[YesAuto Evaluation] Recently, there have been a lot of articles about Yihu in major media. I believe that some people have begun to show symptoms of mild aesthetic fatigue. In order to prevent this test report from becoming a member of a large number of boring articles in the future, I decided Try to pick out some fresh content to write, and try not to let everyone read too hard.

The test car I got this time is the top version of the Maverick, equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, used by Mondeo-Zhisheng and Range Rover Evoque (the tuning is slightly different), the maximum power is 242 horsepower, and the peak torque is 350 N·m. , The data is eye-catching, and it is matched with a six-speed manual transmission instead of the familiar PowerShift, so there is no need to worry about whether the dual clutch is durable. I won’t say much about the technical aspects, maybe you are more concerned about its test scores.

Accelerated testing

Our measured 0-100km/h acceleration result is 8.53 seconds, which is the fastest in the same class. It is 0.77 seconds faster than the previously tested Tiguan 2.0T, which is strong enough.

The four-wheel drive system at the moment of starting allows the four wheels to exert power at the same time (the interesting thing is that the Maverick driving computer is equipped with a driving force distribution display, and you can check the power output status of the four wheels in real time from the dashboard LCD screen), the highest starting G value is 0.67g, The gearbox upshifts quickly, and the power transmission gap is controlled very small. The working efficiency of this powertrain is worthy of recognition. If you have special requirements for the power performance of the SUV, the Escape 2.0L GTDi model will not let you down .

Brake test

The braking performance of 100-0km/h is 40.86 meters, which is not bad. Ford's recent braking performance of several new cars is almost in the range of 40 meters to 42 meters. Although it is indeed an excellent level, considering the substantial progress of Japanese and Korean SUVs in this area, Ford should still feel a sense of crisis.

The first page mainly announces the results of this test. On the second page, I will talk about the actual driving experience in detail. If you are interested in the Escape, you must read it carefully, because it is likely to be the current mainstream SUV of the same level. Driving the most interesting car.


Ford’s 2.0L GTDi engine is already a familiar face, and its power parameters are high enough, but it appears extremely responsive in the Maverick. Even if the accelerator pedal is only depressed a little bit, the tachometer pointer will tremble restlessly, unless The vehicle speed has been stable and enters the cruising state, otherwise the pointer will never seem to stop, and it will always swing up and down with the pedaling and relaxation of the accelerator. This is the most naughty performance I have ever seen in the same level.

Thanks to the abundant power reserve of the 2.0L GTDi engine, this response is also very regular. The three factors of throttle depth, speed change, and power output are harmoniously unified and linearly related, as if the background is in accordance with a set of extremely precise and strict Mathematical equations keep outputting results. It's not like some cars are just stupid and fierce in the early stages, and then become weak and weak in the later stages.

When the speed is around 2500rpm, you can feel the engine start to exert obvious force. The shock after this force is sprayed out is partially resolved by the four-wheel drive system. The subjective feeling is not so intense, but the driver can still perceive that this car can easily reach it. At high speeds, the sound of the engine is not very pleasant, which weakens the aura when speeding up to a certain extent.


To judge the performance of a gearbox, we usually talk about two aspects: frustration control and shift logic. Let me talk about it from this perspective. The first is the shift frustration. The Maverick 6AT has done a very good job of frustration control. It is usually difficult to detect the existence of gaps in the power transmission, and the actions of upshifts and downshifts can be completed in a very short time, so Regarding frustration control, I scored 90 points.

D gear shift logic is radical, like to downshift, as if waiting for you to give orders at any time. For example, after accelerating to 80km/h in normal driving, it will take a while for the gearbox to increase to 6th gear. After that, if you want to increase the speed a little bit, tap the accelerator and immediately lower the gearbox by one gear and increase the speed. Above 3000rpm, in other words, the engine has entered a real combat readiness state at this time, and the speed will increase quickly after stepping on it. I find it difficult to keep this car moving forward so steadily. The gearbox is always proactively teasing you. Although Ford is an old car company, every car it has recently launched is so young. , But we still hope that it can be more stable in daily driving.

