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[YesAuto Car Purchase Manual] Nowadays, “Second Child” is no longer just a topic, but actually happening around you. This family change will inevitably lead to changes in consumption. 7-seater MPVs are becoming more and more popular. Major automakers are also stepping up the introduction of MPVs to cater to this market change. In the traditional MPV market, Buick GL8 takes the lead in the public and commercial market, and Honda Odyssey is popular in the public and private market, which is more popular in the home market. In addition, Ericsson, Refine M6, Fengxing CM7, Huasong 7 are also popular in the public and private markets. Players with strong levels, the already lively market segment now ushered in a powerful spoiler-Trumpchi GM8. Trumpchi GM8 price: 176,800 to 259,800 yuan, only 4 versions, let us see which version is more cost-effective.

■ Model introduction

Trumpchi GM8 is the first MPV model of GAC Trumpchi. It is positioned in the mid-to-high-end market. Its domineering shape and relatively large body make it more suitable for public and business occasions. In terms of price, it is more “close to the people” in the same class. I believe It will also attract the attention of many home users. The front face of the new car shows the most domineering version of the Lingyun Wing family design. At the same time, the entire series is equipped with LED headlights, which is full of technology.

The low-end models of the new car use 225/60 R17 size tires, and the high-end models use 225/55 R18 size tires, both of which are equipped with aluminum alloy wheels, but the rim styles are also different. In terms of body color, the new car comes with peacock blue, pearl white, elegant black and mocha brown for consumers to choose from.

From the perspective of body size, Trumpchi GM8 is between Buick GL8 and Odyssey. At the same time, it has advantages in width and height. This is conducive to creating a relatively large internal space. MPV users generally have higher requirements for large space. .

In terms of interior, the new car is in the same line as the GS8, and the configuration is also relatively close. They are all styles that are biased towards luxurious atmosphere. Similar to many MPV models, the GM8's gear handle is also set on the center console, which is relatively close to the steering wheel, making it easy to operate.

In terms of seat layout, GM8 uses a 2+2+3 layout. The two “boss seats” in the second row are configured with independent armrests and comfortable headrests. The high-end models also have heating/ventilation/ The massage function and leg rest are also relatively high-end configurations in the same level.

In terms of riding space, we can see from our experience that the 1.78-meter height experience can get ample riding space in the front, middle and rear three rows, especially the rear two rows are relatively adjustable, allowing passengers to adjust to suit them. Sitting position. The third row of seats can be folded up, so that the trunk can also be used more flexibly.

In terms of power, the new car uses a 2.0T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 201 horsepower and a peak torque of 320 N·m. It uses Aisin's 6-speed automated manual transmission. In terms of chassis suspension, the front McPherson rear multi-link four-wheel independent suspension is adopted.

The appearance is bold and majestic, the interior is spacious and comfortable, the power configuration is the mainstream level of the same level, and all the hard indicators perform well. Next, we will analyze which version is the most cost-effective according to different versions.

■ Configuration analysis

All Trumpchi GM8 series adopt the power system of 2.0T+6AT. There are only four versions on the configuration. It is a relatively good choice for consumers. It is nothing more than luxurious or more luxurious, depending on how luxurious you need it. .

● Deluxe Edition

The configuration of the deluxe version is indeed “luxury” enough. The most important matrix LED headlights (with automatic height adjustment/delay off/open warning) in terms of appearance are all standard equipment, and the deluxe version uses 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels. It’s not a rude; the second row of the interior enjoys independent first-class seats (fixed armrests/sleeping headrests), one-button start, 10.1-inch full-color LCD central control large screen, 7-inch full-color instrument cluster, Harman MAN’s top entertainment systems have been equipped, and in terms of safety, there are standard ESP 9.1 version, Bosch RMI anti-rollover system, front double airbags, front side airbags, reversing radar, etc., sunroofs and leather/fabric hybrids. There is no absence of seats. It should be said that the price of 176,800 yuan for this configuration is worthy of the title of “luxury”.

Trumpchi GM8 Deluxe Edition Configuration Table
Exterior Matrix LED headlights (with automatic height adjustment/delay off/open warning), LED daytime running lights, LED combined taillights, front and rear fog lights, electric adjustment of exterior mirrors (integrated LED turn lights), 225/ 60 R17 tires, 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels
Interior High-end soft slush-plastic instrument panel, piano paint + matte chrome trim, wood grain trim, anti-pinch electric sunroof, leather/fabric mixed seat, 6-way driver seat adjustment, independent first-class seat in the second row (Fixed armrests/sleeping headrests), three-row seats 6:4 split folding and flipping, three-zone independent automatic constant temperature air conditioning (PM2.5 air conditioning filter), 360 all-round ultra-quiet interior space and ultra-low VOC interior environment
Safety GAC high-strength safety body, front double airbags, front side airbags, Boshi ESP version 9.1, Bosch RMI anti-rollover system, EPB electronic parking brake system (with automatic parking function) , reversing radar, impact-sensitive door Automatic unlocking device, ISO FIX child seat interface, rear door child safety lock, engine anti-theft locking system (with anti-theft alarm function)
Technology Manual double-side sliding door, one-key start , 10.1 inch full-color LCD central control large screen, 7-inch full-color combination instrument, Harman top entertainment system , 6-speaker high-fidelity audio, car Bluetooth , front row and second row USB charging Interface, start-stop system , driving window one-touch lift with anti-pinch function

