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[YesAuto Motorcycle] Not long after the launch of the new BMW 3 Series, this sports-famous brand once again launched a blockbuster product in the Chinese market-the new BMW R 1250 series. Yes, this article will talk about the most important models in the BMW motorcycle camp. Perhaps you have heard of the “Waterfowl” a long time ago, now let us take a look at the evolution of the new “Waterfowl” and its “sister” RT travel performance?

New car launches BMW R 1250 GS, R 1250 GS Adv, R 1250 RT

First, let's briefly popularize the meaning of BMW motorcycle model names. Take R 1250 as an example. R represents the horizontally opposed engine, which is the most inherited engine of BMW motorcycles, and 1250 represents the displacement. In addition, on other BMW motorcycles, you can also see the engine types of the “F” inline two-cylinder, “S” inline four-cylinder, and “G” single-cylinder models. In terms of model names, “GS” stands for adventure cars and “RT” stands for station wagons.

The new BMW R 1250 series launched this time includes a total of three models, R 1250 GS, R 1250 GS Adv and R 1250 RT. The prices are: 209,900 yuan, 239,900 yuan, and 285,900 yuan.

★ Brand new technology

The new R 1250 engine is a replacement product of the previous R 1200. In addition to the increase in displacement, the new boxer’s engine is also equipped with variable camshaft technology (BMW ShifCam). The general working state is the engine cam. The shaft is divided into two stages. When the speed is below 5000 rpm, the low-angle camshaft helps the vehicle to output smoother power at lower speeds. When the engine speed exceeds 5000 rpm, the variable camshaft mechanism switches to a high angle, which instantly increases the intake air volume, increases the power, and strengthens the explosive force. This is a technique with direct experience and obvious effects.

Similar technology, in fact, has appeared in BMW car engines as early as 1992. The in-line six-cylinder engine code-named M50 series used VANOS technology for the first time, which means variable camshaft control. The purpose is to improve the engine in the low speed range. It also improves the torque and power output at high speeds, and improves fuel economy. VANOS technology was upgraded to a two-way stepless type in 1997, and it is still in use today.

Next, let's look at the electronic control system that the new car is equipped with. The multiple driving modes that are the same as the car are no longer a new configuration, including detailed functions such as electronic shock absorbers that can adjust different preloads. However, this time the new car has added a function called “Advanced Hill Start Control” (HSC Pro), which is similar to the “up and downhill assistance” in cars. The function of this function is: when the vehicle is in a state where the gradient reaches 5%, the system can automatically start the brakes to avoid slipping at the moment of starting. I experienced in the test drive that the HSC Pro function is very sensitive, and the actual effect seems to be more effective on a motorcycle than a car.

Due to the characteristics of two wheels, many electronic equipment on motorcycles are more prominent than those on cars. For example, the most basic ABS function can even save the driver's life when the motorcycle encounters an emergency. In the new BMW R 1250 series, there is also an electronic assistance function called “Dynamic Brake Control” (DBC). Its function is to avoid serious accidents caused by the wrong operation of the accelerator with the right hand when the front brake is used in an emergency. The computer detects that when the vehicle's accelerator is on and brakes in an emergency, it will automatically cut off the throttle control, so that the power will not be accidentally intervened in the emergency brake state.

In addition to the electronic assistance functions mentioned above, the new car is still equipped with electronic control equipment such as traction control and cornering ABS. This is why the GS and RT models with large body size and upgraded displacement will feel driving after actually stepping on. One of the reasons they are so simple and easy.

★ BMW R 1250 GS

The new generation of BMW “Waterfowl” still has that familiar taste. Four new colors make the vehicle younger, and several important new configurations enhance the sense of technology. As the “pillar” in BMW motorcycles, the R 1250 GS does not have many surprises, but the sense of stability it exudes is its Magic weapon to win.

I believe that few car owners who have bought and now own BMW “Waterbirds” have never traveled far. This car has its own travel properties, and for off-road, most of it can only cope with lightly non-paved roads. After facing these characteristics correctly, R 1250 GS will take you to complete a motorcycle trip that feels great.

★ BWM R 1250 GS Adv

Many people will be scared off by the burly figure of the Adv version, and the higher seat height even halves the confidence of some drivers. But once the ride is over, the feeling of easy driving will become your conversational resource in front of everyone. The original regular model is good enough, but the role of the Adv model is to satisfy those who pursue the ultimate in all aspects.

If you are wild enough, please choose R 1250 GS Adv. A better riding experience is its most prominent feature. However, the heavy body in exchange also requires you to be able to handle it at any time. Generally speaking, the Adv model is a bit too extravagant. The starting price of 30,000 yuan more expensive than the regular model is remarkable, because all the differences are only Prepare for a farther journey.

BMW R 1250 RT

As a publicly upgraded station wagon, the BMW R 1250 RT once won the favor of the American patrol. Its practicality, flexibility, and long-distance capability are all embodied in this car. If you don't have a trace of off-road plot and just enjoy the thrill of long-distance road riding, you will definitely be satisfied with the performance of this car.

From the GS model to the RT, the ultra-low center of gravity control is my most obvious feeling, which will make it easier to drive at low speeds or in the city. However, the wind resistance of the vehicle and the design of the riding triangle will tell the driver that this is a long-distance weapon. The seat height that is close to the people may cause some potential consumers to transfer from the “water bird” side. As for the fame of GS, only choose what suits your needs, and don't blindly follow the trend.

I guess a lot of people will sigh, the price of the above three new cars can buy a previous generation BMW 3 series sedan! But I have to say that it is wrong to use price to measure the relationship between motorcycles and cars. The reason why the two-wheeled model has developed to such a high level is because it is more than just a means of transportation. People who own or plan to own the models in the article are often absolutely personal in choosing cars. These people will choose BMW R 1250 series models with the mentality of enjoying long-distance travel very much.

Motorcycle culture needs environmental sound development to continue. At this BMW Motorcycle launch conference, China Marketing Director Mr. Zhan Fei stated that they are adopting a strategy called “3T” for the current status of China's motorcycle market. . It is to operate the Chinese market with three points: product sales (Trading), driving training (Training), and motorcycle travel (Traveling).

Among them, product sales include vehicles, after-sales, modification, and riding equipment; driving training. BMW has launched paid training courses for different levels. This is currently the most favorite official event for BMW motorcycle owners; motorcycles, riding Long-distance car travel is a very important part of reflecting the motorcycle culture, and it also includes BMW's official rental business to enhance everyone's awareness of BMW motorcycles.

BMW motorcycles are very accurate in product positioning. They are gradually introducing the mature European riding culture into the domestic market. The popularity of motorcycle culture in Europe is much higher than we thought. Everyone will devote themselves to it during the weekend. During riding, the purpose is very simple, that is, to enjoy the pleasure of riding through two wheels, and to share experiences and stories with friends of different models is the product of satisfying the spiritual level.