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[YesAuto Technology] Every car manufacturer has its own brilliance. Although Detroit is still full of depression scenes, there is a strong contrast between entering the car company of the separatist side. Seeing this, you will be even more I look forward to the reappearance of the past scene. Of course, this is not just as simple as reappearing history. The concepts including design, technology, materials, aerodynamics, etc. have undergone tremendous changes. However, the one thing that remains unchanged is that, Models like the Ford GT that need to be reinvigorated are also a vision for the future of the brand.

Multiple opportunities have formed the current world shape, especially in the automotive field. Back then, because of a sigh of gambling, Lamborghini has become the most direct opponent of Ferrari in the supercar camp, and Ford looked forward to Ferrari. In the pocket, the temporary repentance of Ferrari obviously made Ford a bit unable to get off the stage. In a rage, he cooperated with Shelby to create a sports car. The appearance of this car took away the light of Ferrari at Le Mans. Years later, Ferrari moved from Le Mans to F1. This car is the Ford GT40 (hereinafter referred to as GT40). Later, Ford introduced a 1966 street version model based on this model. At that time, the factory produced only 31 vehicles.

Turning to 2004, Ford's top sports car reappeared, and the name of the car series dropped the “40” that symbolized the height of the car, and it was represented by a Ford GT. The two-year output exceeded 4000 vehicles. Although the car fans’ interest and possessiveness for legendary sports cars have been released from the perspective of the number of possessions, unfortunately, perhaps due to the narrow audience, factory production or official mentions For reasons such as paving the way for next-generation models, the Ford GT did not go well in the first decade of the 21st century.

Ford GT regeneration
Keyword: Limited edition, the US is expected to sell for 390,000 US dollars

In 2016, the new Ford GT will return to the market. Based on previous experience, it is certain at this stage that this car will be produced in small batches at Ford’s Markham plant in Canada, and its pricing strategy will target Lamborghini Aventador. . In any case, this car is destined to be a collection of a small number of high-end users. For most people, the technology and design concepts applied to the Ford GT may be more worth looking forward to. Just like the Ford GT40, all core technologies are Has been verified by the stadium.

Aerodynamic engineering dominates body design

The appearance of the car body still has the shadow of the year. The surface texture and line outline created by the progress of the paint process are not available in the previous models. Perhaps this is also evidence of the subtle changes in the product concept of the new and old models. Although all pay attention to the verification process of models or technologies in the stadium, new cars do not emphasize anything through the painting and drawing of the body, but care more about the driver’s experience of getting into the car and driving. On the other hand, it also implies that the driving characteristics of this car are more tolerant of driving skills. Of course, I have no way to prove this to you now.

The flat front, the raised fenders, as before, the aerodynamics and the body shape are directly integrated, wherever the airflow needs to be exported, a hole is opened, and the air flow direction is drawn on the surface. Everything is Like the effect after wind erosion. There is no part of the entire body designed purely for decoration.

◆ Car lights restore the classic shape

The design of the car lights easily reflects the background of the times. In the evolution of car lights, the wheel warfare of design spawning technology and technical achievement design is constantly staged. For Ford GT, the headlight profile selection is loyal to the classics to the greatest extent, but this does not prevent the popular LED day. Introducing the internal light group structure into the inter-driving lights.

Many manufacturers use the style of daytime running lights to shape their own brand elements, but through communication with design director Todd Willing, we learned that the double C-shaped LED strips used in Ford GT headlights will not become the entire Ford family. The reason for adopting such a shape is just to balance the design effect of the surrounding lines.

In this way, every detail of the surface of the car body has been portrayed for the management of styling and airflow. Such hospitality is unique in other Ford performance cars. By adopting a completely independent design concept, it fully symbolizes that this is a top Ford sports car.

Interior design
Keywords: limited horizontal space, integrated seat and passenger compartment

The style of the car is more based on engineering design. First of all, you will find that the lateral space of the passenger compartment is not as spacious as you expected when you stand outside the car. In fact, the original intention of this wide body design is adopted for the body. Mainly due to aerodynamic considerations, the space in the car has to be sacrificed for this.

Reason for small horizontal space

How to solve the problem of horizontal space

Compared with the traditional design, the narrow and long center console in the Ford GT saves a lot of space, including the control keys for starting and shifting.

Create a racing driving state

The steering wheel draws on the concept of F1 racing and integrates as many control buttons as possible. Therefore, the structural arrangement behind the steering wheel becomes simple. The space saved by the traditional lights and wiper control levers is not wasted, but optimized. In addition to the arrangement of the shift paddles, the large-sized shift paddles not only facilitate the driver's control of the gear when cornering, but also avoid accidentally touching other switches. Here, you can also find the details of weight reduction, lightweight materials and hollow design are some of the ideas of Ford engineers.

3.5L V6T EcoBoost engine
Keywords: more than 600Ps, brand new EcoBoost

At this press conference, we also saw the new EcoBoost engine model for the first time. From the appearance of the structure, it is somewhat different from the 3.5T engine carried on the Lincoln Navigator that we have analyzed before. Among them, the cylinder head adopts The new design, however, the official did not disclose some information about the power system too specific, we can only briefly introduce the engine situation of the Ford GT through the model.

Edit summary:

As far as production cars are concerned, the application of the new Ford GT sports car in aerodynamics can be called the ultimate. In order to use air as much as possible to provide downforce to the body, at the expense of the loss of passenger compartment space, and nevertheless, the interior The overall effect of the decoration emphasizes the paranoid side of ergonomic design while not losing the design, so as to create a racing driving experience. To be honest, I haven’t figured out the situation of the engine yet, because from the surface structure, turbocharger, direct injection, and CVVT are all common technologies. I can’t feel the temperament of a super sports car. Need to be excavated.

Finally, let’s talk about the market situation of this car. The estimated price of US$390,000 in the US market is almost equal to that of Lamborghini Aventador. Of course, considering the brand and other reasons, you may not be able to accept this price. Obviously, this is only for a very small group of people. Collectibles, but for Ford, this is enough. They do not plan to mass produce Ford GT. In fact, such a marketing strategy will also be applied to its RS series models. So, looking at it this way, high-performance Ford cars will not worry about selling. (Photo / Li Boxu, the home of the car)