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Finally, McLaren announced the 2015 F1 lineup

Last Update:2021-06-21 Author:yesauto

[YesAuto F1 Formula One] After waiting for a long time, McLaren finally released a public statement confirming that Button will be Alonso’s teammate in the 2015 F1 Grand Prix. After a lot of “grass” and conjecture, McLaren's final answer caused a stone in everyone's heart to fall to the ground. The result was almost as expected. Everyone guessed the beginning, but not everyone guessed the end.

The so-called “end” is where Magnussen will go. According to previous speculations, after Alonso joined McLaren, in order to maintain the lineup of the two drivers, Button and Magnussen will definitely have to remove one, and everyone's inference is more inclined to retain Button (you guessed it) Congratulations, friends), but where Magnussen will go is also a topic of concern. Fortunately, the final result was that he would not leave McLaren, and the McLaren team found another job for him.

This job is to serve as McLaren's test driver and substitute/third driver, the main job is to assist the car in the development and improvement of the test work. This work has always been performed by Belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne, and will now be completed by Magnussen and him. In other words, Magnussen did not breathe a sigh of relief. Sooner or later, the two test drivers will have to be divided. Thinking in a more positive direction, Magnussen is actually expected to return to F1 through hard work, and it is not without precedent. The current drivers Massa, Raikkonen, and even the new McLaren Alonso have had the experience of being downgraded to test drivers and then returning to the main position. Let’s wish Magnussen a good one too. Future.

As for Alonso, he also determined the partnership with McLaren after careful consideration. It is said that he has declined some “very attractive” salary temptations before. He expressed his sincere gratitude and respect to Magnussen, and said that Magnussen will play a very important role and has a very bright prospect for development. McLaren’s this time really whipped up the appetite of the majority of car fans, and the final announcement was also very happy. Coupled with the addition of Honda engines, McLaren has already prepared for 2015. What will happen to other teams?