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Car Home News Ford launched the new S-MAX at the 76th Geneva International Motor Show, which is an exciting new member of Ford's European product lineup.


The new Ford S-MAX is Ford's first model to adopt Ford's European dynamic design (Kinetic Design) styling, replacing the earlier new winger design. Its unique lines first appeared on the Ford SAV concept car at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show.

The front end of the new Ford S-MAX is characterized by a distinctive wedge-angle front, and the dynamic headlights give it a more decisive appearance. The fog lights are embedded and arranged high on the front bumper, adding a dynamic beauty to the car. The large inverted trapezoidal grille under the license plate complements the slim upper grille. This is a characteristic of Ford, and it also adds a bit of domineering to the front appearance. The unique “gills” on both sides of the lower grille are similar to the cooling ducts, forming their own unique characteristics.

The athlete-like silhouette of the new Ford S-MAX makes it easy to see the intention of Ford's dynamic design. The streamlined roof line merges into the engine hood with an arch, and the protruding wheel arches have a rear edge air outlet and are connected to the rear of the window glass with a unique upward curve. All of this shows that the Ford S-MAX is a glamorous and dynamic car. The optional panoramic roof allows the occupants to enjoy the beauty of the sky, while also introducing more sunlight into the car.


Although the Ford S-MAX and the new Ford Galaxy share a common structure, their unique exterior shapes interpret their different personalities. This is once again perfectly reflected in the interior design of the two cars.

All seats can be arranged flexibly

Ford FoldFlatSystem (FFS): Ford FoldFlatSystem (FFS) is a new feature of this type of car. Neither the second-row seats nor the optional third-row seats need to be removed from the car to free up extra luggage space. The seats can be folded and retracted individually, and up to 32 possible seat combinations can be formed effortlessly. On Ford S-MAX cars, optional third-row seats are provided, making it a 5+2 seat option. The third-row seats can provide a comfortable riding environment for passengers up to 1.8 meters tall.


In the Ford S-MAX, the driver can enjoy a more “cockpit-like” control position than a traditional MPV. This is a more inclusive natural feeling, this feeling reaches the extreme under the respect of the through-type console and the sports seat.

When designers are designing the interior of the Ford S-MAX, the space available for use in the interior of the car is 127 mm longer than the original Ford Galaxy, and the width is increased by 60 mm, which is an improvement in passenger comfort and storage convenience. Key factor. Although in order to ensure that the new Ford S-MAX has a sporty style, the height of the car has been reduced by 83 mm, but the designers still managed to provide ample head space. The shoulder space is the best in its class, reaching 1531 mm, an increase of 27 mm compared to the original Galaxy.

Good support and comfortable ride

Ford S-MAX provides drivers with an 8-way electrically adjustable sports seat, which gives the driver a very matching cockpit feel. It can individually adjust the seat front/rear, up and down, seat cushion angle and seat back angle. The large seat adjustment distance can adapt to 97.5% of the height of passengers, ensuring that almost everyone can find a comfortable seat position. According to different car series, Ford S-MAX also provides 6-way manual seat adjustment and lumbar support adjustment.

Provides ample space and comfort for the second-row passengers

Compared with the original Ford Galaxy, the Ford S-MAX has increased the seat height of the second-row passenger by 64 mm, the knee space has increased by 60 mm, reaching 1062 mm, which is the leading car in the same class, and the shoulder space has also increased by 12 Mm. In addition, each of the three individual seats can be adjusted independently. The second row of seats uses a precise angle adjustment system with a low pivot point, which can make passengers more relaxed and comfortable during long-distance travel. When the angle of the seat back is adjusted, the seat cushion will automatically tilt downward.