When encountering such a model, I definitely can’t help but pull it to a multi-curved road to play (no need to remind myself that this is an SUV). At this time, the shift logic of the S gear is no longer so comprehensive, and sometimes even biased. Sluggishness, such as braking and decelerating before entering a corner at high speed, the gearbox can’t be lowered to a reasonable gear in time, and the engine speed is still low when it comes out of the corner. The box is still reluctant to upshift. At this time, how I hope there will be a pair of shift paddles behind the steering wheel, at least cancel the shift button on the side of the shift lever, and switch to a more normal-thinking shift lever push-pull method.

Chassis suspension

This is Ford's traditional advantage project, and we can always get a satisfactory answer. The Maverick suspension adjustment is very Ford-like. It is firm and full at low speeds, and there is no feeling of rigidity. It is very comfortable to pass the speed bumps and other bumps. It is lightly processed, and there is no unnecessary flickering or shaking; at high speeds, it is stable and supportive. It is easy to change lanes and corners, and the roll is controlled within a reasonable range, so that the driver is full of confidence.


The steering wheel of the Maverick 2.0L GTDi turns around 2.6 laps. The front and back of the steering wheel at 3 and 9 o’clock have a groove design that fits the shape of the hand. The grip is first-rate, and the steering feel is very flexible. The elasticity is strong, the front of the car is pointed quickly and accurately enough, and the body dynamics can also keep up in time. After driving for a short period of time on mountain roads, you will find that this car drives like a dexterous Focus. The SUV can also be fun to drive. It is not difficult to do this.

The dynamic part is basically over. On the third page, I will talk to you about some of my feelings in the process of use. There may be no routines at all. They are all scattered key points.


The interior features of the Mavericks are similar to those of the new Fox launched last year. It has a sense of fashion and technology, with complex lines everywhere, and the shapes of various buttons and knobs have been carefully designed; soft materials appear in a large area, the materials are kind, and the hand feels. Excellent; the assembly process is general, the details cannot withstand scrutiny, and the joints between the components can often find wider seams or misalignment on both sides. In this regard, the manufacturer said that this is a trial vehicle that we got, and does not represent the assembly level of the final commercial vehicle. Autohome will also continue to pay attention to the subsequent assembly process of the Escape commercial vehicle. “

Riding space

It's not too big at the same level. My colleagues have already introduced it in the previous article and added some relevant content. Its front row width is slightly narrower, and the legroom is not so generous due to this effect; the front and rear seat cushions seem to be relatively thin, but the actual riding experience is not bad and quite soft.

SYNC system

The SYNC system is a system made by Microsoft for Ford. I tried it and found that it contains a lot of content, including air conditioning, telephone, and vehicle settings. However, the convenience of use needs to be improved. Many operations can only be achieved through the touch screen. It is not easy to poke the screen while driving. I hope that Ford can design a control knob similar to the operating end of the iDrive or MMI system near the base of the gear lever. The Germans already have a mature method, why not learn from it? By the way, the system of Cadillac XTS seems to have similar problems recently. We will release a test drive article at the end of February. Please stay tuned.

Electric trunk

The top version of the Maverick is equipped with an electric trunk. In addition to the conventional operation method, it can also automatically open and close the trunk door by sensing the leg at the bottom of the rear of the car. It does not need to touch the body and will not stain the pants. The practical design is the first time it has been encountered in the current mainstream urban SUVs.

High-tech driving assistance configuration

If you look closely at the windshield from the outside of the car, you will find that there are several sensor probes on the top of the car, that is, on the back of the rearview mirror inside the car. They are driver warning system, lane keeping system, adaptive cruise system, and collision warning. The sensor probes of the four major functions of the system, briefly talk about these configurations.

