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[Interview with the owner of YesAuto] In the entry-level compact car class focusing on practicality, the three names “Jetta, Santana and Elysee” have been active for more than ten years. The new Elysee, which was launched at the end of 2013, is not as good as the other two Volkswagen models in terms of marketing, but it can still maintain a certain amount of sales. Today we found three Elysee owners to dig deeper into what it really has.

●Mr. Gao: Although the humanized design is not good, it is a good car if nothing goes wrong

Although Mr. Gao got his driver's license in 2010, he has never planned to buy a car. He didn't decide to buy a car for the child until a new member was added to the family in 2013. As a pure white, Mr. Gao first considered several mainstream models when choosing a car, including the Jetta and Santana mentioned above.

The reason why he gave up these two cars is simple: the service attitude of the 4S shop during the car inspection made him feel very unsatisfied, so he did not choose Jetta and Santana. At that time, it happened to be in time for the Elysee to be listed. After watching the car, I asked a colleague who knew about the old Elysee, and said that the reputation was good, so I decided to buy the Elysee. Mr. Gao gave a discount of 5,000 yuan when he mentioned the car, because the new car was just launched, and the 4S shop did not give other gifts.

Mr. Gao likes the appearance of the Elysee very much. He believes that the appearance of the Elysee is one of the best in this level, and it is more atmospheric. He particularly likes Elysee's headlights and waistline design, which gives people a very energetic feeling.

At the same time, he complained about the poor sealing of the edge of the Elysee's taillight, which can easily get dust. The latter two said that they also have the same troubles. From this point of view, the dust in the taillights is a problem that occurs in large quantities. Manufacturers and suppliers should be very aware of this situation and hope that they can be improved in subsequent batches of products.

Entering the car, Mr. Gao loves and hates the humanized design of Elysee. First of all, he least likes the handle design of the small groove on the Elysee door. On the one hand, it is very inconvenient to open and close the door, on the other hand, this small slot looks stingy. He prefers the sturdy door handles of other models, which are both convenient and beautiful. This is where Mr. Gao thinks the interior of the Elysee needs improvement.

The most commonly used configuration by Mr. Gao is the multi-function lever behind the steering wheel. It is very convenient to switch songs and answer the phone. However, most passengers who want to adjust the volume will be “deceived” by the large knob on the Elysee multimedia center control. In fact, it is used to adjust the frequency. If you want to adjust the volume, you have to press the smaller button on the left, which is not convenient enough.

Mr. Gao believes that the storage space of the central control part of Elysee needs to be optimized. The front row is only designed with a small cup holder under the center console. Larger bottles cannot be put in. The center console is placed on the top, and it is easy to bump when taking things.

The short armrest cover of the Elysee is a humanized design that affects the driver. To put it simply, it is out of reach when driving. As can be seen from the picture above, when the driver leans his arm on the armrest box, he cannot reach the steering wheel or the handlebar, which has little practical effect.

Mr. Gao also pointed out that there is no hard foam support under the Elysee’s trunk. After long-term stacking of items, the trunk cushion has been compressed and deformed. Fortunately, it does not affect the use. As for the volume of the trunk, Mr. Gao is quite satisfied, basically able to meet the storage needs.

Mr. Gao is also satisfied with the power performance of the Elysee, which is sufficient in urban road conditions, but he mentioned that the gearbox will occasionally fail to reach the first gear. In terms of noise, the noise at low and medium speeds is not obvious. Once the speed exceeds 90km/h, the performance will be much worse. Considering the price factor, this kind of noise performance is also acceptable.

Mr. Gao, who lives outside Beijing’s Fifth Ring Road, usually uses cars for commuting and occasionally goes out on weekends. The fuel consumption is basically around 7.5L/100km. Although the fuel consumption is higher than that of models equipped with new powertrains, especially Japanese cars, it is still acceptable.

His car has driven more than 30,000 kilometers, and there has been no problem, but occasionally a strange noise may be heard from the door panel on the right. At the time of the first warranty, the 4S shop “Shenlong Jingjin” arranged an apprentice to maintain his car. However, Mr. Gao found that his business level was not satisfactory, so the second warranty (oil change + filter total 396) Yuan) when I chose another 4S shop.

