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[YesAuto Model PK] In September last year, we did a comparison of Japanese medium-sized cars of Camry, Accord, and Teana (click to read). In the fun test of MM beans, Teana drove 7 cars at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour. The speed bump only shakes off one MM bean and the result is uncontroversial. And today the editorial department has another French challenger. It is the representative of comfort among French cars. The rear suspension that takes into account comfort and sports has always been the focus of its publicity. Yes, it is the Citroen C5 (hereinafter referred to as C5). Today we will focus on comfort and compare the two cars comprehensively.

Price comparison
Model Nissan Teana
2.5L XL-NAVI Smart collar version
Citroen C5
2.3L luxury
Manufacturer's guide price (ten thousand yuan) 24.98 23.69
Market preference (ten thousand yuan) 2.5-3.5 ten thousand yuan 1.5-2.5 million

The two cars that participated in the comparison are the Teana 2.5L XL-NAVI smart version with a price of 249,800 and the C5 2.3L luxury model with a price of 236,900. Although the official guide price of the two cars has a difference of more than 10,000 yuan , But the prices are similar after market discounts, and the comparison is mainly about conventional items such as comfort and convenience, and will not involve too much configuration, so please don't worry about the price difference of the comparison models.

Appearance size: sound and graceful, C5 tough and dynamic

Both cars have been on the market for a long time, so everyone is familiar with their exterior design. The design of the two cars is very atmospheric, but the style is different. In comparison, Teana is more fluid and elegant that Easterners prefer, while the lines of C5 are much tougher and more dynamic.

Teana did not achieve the success of the Accord and Camry at the beginning of its listing. However, with the sales of new cars for several years, the reputation of comfort, ease and fuel efficiency has gradually helped it catch up with the two Japanese competitors. I personally feel that Tianlai's model positioning is more mature, and it is more suitable for friends over 30 years old to buy.

Compared with the French cars in our impression, the C5 makes us look at it both in terms of design and technology. The mainstream appearance of the atmosphere is no longer weird. The 6AT gearbox has kept up with the times technically, and there is a complex set of multi-connectors. With the independent rear suspension, we saw the French sincerity in C5. In terms of design, C5 is much tougher than Teana, and it is more in line with the tastes of young people.

Body size comparison
Model Nissan Teana
2.5L XL-NAVI Smart collar version
Citroen C5
2.3L luxury
Length (mm) 4850 4805
Width (mm) 1795 1860
Height (mm) 1475 1458
Wheelbase (mm) 2775 2815

In terms of size comparison, Teana leads in length and height, while the wheelbase and width of the C5 are better than Teana. Teana has a longer body, and the C5 wheelbase has advantages. What effect will reflect on the riding space? The space comparison will bring you later.

Because the two test cars are high-end models, they both use xenon headlights, and both have a headlight cleaning function. In terms of rear taillights, Teana uses the currently popular LED light source, while the C5 taillights only look like LEDs. In fact, the light group is only reflected by a light bulb into multiple grid-shaped light-transmitting holes, creating a Kind of LED taillight effect.

Tire size comparison
Model Nissan Teana
2.5L XL-NAVI Smart collar version
Citroen C5
2.3L luxury
Tire size 205/65 R16 95H 225/55 R17 97V
Tire brand model Bridgestone Tairan ER33 Goodyear F1 GS-D3
Single retail price (yuan) Around 840 Around 720

In the comparison of wheel tires, C5 has obvious advantages. The tire size of C5 has reached 225/55 R17. The F1 single-guide pattern tires from Goodyear are more focused on the sportiness of the vehicle. In contrast, Teana’s tires are a bit stingy. The tire size is only 205/65 R16, which is only an entry level for medium-sized cars. However, the tires use the Bridgestone Terran ER33 series, which is a The matching tires exclusively provided by Teana are characterized by quietness and comfort.

Interior and practicality: Turning on the sky is like watching TV in the living room. The essence of C5 is the remote control (centralized steering wheel)

The interior also reflects the different design concepts of the two cars. Teana's home design style creates a very comfortable and comfortable driving environment, and it feels like entering a miniature version of its own living room. The center console composed of different shades of color and wood grain does not make you feel old-fashioned, on the contrary, it has a sense of luxury on a Japanese luxury car.

C5 is a completely European design style. More precisely, it is a Citroen design style. It seems that only this brand will have such a soft spot for centralized steering wheels, and like to arm it like a small center console. . The C5's center console feels like a slick look, but it lacks integrity, so it is slightly less luxurious.

The steering wheels of the two cars have a good feel, but the C5 is richer and more personalized in terms of functions. Teana's multifunctional steering wheel can only achieve basic audio, cruise control, and telephone operations, while the C5 can even directly operate the contents of the central control LCD screen on the steering wheel, which is more functional.

