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[YesAuto crash test interpretation] The Euro NCAP (hereinafter referred to as E-NCAP) new regulations implemented in 2015 have raised the test standards, making it more difficult for the models participating in the test to obtain a five-star rating. Recently, E-NCAP announced a new batch of vehicle crash test results. Volkswagen Touran has achieved good results in various tests without any obvious weaknesses, and finally received the E-NCAP five-star safety evaluation.

● Vehicle overview

● Overall performance

● Adult protection

-Frontal collision with 40% overlapping deformable barrier

-Frontal collision with 100% overlapping rigid barriers

-Side collision with deformable mobile barrier

-Side column collision test

-Whiplash test

● Child protection

● Pedestrian protection

● Active safety technology

● Volkswagen Touran E-NCAP crash test video

Edit summary:

The Front Assist system provides collision warning and automatic braking functions for Volkswagen Touran. Although it is an optional configuration, it is expected to have a higher penetration rate, so E-NCAP conducted a high-speed braking test on it. The test results show that the system is more competent and can avoid collisions in most of the high-speed braking tests. Only when the vehicle is close to the vehicle in front and brakes urgently, the collision cannot be avoided, but it can reduce The severity of the collision has a certain effect. (Photo/Chang Qinglin, Auto Home)