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[YesAuto Test Drive] Recently, GAC Toyota officially released its new model “Yizhi” in Shanghai. The new cars released this time are divided into 1.6L, 1.8L and 2.0L with 3 displacements and 6 models. Although the most concerned price will be announced after the new car rolls off in June, it is a key model for GAC Toyota this year. , We were fortunate enough to win a short test drive opportunity.

The test drive activities during the auto show are always very hasty. Due to the short experience time, we will not introduce the conventional exterior and interior too much. If you are interested, you can click on the picture below to view the static evaluation article of Yizhi . This article introduces the characteristics and driving experience of the new car.

Flexible space / more storage space

Flexible space combination is one of Yizhe's promotional selling points, thanks to its second and third rows of seats can be placed arbitrarily, which provides convenience for the placement of extra-long and extra-wide luggage. And if necessary, the rear two rows of seats can be completely flattened to create an unconventional and neat storage space.

In addition, the abundant storage space is also a highlight of the car. In addition to the conventional storage space in the armrest box, car door, etc., Yizhi has storage boxes of different sizes on both sides of the shift lever, above and below the glove box, under the front seats and under the rear floor. Enough to meet daily storage needs.

And the small table set in the second row is very practical and simple in design. It provides a relatively comfortable personal space for those who have temporary office needs or like to read during the trip.

This test drive is a 1.8L model, which is different from the lighter accelerator design of many Japanese cars. The accelerator pedal of Yizhi is slightly heavier, and the power output is not as light and aggressive as expected, but the response speed is still sensitive. Except for the minimum 1.6L model with 6-speed manual, all Yizhi series are equipped with CVT gearboxes. It can be seen that comfort is the main demand expressed by this model.

Like many CVT models, Yizhi performs very smoothly in daily driving. When you step on the accelerator slowly, the power will be gentle and gentle. But when you need to accelerate quickly, the first thing you hear after you step on the accelerator is the roar of the engine, but the response of the power will be weaker.

Turning to manual mode, it seems that the power output has not changed significantly, and it is even hard to feel the difference between it and the automatic mode without careful experience. Only the slight sense of frustration when manually downshifting reminds the driver of the current state. It can only be said that Yizhi hopes to provide drivers with more diverse driving options, but the characteristics of the CVT gearbox inhibit the power to a certain extent, but I think it is better than nothing.

The braking force in the front section is slightly softer, and the effect in the rear section is not bad. The braking pedal adjustment strength is moderate. Generally speaking, there is no obvious front-to-back unevenness in braking.

It should be out of cost considerations. The steering wheel is not made of leather, but the grip is relatively thick and the overall feel is good. However, when turning, the strength of the steering wheel is a bit heavy, and the feedback force is not uniform, especially when turning at a large angle, the direction strength is a little wrinkled with the increase of the angle, and the direction is a little fuzzy.

Yizhi’s rear suspension is a torsion beam structure. Because the body is similar to MPV models, the overall suspension is hardened due to the care of handling. There is no obvious side tilt when turning, and the overall support is relatively in place. However, the rigid suspension adjustment will inevitably sacrifice some comfort, and the comfort will be reduced when passing through bumpy roads or speed bumps.


    Although it is only a brief test drive experience, it can be seen that GAC Toyota has a brand-new positioning for Yizhi. A stylish multifunctional vehicle suitable for home use is a brand new type that the manufacturer has subdivided into the market today. From the design of appearance and interior space, it is not difficult to see that “home” is a more important selling point of Yizhi. The flexible space and many humanized settings also make it fit this positioning. As for driving experience, “comfort” is the most basic pursuit of a pure family car. Since the price of the new car has not been announced, it is not easy for us to give an evaluation of it. I think if the price is right, it will be a good choice for those family car buyers.

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