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[YesAuto Smart Car Link Evaluation] At the Guangzhou Auto Show this year, HKUST Xunfei released its own Flying Fish OS Mate in-vehicle system. At that time, the system was displayed using a Hongqi model, and we simply experienced it. Today, the first production car equipped with the Flying Fish 3.0 has also crashed to the ground. It is the Chery Tiggo 8 PLUS.

The hardware supplier of Tiggo 8 PLUS is Desay SV, which is also an old hardware Tier 1 supplier. The software service layer is set up by iFLYTEK, which uses the latest Feiyu 3.0 car OS .

Since the launch of Feiyu OS 1.0 in 2017, iFLYTEK has officially become a Tier 1 supplier of in-vehicle systems, competing with predecessors in the industry such as PATEO, Zebra Networks, and Wutong Auto Union. Now it has developed to version 3.0. The voice control system integrates more service providers into its own system, and the improvement of the “cloud management terminal” has become the focus.

Human-vehicle interaction

Today’s smart car association practitioners value how to divide the “inch of land” area on the homepage. Product managers and designers hope that car owners can obtain sufficient information without entering any secondary menu as much as possible to complete the necessary operating.

The feature of voice control “one-step direct access” to any function allows passengers to no longer have to look through cumbersome menus, and navigation and music are the most frequently used functions of the on-board system, so the three share most of the area of the Tiggo 8 PLUS central control homepage , So that car owners can basically complete most of the operations and information acquisition on the home page.

When I came to the voice control link of iFLYTEK's housekeeper, the basis of evaluating voice control is the ability to correctly recognize commands. Tiggo 8 PLUS performs well. When cruising at 60km/h, open the 1/3 window and close the window. Next, test the networking instructions and local instructions respectively, and the percentage of successful identification is 100% .

Why limit the time? Or why not just cancel the “annoying wake word” and simply make it “full time no wake up”? This is because the cockpit environment is noisy, not only road noise, wind noise, but also music playing and people talking. In a complex sound environment, the voice control is likely to be triggered by mistake. The longer the system will receive the sound, the mistake will be triggered. The greater the possibility.

On the contrary, relying on the microphone array, when the sound source localization is set to “main driver”, the system will “active noise reduction” for sounds from other directions, and listen to the driver's instructions intently.

Since the face recognition mentioned at the beginning of the article did not appear on the test model, and only the top-of-the-line model is equipped, according to the usual practice, no extra points will be given in this test. But what you need to know is: if you buy the top-equipped “DCT First Class” model, there will be a face recognition camera in the cockpit, which can be used for account login and driving fatigue monitoring functions.

Function realization

In the function realization module, we need to test the most frequently used functions, including map navigation, audio entertainment, communication, parking images, car control, mapping, remote control, etc., to determine whether they can be usable, easy to use, or easy to use Level.

The mobile phone remote control supports remote unlocking, remote start, one-key car search and opening and closing of the trunk, etc., and the functional coverage is still very high. Functions such as remote opening and closing of the trunk can also expand the use of the vehicle as a “site” for sending and receiving express delivery. Scenes.

Service ecology

In the service ecosystem, we will focus on the O2O functions related to Pancar life. In addition to the “necessary functions” in the itinerary, these “extra functions” may bring some convenience to car owners' daily lives.

Through this function, we can remotely control the smart home products at home, which is equivalent to putting a smart speaker in the car. The instructions that the smart speaker at home can complete can be realized remotely in the car.

Communication Favorability

In the communication and favorability link, we will summarize the smart performance of the vehicle during the test. The most basic “wisdom” is to understand people's instructions as much as possible. Even if they don't understand, they can be resolved in a relaxed way. Of course, more advanced requirements. , We hope that one day the communication between people and cars can reach the level of “human-like interaction”.

The image of the voice assistant is close to the system UI style. The current mainstream voice assistant image has two ideas-realistic and abstract. Little tiger, little lion or the characters in the game belong to the realist, such as Weilai’s NOMI, BYD’s Tai Chi and Tiggo 8 PLUS’s voice assistants. It belongs to the abstract school.

to sum up

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score



106.4 95.0 62.0 40.0 90.72

Roewe RX5 PLUS

Zebra VENUS 4.0

91.3 89.2 83.0 70.0 87.94

Tiggo 8 PLUS

University of Science and Technology Flying Fish 3.0

95.0 90.2 68.0 60.0 86.80

Qi Chenxing

Kaichen Zhilian System 4.0

91.5 92.8 74.0 20.0 85.95

Nezha U
Pivot system

99.0 94.9 26.0 60.0 84.05

Haval F5

86.5 85.2 60.0 30.0 79.05

Roewe RX5

Zebra 3.0

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.08

Star Way LX

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.86
9 Territory S 87.0 93.2 20.0 40.0 77.70

AI-OS system

86.5 84.0 46.0 50.0 77.35

The attitude of today's car companies towards in-vehicle intelligent systems has far exceeded our imagination a few years ago. The software team of thousands of people in the new car forces “polished every detail in place”, of course, the cost is not cheap. As a traditional car company, Chery chooses to cooperate with suppliers in depth, which is a way of weighing costs and benefits, and it is also the mainstream of the industry. In terms of product functions, Tiggo 8 PLUS is not weak. The top-notch platforms in the industry are selected for high-frequency map navigation, audio entertainment and other links. The quality of functions such as parking images and remote control is also quite solid, with almost no shortcomings. This is also the source of excellent test results.

But if we raise the requirements, whether the map function can not use the public version UI, but be unified with the system style, and work harder on animation effects and icon design, it will definitely give consumers a better experience. (Photo/Zheng Xu from the home of the car)