vehicle itself, rather than a remote operator, so that parking failures caused by signal delays are avoided.

The system relies on 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 surround view cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars, and 1 front camera on the car to detect pedestrians or obstacles in all directions.

Of course, this is not the end of technology. According to the currently announced plan, Changan Auto's automatic parking will continue to iterate in the future. HZP (home zone memory parking) and AVP (remote valet parking) will be implemented in versions 7.0 and 8.0. .

We have already experienced this system at the Guangzhou Auto Show before and recorded a video for you. You can intuitively feel the convenience brought by this system.

Of course, the news now is the content of the official display. In the face of some old communities in China, when the parking spaces are extremely tight, vehicles often do not park according to the parking spaces. It remains to be seen whether this system can perform operations as expected.

The words written at the back:

For many novices, it is not difficult to drive fast, but it is the slow scenes like manoeuvring and parking in a narrow space. Whether it is reversing radar, parking images, or even automatic parking, it can help people, while remote smart parking takes it a step further, allowing you to “jump out of the car” and observe the surroundings from a third-person perspective. This is a great experience It is positive.