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[YesAuto Car Race] Last weekend at the Spanish car rally, an out-of-control car rushed out of the track during the race, resulting in the unfortunate loss of 6 spectators. The FIA immediately held a safety conference to discuss.

FIA FIA officials stated that the relevant plans and plans decided by the current safety meeting:
● The FIA has strengthened the erection and repair of fences in dangerous areas of the competition.
● During the event, the local national sports management department cooperates with the FIA FIA Organizing Committee to carry out safety education and related knowledge popularization for the audience.
● FIA established a special team responsible for the establishment of safety standards.

The main body of this conference is to popularize safety knowledge for the audience, enhance the safety awareness when watching the game, and have a high influence in the world, making the fans who watch the Rally Championship safer. (Text/Car Home Wang Tao)