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[YesAuto News] Since Skoda launched the new Fabia Fabia at the end of last year, the new car has been receiving widespread attention. At this Geneva Motor Show, the new Fabia was unveiled again, which attracted a lot of attention.

The new Fabia has a young and fashionable appearance with more free interior space. The new car has increased by 22mm and the height of the car has also increased by 47mm, which brings more space for the knees and head. After the rear seat is down, the storage space of the luggage compartment can be increased from 300 liters to 1163 liters, which can be said to be very spacious.

The new Fabia has seven power options, including four gasoline engines and three diesel engines. The new car also provides a 6-speed Tiptronic gearbox for the first time as an option, making the vehicle's handling performance even better.

The new car will be launched in Europe first before being introduced to other markets. According to the production plan of Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda-to put Fabia on the market before 2009, the domestically produced model should be this one!