[YesAuto in-depth experience] With the continuous growth of the strength of independent manufacturers, manufacturers are no longer satisfied with only producing cheap and poorly crafted cars. From the initial fight for benefits, fight for cost-effective development to the current fight for technology and quality, everyone has seen the progress of independent manufacturers bit by bit. So where should the independent manufacturers go next? The MG brand under SAIC Motor has given its own answer, not only selling technology and quality, but also selling design and culture. The exterior and interior design of top-tier manufacturers and the marketing of British culture from beginning to end are the MG in my impression, and the recently launched MG3 is the latest pioneer on this road.

For MG3, everyone is no longer unfamiliar. The previous static experience and test drive have given everyone a more detailed understanding of it. Now that the price of 70,000 to 90,000 yuan has been announced, MG3 has quietly come to the editorial department of the car home. Let us take you to understand this car with a more in-depth perspective below. The anti-collision beam, power, fuel consumption and other issues that everyone cares about will also be answered in detail in the experience and the next test article.

Anti-collision beam articles: both front and rear are good

Anti-collision beams have always been a problem that everyone is very concerned about, especially small cars and compact cars, because there are indeed great differences in the models in this range. Some models have front and rear anti-collision beams or the anti-collision beams are very strong. Other models do not have a rear anti-collision beam or are perfunctory. For the anti-collision beam, I firmly believe that it should be equipped front and rear, and should be equipped with a sufficiently strong anti-collision beam, but we cannot myth its role in the passive safety of vehicles. After all, its main function is to reduce the loss in low-speed collisions. It only plays an auxiliary role in dangerous high-speed collisions.

The front anti-collision beam of MG3 uses both energy-absorbing materials and reinforced beams, which not only enhances the ability of pedestrian protection, but also makes the overall thickness of the front anti-collision beam reach 8.5cm. What's more worth mentioning is that both the reinforced beams and the collapsible longitudinal beams adopt a wave-shaped design, which can better absorb the energy generated by the collision. Of course, the front anti-collision beam is not without problems. For example, its width is only 1070mm, which can only protect the front radiator, engine and other components, while the protection of the two sides such as car lights and fenders is relatively lacking.

Finally, I arrived at the rear anti-collision beam that is most frequently asked on the Internet. From the pictures, we can clearly see that the MG3 has a rear anti-collision beam. It is reasonable that the anti-collision beam is simpler than the front one. The entire rear anti-collision beam is made of resin material, and only the crumpled longitudinal beams on both sides use a steel structure.

The thickness of the rear anti-collision beam is also different according to the position, the middle part is 5cm thinner, and the two sides are relatively thicker up to 7cm. The crumpled longitudinal beam is made of 8cm thick steel material, which is considered to be more kind for a small car at this price. Some friends may be curious about the role of the air holes on both sides. In fact, they are the air holes between the carriage and the outside world.

Appearance: a combination of sports and fashion

According to the different model levels, our requirements for the shape of the vehicle will also have obvious changes, so what kind of design should a small car have? The words of calm and grandeur are obviously not suitable for it, but cute, fashionable, and dynamic are the kings of small cars. In my opinion, it is quite satisfactory to occupy one of them, but if it can reflect two points, it should be regarded as a successful design. MG3? I think it has at least the characteristics of sports and fashion. If you still think it is cute, it can only mean that you have been poisoned by it.

Speaking of the appearance of the MG3, one cannot fail to mention the stunning MG ZERO concept car at the Beijing Auto Show last year. Its futuristic shape and sharp lines are impressive. The mass-produced MG3 did not disappoint us either. Although it lacks a sense of future, the origin of the two cars can still be clearly seen between the eyebrows.

The biggest bright spot on the side is undoubtedly the flat roof of the vehicle. Since MINI has revived this design element, more and more fashionable cars have begun to use this as their selling point. Since Jingrui from the Czech Republic and Swift from Japan are not tired of it, MG, which is also a British brand, is even more responsible.

The first impression left by the rear of the car is actually not very good. Compared with the front face, the design of the rear is slightly more formal. Vertical taillights have appeared less and less at the rear of vehicles, and everyone seems to be more willing to use horizontal taillights with a widening effect. It is a pity not to use the LED light source, because this “high-tech” configuration is already very popular.

A major advantage of the 1.5L model is that it is equipped with 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, and the tires have received more and more attention after the “315”. The Giti Comfort228 tires are characterized by comfort and quietness. Entry-level family car tires. The front and rear drums are in our expectation. In my opinion, there is really no need for small cars to demand rear disc brakes.