In terms of the convenience of using various functions, we think Teana is doing a little better. First, its navigation system is a touch screen, which makes the operation more direct, and the button layout of the audio and air-conditioning is also more reasonable. Not only can you get started quickly, but also It is also easy to operate while driving.

The French obviously lacked consideration in this regard. The navigation of the C5 is much more cumbersome to set up, and the function buttons are densely packed together. The small buttons also affect the accuracy of “blind operation” when driving. Maybe the C5 didn't want you to use these awkward button knobs when it was designed. Wouldn't you use our powerful centralized steering wheel? It is my own turtle, and has nothing to do with the French design.

The front center armrest of the C5 has a very practical function. It can extend a few centimeters forward and upwards, so the support effect on the arm is obviously stronger than the sound. As for the central armrest of Tianlai, it can only provide very limited support for the arm, which is a miss in this detail.

What I have to say is the usual weakness of Japanese cars, the window opening function. Like Tiida, Teana only supports one-key up and down of the main driver, and the other three windows are all non-automatic lifts. The C5 is not only a four-door window one-button lift, but also has a user-friendly electronic child lock function. For “little ghost head” families, this configuration is quite practical and greatly improves the safety of children's riding.

The storage space in the two cars is very rich, which can fully meet the daily storage needs. In comparison, the door panel of C5 has stronger storage capacity, while Teana has a hierarchical design of the armrest box.

Space and comfort: Teana has more space in the back row

As mentioned earlier, the wheelbase of the C5 has reached 2815mm, while the Teana is only 2775mm, which is 4cm shorter than the C5, which is about the thickness of a Xinhua dictionary. So what about the actual ride performance?

The longer wheelbase did not give the C5 an advantage in rear space. On the contrary, Tian Lai won the rear space battle with less than two punches, which is not too good. In terms of headroom, the two cars are almost the same, but both are slightly better than C5.

In terms of the comfort of the seats, the two cars show different understandings of comfort. Teana's seat is basically the level of a sofa at home, extremely soft and comfortable; while the C5 seat obviously has a European design concept. Although it may be slightly softer than some imported cars, it is still stiff overall. It is also the different understanding of comfort in different regions. It is impossible to say who is good and who is bad.

MM bean comfort fun test

In order to investigate the differences in the adjustment of the two cars in terms of comfort, we conducted this fun test. The test method is: put the same 18 mm beans in the back of each car and run at a speed of 40 km/h. Pass the 7 speed bumps continuously to see how the jelly beans fall. The less the jelly beans fall, the stronger the suspension filtering ability and the better the comfort. The test process is shown in a video. The video is only 1 minute and 50 seconds. Interested friends can watch the video first, and then see the results.

The above is the video of the two cars passing the speed bumps. It should be noted that due to the long interval between some speed bumps, in order to save everyone's time to watch the video, we have made certain editing and only kept the parts that have passed the speed bumps. , The middle distance is omitted, please understand.

In this test, Teana easily won by dropping only 2 mm beans, and the performance of C5 was not bad, dropping 9 and 9 remaining. Slightly more than the Camry in the last test (6 drops), but significantly better than the Accord (all lost).

After two days of driving, I feel that Teana has done very well in terms of suspension filtering ability, seat comfort, and noise filtering. It can be regarded as one of the best players in this level of comfort; C5 performs well, but it After all, I still want to have reservations in sportiness, so it is understandable that I am inferior to nature in comfort. If you change the track, I believe that C5 will be able to perform more calmly.

Full text summary:

When he was in school, Han Yu's “Teacher's Talk” once said, “There is a sequence of learning about the Tao, and a specialization in the field of art”, I think it is more appropriate to use it here. When faced with the nature of working hard on comfort, the Camry and Accord in the front, and the Citroen C5 in the back, all failed in our comfort fun test with a greater disadvantage. If your understanding of a mid-size car is how comfortable it is, then Teana is definitely the best choice at this price; but if you still want to take into account the sportiness, or you want to buy a sports-style mid-size car, then the power is more A medium-sized car from a European and American brand with stronger and tougher suspension may be more suitable for you.

In addition, we also want to solicit some suggestions from you. For example, who do you think can challenge the nature of mid-size cars? Or do you want to see the comfort and fun test of which models? Even if you have any whimsical test items, you can leave a message at the bottom of the article. We will choose interesting or strong reverse models or items for testing. (Photo/Text/Photography Car Home Liu Yuxin)

The article is not over yet, there is a comparison table of the specific configurations of the two models on the fourth page, and interested readers can compare them in detail.