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[YesAuto Purchase Manual] GAC Trumpchi has made great strides in the SUV market in the past two years. It has successively launched the GS8 and GS7 in the mid-size SUV market, plus the GS4 and GS5 in the compact SUV market. No, on August 26, GAC Trumpchi GS3 was officially launched. This car has a total of 8 models with 1.5L and 1.3T displacements. Today we will talk about which of these 8 models is the most Cost-effective.

GAC Trumpchi GS3 guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
150N (1.5L) manual comfort type 7.38
150N (1.5L) manual elite version 7.98
150N (1.5L) manual deluxe version 8.48
150N (1.5L) automatic comfort version 8.28
150N (1.5L) automatic elite version 8.88
200T (1.3T) automatic elite version 9.68
200T (1.3T) automatic luxury version 10.58
200T (1.3T) automatic distinguished version 11.68

●Appearance and interior review:

In terms of appearance, the overall design of Trumpchi GS3 is very smooth, and there are no lack of powerful lines throughout the body. In terms of body size, there are still some advantages in this level of models, which also ensures a more comfortable riding space.

The five body colors are more dynamic and energetic colors, which are also in line with the positioning of the GS3 model, and more attract the attention of young consumers. The whole series of models are equipped with a total of three wheels. In addition to the 18-inch two-tone aluminum alloy wheels in the picture above, there are also 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels equipped with low-end models and 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels equipped with mid-range models. The Michelin Primacy3ST tire used in the picture is a tire that focuses on urban comfort and has a good mute effect.

The interior feels exquisite. Although the design of each place is not so brilliant, it is not ugly to blend together. The workmanship and materials are good, and it is at the upstream level compared with the same level of models.

It is not too surprising that the panoramic sunroof is not used, because there are only a handful of models in this price range that use panoramic sunroofs. All models support the rear seat 4/6 tilting down, but it is a pity that a flat space cannot be formed after tilting down.

Two power combinations of Trumpchi GS3
Project/model 150N models 200T models
engine 1.5L naturally aspirated engine 1.3T turbocharged engine
Maximum horsepower (Ps) 114 137
Maximum power speed (rpm) 6000 5500
Maximum torque (N·m) 150 202
Maximum torque speed (rpm) 4500 1500-4200
Gearbox 5MT/6AT 6AT

In terms of power, the whole series of models have two types of power, namely 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with 5MT/6AT gearbox and 1.3T turbocharged engine with 6AT gearbox. Users who buy small SUVs usually don’t care too much about power performance. Therefore, the 1.5L naturally aspirated engine will be the main sales force in the future, and the later maintenance cost of the naturally aspirated engine is cheaper than the turbocharged engine. The 6AT gearbox used in the GS3 can be said to be a highlight of the entire series, because most models of the same price still use dual-clutch gearboxes.

●Model analysis:

There are a total of 8 models with 2 displacements. According to the configuration level, there are Comfort Edition, Elite Edition, Luxury Edition and Premium Edition. According to the displacement, there are 5 models with a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine. There are only 3 models with 1.3T turbocharged engines, so let's first look at these 5 models with 1.5L naturally aspirated engines.

◆150N Comfort Edition:

150N manual comfort version official guide price: 73,800 yuan

150N automatic comfort version official guide price: 82,800 yuan

The comfort version is the lowest configuration in the whole series, and the manual comfort version and the automatic comfort version are exactly the same except for the difference in the gearbox, so let's take a look at the configuration of the comfort version first.

150N Comfort Edition basic configuration
External configuration

Headlights with lens, headlight height adjustment, LED taillights, 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels,

Reversing radar, electric adjustment of rearview mirror, rear wiper, etc.

Internal configuration

Trip computer, driver seat 6-way manual adjustment, seat belt not fastened reminder, child safety seat interface,

Front USB port, front center armrest, front/rear power windows, manual air conditioner, etc.

Security configuration Body stability control system, main/co-pilot airbag, uphill assist, steep slope descent, etc.