The adaptive cruise system is easy to use, the distance between the following cars is adjustable in 5 levels, the automatic speed-up process is very gentle, the probe is sensitive enough, and the motorcycle driving in front can also be detected and decelerate immediately. It is reliable; the lane keeping system can be turned off. , Warning, warning + assist three states, the warning is to inform you that you have deviated from the current lane through the indicator light on the screen and the steering wheel shake. After turning on the assist, the steering wheel can automatically return to the right. Because the test drive place is relatively narrow, I have not been able to The vehicle body deviates to the point where it needs to be automatically corrected. In addition, the system requires a high degree of clarity of the lane line. If the probe is slightly blurred, the lane will not be detected. This is a problem in second and third-tier cities with poor road conditions. I personally think this configuration It is not meaningful.

The driver early warning system can automatically determine whether the driver is currently fatigued, and prompts it through the indicator light. I also think this configuration is not very practical; the collision warning can prompt possible rear-end collisions, and it can be realized in the speed range below 30km/h. The vehicle was automatically braked. One time, a bus in the same direction suddenly appeared in front of the mountain road. The prompt sound quickly sounded, and the orange-red collision warning picture appeared on the dashboard screen. It was very scary to suddenly come when you were confused. It really serves as a reminder.

Four-wheel drive test

On the day of the test, we did not have time to test the performance of the Escape four-wheel drive, and now we will make up. The test car is a car purchased by the editorial department-a 2.0T top equipped with a Maverick with the same configuration as the protagonist of this article. The two cars are just different in color.

The Escape is equipped with a set of timely four-wheel drive systems that are very common in urban SUVs, based on the front-wheel drive structure: a set of multi-plate clutches are used as the central differential mechanism, the rear axle differential is open, and the four-wheel electronic The auxiliary brake realizes the power distribution between the left and right wheels of the front and rear axles. Under normal circumstances, in this four-wheel drive structure, the front axle can obtain 50%-100% of the power, and the rear axle can be allocated up to 50% of the power. Only in the extreme case of two front wheels suspended in the air, the rear axle can It is considered to be 100% motivated.

The electronic braking force is relatively strong, which gives the Yihu a good ability to escape difficulties. When facing the steamed bun bag, the wing tiger passed very easily; but due to the close angle problem, it was not able to climb our “big shelf”. Can the electronic system help the wing tiger to pass this difficult cross axis? , There is no way to know. We will take the Maverick to the wild in the future and examine the performance of the Maverick on the actual off-road road.


Maverick 2013 2.0L GTDi four-wheel drive premium model

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This article is about to come to an end. There are a lot of good and bad talks. I hope it can bring some help to those who are interested in this car. The following is a summary of the Escape 2.0L GTDi four-wheel drive distinguished model.

Advantages : strong power, rich driving pleasure, high configuration, low noise, strong sense of fashion in design, and youthful temperament;
Disadvantages : the interior assembly process is general, the space is not spacious, the gearbox is too sensitive, and the SYNC system is not convenient to operate.

People generally regard the Escape as Tiguan’s biggest competitor, and maybe we will bring these two cars together for comparison in some time. I wrote the test articles for the 2.0T version of the two cars. Simply talk about their differences. Tiguan shows the seriousness of the German car inside and out. The workmanship is exquisite, the driving quality is solid, the space is large, it is convenient to use, and the performance is balanced. Compared with the Maverick, it may be more suitable for older people. The Escape is more personalized, and I won't repeat the advantages and disadvantages. In this way, it is not difficult to choose the one that suits you between the two.

It is said that many Changan Ford dealers are increasing prices to sell Mavericks. The previous speculation has unfortunately become a reality. At the same time, Tiguan’s price increases are gradually decreasing. This is not good news for Mavericks, it is likely that consumers Seeing that the wing tiger was selling at a higher price, and finally opted for other models, the manufacturer had to spend some effort to quickly solve the production problem.

>>If you missed the 1.6T evaluation last week, you can refer to the previous evaluation article on the Escape 1.6L GTDi two-wheel drive fashion model<<

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