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[YesAuto F1 Formula One] After a year of struggling in the 2014 season and a radical management reshuffle, Ferrari recently revealed a big deal, spending 40 million euros on the development of the new season's racing technology innovation.

With the assistance of the Austrian industrial giant AVL, Ferrari's newly purchased integrated test platform can dynamically test the F1 engine together with the racing car, and the whole process does not need to go through the factory door or the actual track. The test platform can simulate the real race environment, allowing the car to carry out simulation tests at speeds up to 360km/h. The racing simulator connected to the system allows the driver to simulate driving on the console according to the real race environment, so that the engine can bear the load that is closest to the actual working state and achieve the optimization requirements that are closest to the actual track.

Forty million euros are written as a long series of numbers such as “40 million”. If Ferrari's poor points in the 2014 season can be increased slightly, the team and fans should be willing to see it. According to the results of 2014, Ferrari ranked fourth in the year. If you double the points, you can only get second. The opponents are very strong. So what can forty million euros be exchanged? No one dares to assert, let's wait for the good show to begin.