Central control interior: Apple style, mainly round

The minimalist interior design has always been the focus of MG3's publicity. The interior of MG3 is summarized into three points: circle, oval and white paint. For young people, such a design has a strong appeal. Apple, Sony, and IKEA don’t rely on this design to conquer the world. The vulgar slogan is “simple but not simple.”

In general, models with a price of less than 100,000 yuan tend to ignore the decoration on the steering wheel. However, the MG3, which emphasizes design, will not do it. The ceramic white decorations are small and the steering wheel with an outer diameter of only 370mm looks exquisite and not lost. Dynamic, and the touch of the multi-function steering wheel buttons is also very good.

The self-check of the instrument panel at startup is impressive. The indicator lights are all on and the pointer hits the bottom of the watch. The enthusiasm of the MG3 reminds me of the joy that the little dog at home feels when he sees his owner come home every day. The trip computer with red letters on the red background is not powerful, and it would definitely be cooler if it could be replaced with a cold light.

In the previous contact between the two colleagues and the MG3, they both had a high evaluation of its interior workmanship. I carefully experienced its workmanship while being mentally prepared. It has indeed been on the same level as the joint venture model. In some details It has even achieved transcendence. The creative air-conditioning design is also a highlight. The designers of MG have indeed used a lot of brains in the design of cars that are approaching homogeneity.

The handlebar is naturally an unmissable part of the center console. The handlebar of the MG3 feels a bit too long to me, but the rich and beautiful design on the front and sides weakens this feeling. In daily driving, the position of the handlebar is very smooth, and the shape of the upper wide and narrow bottom also provides a good feel.

Of course, we also found problems in some small details, and some were even unacceptable. For example, the lock button of the power window has no difference in the design of the keystroke. If you want to distinguish whether it is locked or not, you can only rely on the small light on the button to judge, but in the daytime when the light is strong, you can't tell whether the light is on or Extinguished. In addition, opening the glove box can actually see the internal structure of the center console at a glance. Such carelessness is likely to completely destroy the goodwill established before, I hope it is only a case of the test car.

Riding space: the head and legs are spacious

With a wheelbase of 2520mm and a flat roof design, what kind of riding space will these elements provide? Let’s take a good measure of our standard-sized experiencers for everyone.

After experiencing the space of MG3, I feel that this is really not a flashy model, at least in terms of riding space, it reflects the upper-class space performance of the same level, the head space of the front and rear passengers is more than a punch, and the rear legs The space is also more than a punch, which is definitely a stat worth showing off in small cars, and it has obvious advantages compared with several of its main competitors.

The MG3 obviously lacks some care for the fifth passenger of the vehicle. There is no headrest, and the seat belt is also lowered to a two-point type. In terms of safety configuration, the MG3 still has room for improvement. The high middle floor in terms of comfort affects the space for feet. If you ride for a long time, the passengers in the middle may not be too comfortable.

Storage space: a lot of storage compartments, the trunk is too small

MG3 is still very rich in daily storage space. What impresses people is the sliding storage compartment above the center console. Not only is the space excellent, the sliding cover can also be closed to increase privacy. However, since the upper part of the center console is black, it is best to put some heat-resistant objects in this storage compartment.

A drawer-like storage tank is also designed under the co-pilot's seat, but its space is relatively small, and a bottle of mineral water can only be reluctantly put in by tilting it. It may be difficult to put a pair of shoes for driving, but there is no problem with putting in some insurance policies and driving books.

Two cup holders are designed on the front of the handlebar. It is very suitable to put the ashtray attached to the original car, but if you put a bottle of mineral water, it will affect the operation of the air conditioning system. The glasses case above the driver also appears smaller. It may be okay to put some simpler eyes, but it is difficult to put down the special sunglasses completely.

The practicability of the MG3 trunk is relatively general. Under normal conditions, the volume is small, and the height difference between the rear seats and the trunk floor is not small. In addition, as a small car, its trunk threshold has reached 780mm, which requires a lot of effort when picking up heavier items.

Full text summary:

Through the introduction of this article, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of MG3. Such a small car with beautiful exterior interior and spacious riding space is indeed very attractive. The strong front and rear anti-collision beams also let us see the kindness and kindness of independent manufacturers. really. In addition, compared with POLO, Jingrui, Carnival, and other major rivals, MG3 also has a certain price advantage. If you have decided to take the MG3, I would prefer a fully equipped 1.5L model. The powerful 15-inch aluminum alloy wheels, bright electric sunroof, and lovely semi-automatic air-conditioning are all exclusive to the 1.5L model. By the way, there is even stronger power. This will be brought to you in detail in the test article a few days later. Would you like to know the power and fuel consumption performance of this 1.5L engine with AMT gearbox? Should I buy manual or automatic? It's not too late to decide after reading the next article.

