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[YesAuto Car Buying Manual] We Chinese consumers have always been extremely sought after for the rear legroom of a car, and various automakers have also increased the wheelbase of their products and added an “L” after the name. To the Chinese market. In the segment of luxury brand mid-size cars, two new members have recently joined the “Longer Wheelbase” club. One of them is Acura TLX-L (the other is Jaguar XEL). In this article, we will take a look at this car. Which configuration is most worth buying.

● Listing price

GAC Acura TLX-L guide price
Model Price (ten thousand yuan)
2.4L Enjoy Edition 27.98
2.4L Delight Edition 30.88
2.4L Premium Edition 32.98
2.4L Smart Enjoy Edition 35.88
2.4L Diamond Enjoy Edition 37.98

● Model review

Speaking of luxury brand mid-size cars, you may not think of Acura TLX-L at once. For some friends, it is even a little strange, but it doesn’t matter. Let me first take you to briefly review the basic situation of this car and which model. The most worth buying, let us talk about it later.

Acura TLX-L is the second model produced by GAC Acura. Compared with the old model before domestic production, the front face of the model is very obvious. It looks exquisite and sharp. However, the similar family-style design has been seen on the CDX before, so It does not look unfamiliar, and it is undeniable that the visual impact and recognition are very high. The most worth mentioning is the headlights, which are well integrated with the entire front of the car, and all LED headlights are standard. This is definitely good news for those who want to buy low-end models.

When many friends choose a car, the wheelbase data is a rigid indicator. The wheelbase of this Acura TLX-L has reached 2900mm, which is finally in the same order of magnitude as its rivals at the same level. The performance of the riding space can still be expected. In addition, there are a total of 6 body colors for the whole series, and the conventional color systems are basically covered, so the choice is relatively rich. In terms of wheels, there are two sizes and shapes, the low-end and the second-low-end match with 17 inches, the other models are 18 inches, the style is slightly more conventional.

The rear styling is relatively low-key compared to the front, but a lot of sporty designs can still be found, such as the spoiler on the trunk cover and the two-sided exhaust form.

The interior design is slightly conservative, but the creation of a sense of luxury is still good. In addition to the application of various curved lines, it also benefits from the visual impact brought by the two central control screens. Regarding the seat color, all Acura TLX-L models have black and brown options, but the seat fabrics vary according to the configuration.

The two screens of the center console are standard equipment in the whole system. The upper 8-inch display is used to display navigation, reversing images and other information, and the lower touch screen can operate multimedia and display air conditioning status. This dual-screen design allows two The screens perform their duties and are very convenient to use.

From the actual experience, after the wheelbase is lengthened, the 1.82 meters tall can have more than two punches in the back row of legroom, and although there is a relatively high bulge in the middle of the back row, the longitudinal length can put the foot. The performance is still very good, the downside is that the front and rear head space is a bit cramped.

The trunk is the mainstream performance in the same class of models. There is still a lot of space to put down the three suitcases, and the rear seats can be placed in a 4/6 ratio, which can be operated by the handle of the trunk. The space is diverse and convenient. Sex is guaranteed.

Acura TLX-L is still clinging to NA's territory. The entire series is equipped with a 2.4L naturally aspirated engine, which can burst out a maximum power of 208 horsepower and a maximum torque of 247 N·m. It is paired with an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Four driving modes can be adjusted. The suspension type is a more conventional combination, front McPherson independent suspension + rear multi-link independent suspension.

● Configuration analysis

After reviewing the overall performance of this car, let’s move on to the most critical part of this article. Let’s analyze each detail configuration carefully to see which configuration level is the most cost-effective model.

◆ 2.4L enjoyable version (guide price: 279,800 yuan )

Acura TLX-L has a total of 5 configuration models. The Changxiang version is the lowest configuration of the whole series. The guiding price of 279,800 yuan is very close to the people in the same level of models. How about its performance in configuration? Does it satisfy daily use?