Owner's summary:

    Mr. Gao scored 90 points for his Elysee, and all 10 points were deducted for various inhumane designs. He thinks that a car at this price is very good if it can be done without minor problems. Finally, although the joint venture model at this price is rarely equipped with a body stabilization system, he believes that if the Elysee can be equipped with an ESC, its competitiveness can be further improved.

●Mr. Wang: Elysee “Sweeping Love with a Sword

This Elysee is also Mr. Wang's first car. The car was purchased to solve the problem of long-distance commuting of 150km per day. However, unlike Mr. Gao, Mr. Wang is very interested in cars and he also knows some models before buying a car.

Talking about the process of selecting a car, Mr. Wang said that before the 2014 Elysee was launched, he had already selected his favorite model in the auto market-Changan Suzuki Swift, and he also paid a 2,000 yuan deposit, waiting for the car to be picked up in October. Up. However, when he saw the Elysee's listing advertisement, he was attracted by the appearance of the Elysee. After seeing the real car in the store, he directly picked up a current car from the store (a discount of 4,000 yuan). Elysee became his favorite car so “love at first sight”, Swift had no choice but to bye bye.

Consistent with Mr. Gao’s point of view, Mr. Wang believes that the Elysee is the best in the same price category. The first time he saw a real car, he felt that this car was very pleasing to the eye. This is also one of the main reasons why he chose Elysee.

Mr. Wang believes that there is a flaw in the appearance of the Elysee-the position of the rear triangular window is not elegant enough, and the sealed black plastic looks a bit “LOW”, so he also added a little decoration to it.

With regard to some humanized designs in the car, Mr. Wang also has a lot of complaints. The first is that there is no handle above the co-pilot position. This inadvertent reduction (the old Elysee has a handle) may have little effect on the driver, but for Mr. Wang’s pregnant wife, there is one less place to borrow when getting off the car.

The second point is that the window control area of the driver's position is not set in an area parallel to the armrest of the door, but is arranged obliquely forward. This alternative design is not conducive to blind operation during driving. Not having a spectacle case is also a hassle for Mr. Wang, who often has to drive in the sun for a long time.

Because Mr. Wang has no habit of putting too many things in the car, he has no dissatisfaction with the storage space of Elysee. The outer edge of the door storage compartment, which is often kicked, is where he feels that there is room for improvement.

Mr. Wang likes tossing cars. Except for some of the exterior and interior decoration modifications that everyone has seen, he thinks the original car's mono horn sounds bad, so he modified the snail horn himself. At more than 10,000 kilometers, Mr. Wang replaced his car with 195/65 R15 Dunlop tires.

Speaking of the problem when using the car, Mr. Wang said that after changing the tires, the direction was a little off, so take the time to check it again. Apart from this point, there are no mechanical problems. In terms of abnormal noise, he said that there will be occasional high-frequency abnormal noise when braking, and the wiper rubber strip will also vibrate at high speeds. He hopes that it can be improved after replacing the brake disc and wiper rubber strip in the future.

In terms of driving, Mr. Wang believes that the Elysee is easy to drive in the city, and the chassis performance is relatively solid. Among the cars of the same level that he drove, he felt that the power level of the Elysee was worthy of recognition. However, he also pointed out that the coupling point of the Elysee's clutch is relatively high, and it is more tiring to follow the traffic in a traffic jam. In addition, reverse gear is not very good. Mr. Wang also thinks that the high-speed noise of the Elysee is more obvious, but it is acceptable in the city.

Since Mr. Wang's cars are basically driving in the suburbs, the average speed is relatively high, but because the driving style is more violent, the fuel consumption is not too low, generally hovering between 7-8L/100km.

Mr. Wang takes care of this Elysee very much. It has been maintained 5 times in less than 2 years. He also plans to do the sixth maintenance for the car in the near future. The first warranty is free, the second warranty costs more than 300 yuan to replace the oil and filter, the third warranty cleans the oil passages (but how much is forgotten), the fourth warranty cleans the throttle valve (70 yuan), replaces the gasoline filter and air conditioning filter, etc. Baosteel replaced the antifreeze, brake fluid and air filter elements, and also cleaned the cooling system, which cost a total of 1,100 yuan.

Owner's summary:

Mr. Wang scored 85 points for his Elysée. He thought that driving the car without any problems was the most satisfying. If Elysee can improve the humanization issues mentioned above, he will score a little higher.

