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[YesAuto New Energy] On December 20th, Ideal Auto issued a statement in its official App saying that the investigation showed that the reason for the battery failure alarm of Ideal ONE that occurred in Hangzhou on December 16 was due to the damage to the imported sampling chip of the management BMS. Interference produces occasional failures, resulting in software misdiagnosis.

On December 17th, we first checked with the official for several failures that occurred after the delivery of Ideal ONE. For details, please refer to “Question about the Causes of Recent Hot Events Tracking of Ideal ONE”.

The full text of the failure investigation result statement is as follows:

On December 16, 2019, a power battery failure alarm occurred in an ideal car user in Hangzhou. After the battery management system detected the power battery failure, protective measures were automatically activated. The ideal car team and the power battery supplier Ningde Times team responded in a timely manner, and arrived at the scene as soon as possible to inspect the vehicles and troubleshoot problems.

Ideal Auto and the supplier conducted a joint investigation and analysis, and determined that the imported sampling chip of the management BMS was interfered and occasionally failed, which led to the misdiagnosis of the software. This chip is widely used in the industry. This misdiagnosis is a very small probability individual event. There is no problem with the battery cells provided by the supplier. Please feel free to use it.

After confirming the problem, we replaced the vehicle with a brand new power battery pack. At the same time, it respects the user's recent car needs, completes the inspection of the entire car and vehicle maintenance, and then returns the car to the user for continued use, and reserves the right to replace the new car in the future. Ideal Auto will continue to provide service guarantees for all users.

● Event review

On December 16, a netizen on Weibo stated that during the ideal ONE driving, the vehicle dashboard suddenly showed a warning message of “power battery failure”, but did not specify whether other specific conditions occurred in the vehicle .

Autohome learned during the inquiry and verification that because of the failure of the power battery system, the official has now conducted a first-time problem analysis with the ideal ONE battery supplier and stated that the alarm problem has never occurred during the R&D and testing phase.

● Summary

After just a few days, Ideal Car finally found the root cause of the “power battery failure”. It can be seen that as a start-up car company, it pays attention to vehicle problems and responds positively. The occurrence of such “very small probability individual events” in the early stage of delivery has advantages and disadvantages for car companies: on the one hand, some hidden dangers in products can be found in failures, and the same problems can be avoided in subsequent products; but On the other hand, it directly affects the user experience and even the brand's reputation.

Of course, any company is reluctant to use this method to improve product reliability. But when there is a problem, being able to face it and solving the problem with a positive attitude is the first step to win the user's approval.