[YesAuto Fresh Technology Interpretation] If you want to make a summary of the technology trends displayed by the brands at this Shanghai Auto Show, then the autonomous driving technology must be selected. However, these technologies are still far from our lives due to factors such as laws and regulations and maturity. So, let's look at a more grounded technology, this is the plug-in hybrid system (PHEV) announced by Chery for the first time.

Before understanding the powertrain announced by Chery, let us first understand what is a plug-in hybrid (PHEV). Simply put, hybrid models that can charge the power battery pack by intervening in an external power source are all plug-in hybrid models. Compared with pure hybrid models, it has the advantage of longer cruising range.

The plug-in hybrid system announced by Chery is equipped with a 1.6L gasoline engine code-named E4G16 with a maximum power of 126 horsepower (93kW)/6150rpm and a maximum torque of 160N·m/3900rpm.

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From the technology of the engine part of this powertrain, we can feel that Chery’s system development concept is simple and stable. The lack of direct injection technology does not mean that its technology is backward, but engineers should consider it. To the domestic oil product problem and the solution given by the positioning of the model itself. The matched CVT gearbox makes the power connection more stable while ensuring good transmission efficiency. The 9.2kWh battery pack and 50km pure electric cruising range make it easy to cope with short-distance travel.