[YesAuto Evaluation] After checking the information, I found out that the original MG3 slogan was called “Impulse for Love”. No wonder they asked me to write the test part of this car.

I am an impulsive person and I am willing to pay a great price for it. It may seem a bit immature, but it is also very free and easy. I think if people act on their feelings, they might be able to live a little easier. For example, buy a car. You no longer need to pay attention to the performance. As long as you have a desire to possess at first glance and the price is acceptable, you can go straight to the 4S shop and swipe your card.

But I found that being impulsive for love and being impulsive for a car are actually two different things. What's more, love is not enough these days, it must be a little real (you know), so I am very concerned about how MG3 defeats those few distinctive competitors.

An 80 kilowatt (109 horsepower) 1.5L small engine is a very standard configuration in small cars, and the power is transmitted to the front wheels through a 5-speed AMT gearbox. If you treat the throttle gently, everything will be in order: the engine responds positively, the gearbox will shift gears gently at the appropriate time, and the vehicle will accelerate continuously and smoothly. The character of this car is very simple, it does not intend to deliberately imitate the elegant behavior, the performance of each part is not modified, simple and pure, straight forward like a young man, this is very good.

You can clearly feel that this car is like a human being and requires serious understanding and communication. If you just look at it as a machine, and according to the driving habits of ordinary cars in the past, kick the throttle to the end during cruising, then there is a 60% chance that this car will not act according to your wishes. Specifically, sometimes the gearbox can't understand your rough behavior, it will think you are crazy and will not downshift, and we must think that the gearbox is crazy.

In fact, this is the logic of all family car AMT gearboxes. It always doesn't do things more or less according to your wishes, so that occasionally you have to follow its temper. For example, if you want to accelerate quickly and can't push the throttle to the end, it is best to lower the throttle first. Specifically, I can't tell why. Anyway, after using this method, the gearbox's downshift response has become faster. In addition, when accelerating at full speed, it is best to retract the accelerator at the moment when the gearbox is about to change gears, and the ride will be much better.

To put it bluntly, if you want to experience a little bit of performance, it is best to switch to manual mode and use it as a “semi-automatic” gearbox, so as to maximize your driving desire. But even so, its dynamic performance is very flat after all, not suitable for intense driving.

The performance of handling is also matched with the dynamic character, the light steering is more convenient for driving, and the characteristics of driving pleasure are less reflected. In addition, its higher center of gravity is not very good at high speed cornering. The lazy attitude makes the driver have to restrain the desire to challenge himself. I advise you not to compete with this car. No matter how urgent it is, it’s useless. It’s just like this. A laid-back personality is just like a human being. You can't just change someone's personality abruptly.

Finally, let us take a look at the test results of MG3:

◆ Accelerated test:

In the acceleration test, the performance of the MG3 is really impulsive, and no amount of passion will be consumed by the long shift time of the AMT gearbox. Even though things have passed for a few days, looking at this acceleration curve now is still very sad. As can be seen from the picture, the time for the two shifts is almost 3 seconds! Don't say what driving method is wrong. We are not drivers. We don't use any tricks in our daily use. A kick of the accelerator is the most direct way. If you cannot accept this shifting rhythm, it is best to consider manual transmission models.

In addition, the vehicle we tested this time is an engineering model car, and the final mass-produced car's test results may improve with this time. In the future, if there is a chance, we will get the final mass-produced car. Take the test, and then everyone can compare the two results.

◆ Brake test:

The final average braking score is 43.97 meters, which is a normal level in a small car at this price. In addition, the continuous braking performance is relatively stable and there is no obvious sign of heat attenuation. There is basically nothing else to comment on here. Passed, that’s all .

◆ Fuel consumption test:

After driving 123.5 kilometers of various road conditions, our MG3 consumed a total of 8.43 liters of No. 93 gasoline, with an average fuel consumption of 6.83 liters/100 kilometers. Such results are within a reasonable range.


This is a car with very ordinary performances, and it is difficult for the AMT gearbox to add excitement to driving. For me who like to seek excitement, the MG3 really does not give me the impulse to drive. It seems that it is only suitable for comfortable and stable driving. If you want a little bit of fun, it is best to choose manual transmission. Although the performance has not surpassed the level of small cars of the same level, I definitely believe that many people will be attracted by its beautiful appearance and unique interior, such as the vast number of young female consumers.

Therefore, it is really difficult to make me impulsive for MG3, but it is much easier to say that I am impulsive for love. If I am planning to buy a small car less than 100,000 yuan, and my girlfriend has a fancy for MG3, So guess what will happen to me? I will buy it without hesitation! This is called “impulse for love.” I have such courage, do I?