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[YesAuto Test Drive] Chevrolet Cruze has always been a car with high attention in the market, mainly because it is relatively balanced in all aspects. However, GM Chevrolet is not satisfied with letting it be a mediocre family car. Not only has it persistently promoted the WTCC competition that was not highly regarded in China in the past two years, but also used the movie “Transformers” to closely match the protagonist “Bumblebee”. The purpose is to make every effort to create a personality and sporty image of Cruze. But everyone knows that racing, movies, and family cars are completely different things. The key is that the two 1.6L and 1.8L engines are really only basic enough. As for the driving passion, it’s a bit weak. This greatly reduces its appeal to young consumers. Ever since, there appeared the Cruze 1.6T that was truly “sports” in front of us!

I believe that many readers of this article are like me. They have been paying attention to this car for a long time. The most urgent thing to know is undoubtedly the information about its power. It is equipped with a 1.6T engine with a maximum power of 135kW (184Ps)/5800rpm, a maximum torque of 235Nm/2200-5600rpm, and a “Superboost” supercharging function, which can increase the torque to 266Nm in 5 seconds. The parameters of Cruze’s 1.6T engine are exactly the same as Buick Hideo, which means that the Cruze’s 1.6T engine has not shrunk in terms of technology.

Just as exciting as this engine is the 6-speed manual gearbox, which is also the only transmission equipped with Cruze 1.6T. According to the manufacturer's personnel, it uses the same gearbox as Regal 1.6T. Obviously, this is in line with common sense, because GM Chevrolet has no reason to put a ready-made gearbox instead of developing new products. I still remember the fun-filled driving experience of Regal 1.6T+6MT, and the Cruze is nearly 100 kg lighter than Regal, so there is reason to expect the Cruze 1.6T to have better performance. The official 0-100km/h acceleration time of the Cruze 1.6T is 8.7 seconds.

I am afraid that many readers are already enthusiastic about seeing such parameters, and want to start experiencing its acceleration immediately, then I want to remind you that although this engine has a wide torque platform of 2200-5600 rpm, it is in the range below this speed. , The intervention of the turbo is not very obvious, you will find that the power output is very flat, and the response to the throttle is not very positive, at this time the turbocharger is not in the state at all, and the acceleration is no different from the 1.6L naturally aspirated engine.

However, just like Regal 1.6T, 2500 to 3000 rpm seems to be the demarcation zone of this engine's character. Pull the speed to the range above this speed, the engine immediately becomes active, the acceleration of the vehicle is immediately enhanced, the power is burst out in a way unique to turbocharged cars, and the vehicle's response to the throttle is no longer hesitating, and it is quite arbitrary. The pleasure. At this time, in order to maintain this strong acceleration momentum, the driver must always pay attention to maintaining a high engine speed by controlling the gear.