There are some configurations in the comfort version that are very surprising, such as body stability control system, steep slope descent, and car assistance, etc. The appearance of these configurations does make people feel full of sincerity. If your car purchase budget is not very abundant If so, the lowest model can be considered.

◆150N Elite Edition:

150N manual elite version official guide price: 79,800 yuan

150N automatic elite version official guide price: 88,800 yuan

In addition to the difference in the gearbox between the automatic elite version and the manual elite version, there is an additional ECO intelligent green energy-saving mode, and the rest are exactly the same.

150N manual/automatic comfort version and 150N manual/automatic elite version configuration comparison
Project/model 150N manual/automatic comfort version 150N manual/automatic elite version
Official guide price 7.38/8.28 ten thousand yuan 7.98/8.88 ten thousand yuan
Spread 6000/6000 yuan
Front fog lights
Tire size 215/65 R16 215/60 R17
Aluminum luggage rack
Multifunction steering wheel
One-key lift windows on the driver's side
Reverse image
8-inch center console screen with mobile phone interconnection function
Cruise control
Car Bluetooth System
Rear USB port
Number of speakers 4 speakers 6 speakers

From the above table, we can see that the 6,000 yuan for the elite version is relatively good value. The front fog lights, sunroof, reversing image, central control screen and other configurations are often used in daily life. The effect of this 6000 yuan can be said to be a complete upgrade of a configuration level, so the cost performance of the elite version is good.

◆150N manual deluxe version:

150N manual deluxe version official guide price: 84,800 yuan

The manual luxury model is equivalent to the top gear of the manual gear in the whole series. Let's take a look at the configuration of this manual gear top model.

Configuration comparison between 150N Manual Elite Edition and 150N Manual Deluxe Edition
Project/model 150N Manual Elite Edition 150N manual deluxe version
Official guide price 79,800 yuan 84,800 yuan
Spread 5000 yuan
Shark fin antenna
Leather seats
Front door welcome light + glove box light
Front sun visor with vanity mirror lighting
Rear central armrest with cup holder + rear central headrest
Trunk power interface
Front side airbag
3.5 inch LCD dashboard
Beidou/GPS dual-mode navigation system
Rearview mirror electric folding
remote key Folding All-in-one
Keyless entry function
One-key start function

The luxury version is 5,000 yuan more expensive than the elite version. Among these configurations, the more cost-effective features are keyless entry, one-button start, and electric folding of the rear-view mirror. Although the leather seats are easier to take care of, they are hot in summer. It’s a bit uncomfortable to be cold in winter. In general, the 5,000 yuan is pretty good value.

●1.5L model configuration analysis: recommended manual luxury version/automatic elite version

From the above, we can see that the price performance of the elite model is good, it is 6,000 yuan more expensive than the comfort version, but there are many more value-added configurations, such as reversing images. This feature is a must for many novices. Indispensable, there are sunroofs and luggage racks, which not only enhance the practicality, but also enhance the appearance. The 8-inch central control screen supports the mobile phone interconnection function, and it also caters to the needs of current consumers. The price performance is good, so I recommend the automatic elite version.

Why is the manual elite version not recommended? This is because the manual transmission model also has a luxury version. The manual luxury version is only 5,000 yuan more expensive than the manual elite version. The addition of keyless entry, one-key start, leather seats, rearview mirror electric folding and other configurations is completely worth the difference. And in terms of safety, there are also front side airbags, which is very cost-effective.

After talking about the 150N model, let’s turn our attention to the 200T model with a 1.3T turbocharged engine. In fact, the most popular model in the entire car series is the 150N model, and the existence of the 200T model gives a certain degree of power. The person who asks to choose, let's take a look at the configuration performance of these three models of 200T.

◆The official guide price of 200T automatic elite version: 96,800 yuan

   This model is a low-end model in the 200T, but the configuration level is basically maintained at the same level as the 150N Elite version. There are a few more configurations. Let's take a look at what's more.

Internal configuration Cruise control, sunroof, keyless start, multi-function steering wheel, driving computer display,

8-inch center console screen, Bluetooth system, mobile phone interconnection, one-key lifting of the main driving window, etc.

