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[YesAuto News] On March 19, in the fifth and final “Ministerial Passage” of the National Two Sessions in 2018, the heads of seven departments successively answered questions from reporters.

Full coverage of the real-name delivery system during the year

Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, said that the real-name information security issue of public concern is the primary and fundamental issue that government departments consider when implementing real-name collection and delivery. Adhering to bottom-line thinking, assessing the security level of information systems, and continuously adopting new information technologies to strengthen supervision and management have effectively guaranteed public information security. “At present, the daily real-name receipt and delivery volume has reached 100 million pieces, accounting for 83% of the entire day’s receipt and delivery volume. Full coverage of the real-name delivery system will be realized within this year.”

According to Ma Junsheng, the “Express Delivery to the Countryside” project was launched four years ago. Currently, the coverage of rural express delivery in the country has reached 87%, and nearly 600 million farmers have enjoyed online shopping services. Last year, 10 billion of the 40 billion express shipments nationwide came from rural areas. In the next step, the postal department should continue to promote the coverage of outlets in rural areas and increase the coverage of express delivery in accordance with the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the spirit of this year's No. 1 Central Document.

Out of the sports circle to do sports

“The reform of the sports field is not reform for the sake of reform.” Gou Zhongwen, director of the State General Administration of Sports, said, “I understand that the building of a sports power is that everyone enjoys sports. We want to create sports that are satisfied by the people and facilitate the participation of the masses.”

Gou Zhongwen said that we open sports competitions to non-registered people and to people outside the sports field. “The construction of the national training team is open to localities, clubs, and enterprises, and social forces are mobilized to participate in the construction of the national training team.”

Gou Zhongwen said that the selection of national players is conducted in a fair, just, open, and transparent manner. Leadership intervention is eliminated, black-box operations are eliminated, obstacles are removed, fences are removed, and sports are held outside the sports circle. This can stimulate the momentum of the whole society and run sports in a larger space.

The penetration rate of compulsory education for children with disabilities exceeds 90%

“The penetration rate of compulsory education for children with disabilities in our country has reached more than 90%.” Lu Yong, chairman of the Executive Council of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, focused on the education of children with disabilities.

According to Lu Yong, statistics show that there are still about 240,000 disabled children who have not fully solved the problem of compulsory education. Among them, severely disabled children accounted for 80%, and those living in rural areas accounted for 80%. Lu Yong said that my country has established a large database and is working hard to implement special education promotion plans, including ordinary schools, entering special education schools, or adopting methods such as home delivery and distance education. He called on more people to participate in related work to ensure that the disadvantaged groups are not left behind.

Is formulating a three-year battle plan for the Defense of the Blue Sky

Li Ganjie, the newly formed Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said: “We are formulating a three-year plan for the defense of the blue sky, and our thinking has basically taken shape.”

The first is to highlight the key points, including key improvement factors, key areas, key industry areas and key time periods; the second is to optimize the industrial structure, energy structure, transportation structure, and land use structure; the third is to strengthen law enforcement and supervision, inter-regional joint prevention and control, technological innovation and Propaganda and guidance support from four aspects; the fourth is to achieve the goal, so that the concentration of PM2.5 will be significantly reduced, the number of days of heavy pollution will be significantly reduced, the quality of the air environment will be significantly improved, and the people's blue sky happiness is significantly enhanced.

Excessive house price rises are suppressed

Since October 2016, various localities have introduced strict real estate control measures. The Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Wang Menghui stated that the current real estate market in my country is generally stable and exhibits two characteristics: the excessively rapid rise in housing prices has been effectively suppressed, and the real estate market There have been positive changes in expectations.

“In the next step, we will insist that'houses are used for living, not for speculation', and speed up the reform of the housing system and the construction of a long-term real estate mechanism. First, we will adhere to the goal of regulation and control, and maintain the continuity of policies. To further consolidate the main responsibilities of local governments; second, accelerate the establishment of a housing system with multi-subject supply, multi-channel guarantee, and simultaneous rental and purchase; third, establish and improve a differentiated regulatory policy system; fourth, establish and improve real estate Statistics and market monitoring and early warning mechanism.” Wang Menghui said.

Poverty areas will be fully covered by audit

Full audit coverage is becoming a high-frequency word. When talking about how to play the role of audit in the three major battles in the future, Auditor General Hu Zejun of the National Audit Office said that poverty alleviation audits will continue to be carried out and full audit coverage will be achieved in poverty-stricken areas. She said that auditing has the advantages of strong professionalism, wide coverage and rapid response. Next, it will reveal financial risks such as shadow banking, non-performing loans, off-balance sheet business, and hot money impact, and pay close attention to local government debt, real estate, state-owned assets, etc. Hidden dangers in the field. In terms of poverty alleviation audits, we focused on the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation policies, and seriously revealed the embezzlement, abuse, and embezzlement of poverty alleviation funds, as well as formalism and fraud, to promote accountability.

Let the scientific and technological system reform 1+1>2

Speaking of the reform of the science and technology system, the Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang said that the next step of the reform is to enable legal protection, policy measures, cultural environment structure, government and market hands to work together frequently to form a joint force and form a 1+1> 2 effects.

Wang Zhigang believes that in terms of the allocation of scientific and technological resources, it is necessary to study how to integrate the national strategic will, the major needs of economic and social development and the interests of scientists, and to allocate resources in different categories.

Wang Zhigang said that, first of all, we must look at the general trend of scientific and technological development in the world today, grasp the characteristics and characteristics of this stage, find a precise positioning, and adhere to Chinese characteristics. The second is that technological innovation is essentially talent innovation and talent-driven, and reforms must be strengthened around people. (Source: People's Daily Online; Compiler/Car Home Chen Shuo)