2.4L Enjoy Edition basic configuration

External configuration 17-inch wheels, LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, automatic headlights, panoramic sunroof
Internal configuration

Leather seat, driver seat 8-way electric adjustment + lumbar support, seat memory, co-pilot 4-way electric adjustment,

Rear seats are down in 4/6 ratio, leather multi-function steering wheel, paddle shifters,

Dual central control screen (7+8 inches)

Security configuration

Reversing image, tire pressure monitoring, uphill assist, main/passenger airbag, front side airbag,

Front/rear head air curtain, knee airbag, pedestrian collision protection system

Comfortable configuration

External rearview mirror electric adjustment/memory/reversing assist, keyless entry, one-key start,

Electronic handbrake with automatic parking, fixed-speed cruise, four-window one-key lifting, dual-zone automatic air conditioning,

Active noise reduction system, front-end ambient light in the center console, 7-speaker sound system

From the configuration table above, it is not difficult to see that even the most entry-level version of Acura TLX-L has a rich configuration, especially the comfort configuration is convenient, such as LED headlights, panoramic sunroof, double central control screen, etc. All the configurations used are already equipped, and fixed-speed cruise, keyless entry + one-key start, dual-zone air-conditioning, four-window one-key lift can also greatly facilitate our daily use, so friends who are looking for cost-effectiveness, it is a good idea to buy the entry-level version s Choice.

◆ 2.4L Yuexiang Edition (Guide price: 308,800 yuan )

Coming to the 2.4L Yuexiang version with a higher configuration, it is 29,000 yuan more expensive than the lowest model. So what configuration can be exchanged for this extra money? Next, let's take an inventory for everyone.

2.4L Enjoy Edition/2.4L Enjoy Edition Configuration Comparison


2.4L Enjoy Edition

2.4L Delight Edition
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 27.98 30.88
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 2.9
Forward Collision Warning System
Active braking
Lane departure warning
Lane keeping
Adaptive cruise
Front/rear parking radar
Adaptive far and near light
External rearview mirror electric folding/heating function
Heated front seats
The inner rearview mirror is automatically anti-glare
Interior door handle lights
Engine remote start
Number of USB ports 1 3
Door welcome light The front door has

Looking at the configuration comparison table above, we can find that the main improvement of the 2.4L Yuexiang version is actually in terms of active safety configuration. If we get lost while driving, the vehicle can give us timely and necessary reminders. , And even help us to brake, play a big role in safe driving. In addition, some comfort configurations have also been improved, such as adaptive cruise and front seat heating are all good functions “who knows who uses it”, so the total cost of 29,000 is very worthwhile.

◆ 2.4L Premium Edition (Guide price: 329,800 yuan )

The 2.4L Premium Edition with a guide price of 329,800 is located in the middle of the five configuration models, which is 21,000 yuan more expensive than the Yuexiang version with a lower configuration. Let’s find out whether its extra configuration is worth paying more for.

2.4L Yuexiang Edition/2.4L Exclusive Edition Configuration Comparison


2.4L Delight Edition

2.4L Premium Edition
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 30.88 32.98
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 2.1
Wheel size 17 inches 18 inches
Four-wheel steering system (PAWS)
LED front fog light
Luxury trims on the side of the body
Seat material leather Genuine Leather
Door storage compartment lighting
Cockpit surround ambient light group

The added configurations of the 2.4L Premium Edition are not too many in terms of quantity, and most of them are decorative configurations that enhance the visual experience and luxurious atmosphere. In fact, the key point is still to talk about this four-wheel precision steering system called PAWS (Precision All Wheel Steer): When cruising at high speed and decelerating in a straight line, the front ends of the two rear wheels will retract to form an “inner horoscope” to enhance the stability of the body. ; When merging at high speed, the rear wheels will rotate in the same direction with the front wheels at a small angle, and the body's follow-up is better; when turning at low speeds or turning around, the rear wheels will rotate in the opposite direction to the front wheels to reduce turning Radius, in fact, this configuration still accounts for the cost. The price increase of 21,000 yuan is worth the money, but it may not be so outstanding for daily use.

◆ 2.4L Smart Enjoy Edition (Guide Price: 358,800 yuan )

If the configuration of the front model is to meet the main theme of daily use, then the 2.4L Smart Share version, which is the second top of the whole series, has begun to increase the configuration, let's see how it is cost-effective.