Advanced ventilation and air conditioning system

Air-conditioning equipment is standard equipment on all new Ford S-MAX models. In order to achieve the maximum temperature control effect in the car, dual electronic automatic temperature control (EATC) devices can be optionally installed. The EATC system can provide temperature control for the driver, front passenger and second-row passenger respectively.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The combination of two exquisite switches assembled on the steering wheel and the clear central display of the combined instrument form the basis of Ford's latest generation of man-machine interface. HMI is standard on all Ford S-MAX models. Thanks to the newly developed bell system, the operation is simple and intuitive. The ringtones are classified according to their respective functions, so that the driver has greater control over the sound warnings received.

Outstanding versatility

In addition to the Ford FoldFlat System (FFS) system, a number of tie-down points are arranged along the floor and both sides, which can reliably fix the loaded cargo in the rear compartment. When all 7 seats are in use, S-MAX can provide an impressive 285 liters of luggage compartment volume, which is 18% more than the original Ford Galaxy. Even if the seats are full, there is enough space for luggage. The maximum luggage capacity is an impressive 2000 liters. All rear seats fold down and lay flat, providing a cargo space of 2 meters deep and 1.15 meters wide.

Sliding loading floor for convenient cargo loading

For the new Ford S-MAX, customers can choose to install a sliding loading floor to replace the third row of seats. This convenient facility can make the loading and unloading of purchased items or travel bags more convenient. After opening the tailgate, the sliding loading platform can be pulled out 48 cm. After loading the cargo, the cargo platform can be pushed back into the car like a drawer.

Storage of daily necessities: The new Ford S-MAX provides up to 26 different storage spaces. Not only to meet the basic expectations for storage, but also to provide more functions and high-quality implementation. All in all, the storage capacity of the Ford S-MAX has reached a volume of 90 liters.

Sound and communication

Ford S-MAX can be equipped with a variety of high-quality audio and communication systems. The switch on the steering wheel is a human-machine interface system, which provides the driver with full control over the functions of the car. Depending on the market and the car model, a stereo radio/cassette or stereo radio/CD player can be installed, including a 6-disc auto changer. A DVD multimedia system is also optional, and the LCD screen is installed on the back of the front seat headrest.

Outstanding safety

Ford S-MAX uses a Ford enhanced intelligent protection system, adding a new driver's knee airbag. The new safety system adopted by Ford S-MAX includes Interactive Vehicle Dynamics Control (IVDC), a new active suspension system that integrates: a continuous belt that can improve suspension performance and comfort in various road conditions Active suspension system that controls the shock absorption (CCD), and can interact with the vehicle’s ESP system to improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle; Hill Start Assist (HLA), the driver can release the brake pedal and only step on the accelerator pedal on the slope, The car will not roll down; a new tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Powerful and economical power system

Ford S-MAX engine series are equipped with two Duratec gasoline engines and three latest generation Duratorq TDCi diesel engines. The most commendable is the 162-kilowatt Duratec 2.5-liter 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, which is used by the highly acclaimed Fox ST. This engine perfectly matches the sports car character of Ford S-MAX.

The successful 2.0-liter Duratec 107-kilowatt engine and clean and efficient diesel engine complete the series: 1.8-liter Duratorq TDCi 92-kilowatt, 2.0-liter Duratorq TDCi 96-kilowatt with DPF, 2.0-liter Duratorq TDCi 103-kilowatt with or without diesel particulate filter (DPF).

Ford drives PrecisionDrive: The new Ford S-MAX explores Ford's sporty driving style, while Ford Galaxy's suspension aims at calmness and smoothness. Ford now uses the slogan “Precision Drive” to predict its highly acclaimed driving performance to customers.

Compared with the Ford Galaxy, the Ford S-MAX has a slightly lower center of gravity, unique shock absorber tuning, and a spring displacement length of slightly less than 200 mm, which provides a guarantee for precise driving and maneuverability, and the purpose is to cater to more passion. Motorists. Ford's optional active suspension system with continuous control damping makes the braking distance shorter, allowing the driver to feel better maneuverability, comfort and stability.

A series of new human-oriented technologies coupled with innovative design techniques in terms of seating, storage and flexibility make the Ford S-MAX the most exciting and anticipated new model ever.