●Mr. Zhao: Simple and durable can meet my needs

Mr. Zhao and Mr. Wang are similar. They have a long commute to work, so they need a car as a means of transportation, but the budget for buying a car is not high, so you need to choose carefully. However, his friends don't know much about cars, so he watched cars on the Autohome website, and often “bubble” in the forum to check the feedback of actual users of each car.

The Kia K2 and Great Wall M4 that Mr. Zhao first fancy were young and fashionable models, but after actual experience, he thought that the space of K2 was too small, and the Great Wall M4 was abandoned because it was too individual and not stable enough. Of course, he also considered starting with Jetta and Santana 1.6L models, but the higher terminal prices exceeded his budget. Later, when I saw the Elysee, Citroen's 4S shop offered a bare car price of 76,800 yuan for the minimum manual fashion model, which was within the budget of 80,000 yuan, so I chose it.

Mr. Zhao was not 100% satisfied with the appearance of the Elysee. He felt that the front of the car was indeed very angry, but he did not like the upturned shape of the rear of the car. He also particularly hopes that manufacturers can also assemble low-profile cars with aluminum alloy wheels, but the “beggar version” models of joint venture models at this price are dominated by steel rims.

Because Mr. Zhao's car purchase concept is only to buy a reliable scooter, this lowest-equipped Elysee does not have many bright configurations, so he did not have high requirements for the interior and configuration at the beginning. Later, as the demand for using the car increased, he added a large-screen multimedia system and a large armrest box to his car. Of course, he still hopes that the lowest Elysee will be able to add some configurations, such as sunroofs.

The large ride space is another factor for Mr. Zhao's choice of Elysee. Mr. Zhao is 177cm tall and can easily find a suitable sitting posture. He also occasionally carried some friends, and everyone said that the back row space was very good.

Mr. Zhao's requirements for storage space are also not high. The cup holder under the center console is where all kinds of things are placed, and other sundries are placed directly in the trunk. At first he felt that it was a pity that the back row could not be put down, but he hasn't encountered many times when he has to load a large amount of goods since he bought a car.

As for power, since Mr. Zhao is a gentle driver, he does not have a great demand for power. He thinks that the power of Elysee can meet his needs, but when the air conditioner is turned on in summer, he will feel a certain drop in power. Mr. Zhao's evaluation of Elysee's noise performance is also consistent with the above two car owners, daily driving is acceptable, and the noise is quite loud on high speeds.

Mr. Zhao usually drives more on the roads outside Beijing's Fifth Ring Road. He drives less intensely, so his fuel consumption is controlled at around 7L/100km. On high speeds, he has the lowest fuel consumption score of 5.6L/100km.

When I asked Mr. Zhao to talk about what was wrong with this Elysee, he scratched his head-this car has been driving for almost two years, basically there has been no problem, even the abnormal noise is particularly low. The only thing I have impression is that when the vehicle is just started in winter, the direction of the vehicle will be off-track. It will be fine after running a few hundred meters. It has not been checked yet. Mr. Zhao’s Elysee has been maintained three times. Although the 4S shop recommended various cleaning and lubrication services each time, Mr. Zhao refused. The content of the second and third guarantees is to replace the oil + filter, and the price is about 360 yuan.

Owner's summary:

Because the budget can only buy this Elysee with the lowest equipment, Mr. Zhao's expectation of his car is also very simple: simple and durable, no problem. And this Elysee is considered to have completed the task very well, so he gave this Elysee a high score of 90 points, 5 points deducted from the interior texture is not very good, if you can add one or two configurations, it can 5 more points.

Full text summary

    Looking back at the test drive article of Elysee at that time, my colleague Zhang Ke concluded: This Elysee will become the first car of many families. And the three car owners that I found this time really all just owned their first car. The three car owners' evaluations of the advantages of Elysee are relatively consistent: the appearance is beautiful and there are few faults (the problem of the abnormal noise of the right front door of Mr. Gao's car did not appear in the other two owners' cars). The humanized design has many shortcomings which are obvious shortcomings. Judging from the content of the survey, the feedback from the three car owners has a relatively high consistency, indicating that Elysee can indeed be recognized by most people from the perspective of subjective thinking or objective facts. Relying on this word of mouth, it is no surprise that Elysee can maintain a stable sales volume with little promotion.