2.4L Premium Edition/2.4L Smart Edition Configuration Comparison


2.4L Premium Edition

2.4L Smart Enjoy Edition
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 32.98 35.88
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 2.9
Shark fin antenna
Enhanced soundproof window glass
Boss key
Induction wiper
Number of USB ports 3 5
Door welcome light The front door has Four doors have
Number of speakers 7 10
Rear multimedia control system

As a luxury brand mid-size car with a longer wheelbase, potential buyers of Acura TLX-L may have some business reception needs. At this time, a car is more important to take care of the rear passengers. . The 2.4L Smart Enjoy Edition adds a boss button, rear multimedia control, and four-door welcome light. The window glass will also have better sound insulation. The overall performance should be able to meet the needs of reception, but it is more expensive than the lower configuration model. The price is 29,000 yuan, and the price is relatively average. It is mainly recommended to friends with relatively sufficient budget and certain business needs.

◆ 2.4L Diamond Enjoy Edition (Guide price: 379,800 yuan )

The top configuration of most models is used to increase the model and brand positioning, so the 2.4L Diamond Edition is the configuration model of the Acura TLX-L pyramid tip, what exclusive equipment does it have? How about the price/performance ratio? We know it by comparison.

2.4L Smart Enjoy Edition/2.4L Diamond Enjoy Edition Configuration Comparison


2.4L Smart Enjoy Edition

2.4L Diamond Enjoy Edition
Guide price (ten thousand yuan) 35.88 37.98
Difference (ten thousand yuan) 2.1
Blind Spot Monitoring System
Panoramic image
Rear spoiler
Rear triangular window shading privacy glass
Automatic anti-glare of exterior rearview mirror
Exterior rearview mirror welcome light
Co-pilot seat adjustment form 4-way 8-way
Rear seat heating function
Main driver's seat leg rest adjustment
Front seat ventilation
Rear windshield and rear side window shade
Steering wheel heating
Keyless entry button The front door has Four doors have

As the top model, the 2.4L Diamond Sharing Edition has not disappointed. There are almost all kinds of configurations to enhance the visual experience and comfort, and the higher price of 21,000 yuan is also relatively reasonable. Although the absolute price of this car is not cheap, and it is destined not to be a mass model, if you consider buying a 2.4L smart version with a configuration, it is better to buy this more comprehensive top model in one step.

● Recommended models

Acura TLX-L 2018 2.4L Joy Enjoy Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


The first 5-star recommendation to everyone is the 2.4L Yuexiang version, which not only has a complete set of active safety system, but also has an additional umbrella for driving safety, but also includes front/rear radar, rearview mirror electric folding, and front seat heating. And other functions are also daily and practical configurations. On the whole, it is the most cost-effective model in the whole series.

Acura TLX-L 2018 2.4L Enjoy Edition

Model Homepage| Parameters Configuration| Picture| Word of Mouth| Model Quotation
Manufacturer's guide price


The four-star recommendation is the entry-level model. First, the starting price of 279,800 yuan is relatively close to the people. Although some active safety features are missing, it is good that tire pressure monitoring is retained; and there is no need to worry about passive safety features, and high-end models Compared with that, it hasn't shrunk at all; in addition, favorite configurations such as panoramic sunroof, LED headlights, keyless entry + one-key start, and electronic handbrake are all unveiled. Friends with limited budgets are more suitable to buy this.

● Full text summary

China’s mid-size car market is a battleground for major automakers. Not only the top three German BBAs, but also Infiniti (Q50L), Cadillac (ATS-L), Jaguar (XEL) and the protagonist of this article Acura TLX-L. They have launched their own medium-sized cars with a longer wheelbase version to seize the market, which is enough to reflect their importance to Chinese consumers. The domestically-made and lengthened TLX-L has a reasonable price range, and the riding space has reached the mainstream level of the same level. In addition, the configuration is also very kind. LED headlights, panoramic sunroof, and cruise control are all standard equipment. In view of the price, the low-to-medium configuration The model is more cost-effective, especially the enjoyment version with the second lowest price of 308,800. It is equipped with a complete set of active safety systems, and the comfort is also improved. Compared with the lowest price, it is only 29,000 expensive. The whole series is the most recommended . (Hong Bingqing, Home of Wen Auto)

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