[YesAuto original test drive] From June 23rd to June 24th, Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda held a Skoda race training camp at the Jiulongshan International Circuit to conduct a fully enclosed training for participants in the event. What is a little bit exciting is that after two days of training and examinations, the trainees can also obtain a G-Class driver license for track racing. Perhaps, most readers are a little unfamiliar with the driver's license level for track racing or rallying, so let me briefly introduce it first.

Little knowledge you must know:

In 2010, the Auto Union introduced a new racing license classification method, which was refined from the ABCDE license classification to ABCDEFGHR, with a total of 9 levels. Among them, the AB-level license is still authorized by the FIA and issued by the China Automobile Federation to participate in high-level international events; secondly, the venue licenses from high to low are CEG-level.

G-level is the most basic license. After obtaining it, you can only participate in some national driving skills competitions. Provincial and municipal venues cannot participate in CTCC; E-level license is basically equivalent to the previous venue D-level temporary license and can participate in the whole country. Primary venues (such as Polo Cup), but cannot participate in CTCC; C-level license is the license level held by most venue racers in China, and can participate in CTCC and national auto venue events sponsored or approved by the China Automobile Federation .

Rally driver license levels are divided into: RFH (from high to low). Under normal circumstances, new students who participate in rally training in a racing club can only obtain an H-level license, and can participate in rally events and short roads held at the provincial and municipal levels. Rally events; with an F-level license, you can participate in the National Car Rally Championship (CRC), which is also the license level held by most rally drivers in China; the R-level license is basically equivalent to the previous rally C-level license, and you can participate in the international rally with the R-level license Rally event.

It is worth mentioning that my colleague Huang Zhengqiao passed the Rally F driver's license last year.