Security configuration Body stability control system, main/co-pilot airbag, uphill assist, steep slope descent, etc.

   Compared with the 150N automatic elite version, this automatic elite version has more functions such as keyless entry, one-key start, LED daytime running lights, and the engine power is a bit more powerful. It is 8,000 yuan more expensive. I think it is cost-effective. The performance is good, for those who have certain requirements for power, you can consider this elite version of the model.

◆Official guide price for 200T automatic luxury version: 105,800 yuan

   The automatic luxury model is a mid-range model in the 1.3T model, but the price has exceeded 100,000 yuan, and the total price is already relatively expensive, and the GS4 model can already be considered at this price, but let’s take a look. Where are you all expensive?

200T automatic elite version and 200T automatic luxury version configuration comparison
Project/model 200T Automatic Elite Edition 200T automatic luxury version
Official guide price 96,800 yuan 105,800 yuan
Spread 9000 yuan
Tire specifications 215/60 R17 215/55 R18
Shark fin antenna
Leather seats
Automatic air conditioning
Rear air conditioner outlet
Front door welcome light + glove box light
Front sun visor with vanity mirror lighting
Rear central armrest with cup holder + rear central headrest
Trunk power interface
Electronic brake (with AutoHold function)
Tire pressure monitoring
Front side airbag
3.5 inch LCD dashboard
Beidou/GPS dual-mode navigation system
External rearview mirror electric folding

The 200T automatic luxury version is 9,000 yuan more expensive than the automatic elite version. For this class of models, 9,000 yuan is not a small amount. Judging from the difference in configuration between the two cars, automatic air conditioning, rear exhaust vents, and electronic brakes Such functions are relatively commonly used, but for the price difference of 9,000 yuan, it can only be regarded as a normal cost increase. On the whole, the performance of the price/performance ratio is average.

◆Official guide price for 200T automatic distinguished version: 116,800 yuan

The 200T automatic premium version is the top model of the whole series. Of course, the price is indeed more expensive. It has reached 116,800 yuan. There are many excellent SUV models at this price. Let's not say that far, let’s talk about it. GS3, let’s take a look at the top models that have more configurations.

Configuration comparison of 200T automatic luxury version and 200T automatic premium version
Project/model 200T automatic luxury version 200T automatic premium version
Official guide price 105,800 yuan 118,800 yuan
Spread 11,000 yuan
Automatic headlights
Automatic wiper
Leather steering wheel
Driver's seat electric adjustment
Front seat heating function
Automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirror
Smart Trumpchi T-BOX smart phone remote monitoring security system
Curtain side air curtain
Guang Xiaoqi—Smart Car Companion

There are many configurations in the GS3 that are not fully understood until the top models are equipped, such as leather steering wheel, electric seat adjustment, seat heating and other very practical daily functions. In general, the price difference of 11,000 yuan is exchanged for these. The functions are indeed not worthwhile, and the significance of the top models is to raise the level of configuration of the overall car series. Although some configurations are more practical, they are indeed a bit expensive, so if you are not a configuration control, it is not recommended to buy this top model. Equipped with models.

●1.3T model configuration analysis: recommend the automatic elite version

   Among the three 1.3T models, the most cost-effective one is the elite version, and it is also the only one of the three models with a price of less than 100,000 yuan. The configuration is enough for use, while the luxury version and the elite version have a price difference of 9,000 yuan. It is really expensive and the upgraded configuration is limited. The top model is 11,000 yuan more expensive than the luxury version, and the total price has reached 116,800 yuan. The upgraded configuration is a normal cost increase, and there is not much cost-effectiveness at all.

So the final model recommendations are as follows:

●Full text summary:

Now the competition in the Chinese brand small SUV market is in full swing. Although the price of the GS3 does not have such a big advantage in the competition, the excellent exterior design and exquisite interior of the GS3 can indeed bring good impressions to many consumers. It is a 5MT/6AT gearbox, and its competitiveness cannot be underestimated. If you like GS3, I believe you will know which model to choose after reading the article.