In the horizontal comparison of the same level, the entry model of Trumpchi GM8 is lower than the entry model of GL8 commercial vehicle and Odyssey. In addition to the lower price, it mainly has advantages in some high-end configurations, such as LED headlights and 10.1-inch central control. The screen, Harman's top entertainment system audio, etc., will have an advantage in terms of luxury.

Exclusive Edition

Compared with the deluxe version, the price of the premium version has increased by 13,000, and there are many differences in configuration, but they are mainly concentrated in the interior and technology configuration. The difference in appearance is mainly the use of privacy glass for the rear windows and rear windshield , This post film can also achieve a similar effect. In terms of interior configuration, leather seats, electric side sliding doors and welcome pedals can all enhance the sense of grade. At the same time, cruise control and reversing images are all very practical configurations.

● Premium Edition

There are more than a dozen configuration differences between the premium version and the premium version, most of which are the icing on the cake. The price has increased by 27,000, and the span is not small. In terms of appearance, the rim is upgraded to 18 inches, which is more in line with this domineering body shape; On the one hand, the double sunroof configuration is adopted to more cater to the needs of the rear passengers. At the same time, the second row of seats has been greatly improved, with ventilation/heating/massage functions, and footrests. “Boss position” should be very useful for business customers. In addition, there are not many functional improvements. The addition of a navigation system and a mobile phone monitoring system are also common configurations in the same price range.

If you have higher requirements for the comfort of the second row, the premium version is a good choice. After all, the second row of seats already has a very rich and complete configuration, and it has reached the highest level of the GM8 car series. The rear skylights correspond to ordinary short-distance trips in the city and there is nothing to fault.

● Ultimate

The improvement of the flagship version compared to the premium version is mainly focused on the technical configuration, especially the active safety configuration has been upgraded by more than one grade. Collision warning, adaptive cruise, active brake assist system, etc. are all configurations that are not available in competing products at the same price. The top-mounted model takes care of the driving position more thoughtfully. The seat electric exterior mirror memory function, the front seat ventilation and heating, and the 360° panoramic image all give the driver a more comfortable and convenient driving experience. The treatment of passengers in the second row has also been improved. With the addition of a dual-screen entertainment system, long-distance rides will not be boring. Of course, the price has also increased by more than one grade, and the price difference of 43,000 yuan has also opened a big gap.

Taking into account the models of the same level or the same price range, the price of the top-fitting models of the competing products is higher than 260,000. The price of the top-fitting GM8 is 259,800 on the basis that there is no obvious shortcoming in the configuration, and the price is lower. For corporate users, it is more worthy of consideration.

■ Recommended models

Deluxe version: ★★★★★

Trumpchi GM8 2018 320T Deluxe Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price

17.68 million

It must be admitted that the entry model of Trumpchi GM8 is only 176,800, and its configuration is already very rich, matrix LED headlights, Bosch ESP 9.1 version, 10.1-inch full-color LCD central control large screen, 7-inch full-color combination instrument, Harman's top entertainment system has provided a good guarantee in terms of appearance, safety and comfort. It is very cost-effective and worth recommending.

Premium version: ★★★★

Trumpchi GM8 2018 320T Premium Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


The premium version has a more obvious advantage in that the configuration of the second row of seats has reached the top level of the whole car series. The main difference from the top model is the active safety system and the second-row entertainment system, but these are all The icing on the cake configuration may not be used for short-distance travel or daily urban transportation. Looking at the price difference of 43,000 yuan with the top, the price is still very reasonable. Compared with the lower-grade premium version, it has increased by 27,000. The span is not small, but in exchange for more than a dozen configuration improvements, including mobile phone monitoring system, the most luxurious second-row seat, double-sided electric side sliding doors, etc. Configuration, these are not available for later installation, considering that the price is only 216,800, it is also a very good value choice.

■ Summary

On the whole, Trumpchi GM8 also maintains the same level of configuration as mainstream competitors of the same level. Low-profile models have advantages in luxury configuration, while high-profile models are mainly superior in active safety configuration to models of the same level. The starting price of 176,800 yuan should be said to have a very good price/performance ratio. The configuration of the luxury version can fully meet the needs of the schedule car and is worth recommending. The top-fitting models have a wealth of active safety configurations, and the comfort of the second row is also the highest level of its class at present, friends with ample budget should give priority to consideration. (Photo/Text Car Home Liang Haiwen)