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[YesAuto Harem Series] In the last issue, we took you to visit the domestic leader in magnetron sputtering metal film, Zhongling, and introduced you to the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the magnetron sputtering manufacturing process. In this issue, we will continue to go south to Suzhou, and then visit a nano-ceramic membrane manufacturer there, Jinlan. When it comes to nano-ceramic membranes, many people will have the same question as me, is ceramic membranes pseudo-insulation? Isn't it always said that there is no metal without heat insulation? But is it true? This time we walked into the Jinlan factory again with everyone's doubts.

The editor said: you can choose according to your needs, there is no need to tangle

In fact, in the previous various car content, we have talked with you many times about the different types of thermal insulation properties of solar films, as well as the principles and differences of solar film itself in terms of thermal insulation performance. In fact, whether it is a metal film or a ceramic film, their purpose is to prevent us from getting too exposed in summer. Whether it is the reflection characteristics of the metal film or the absorption characteristics of the ceramic film, in fact, personally, I don't need to be too entangled. You only need to consider two factors. One is whether you have a preference for the thermal insulation properties of different types of solar films, and the second is how much money you have in your pocket. I think as long as you clarify the two, everyone will go. Just choose what you like, don't be too entangled in the type, or be confused by some store promotion and rendering.