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[YesAuto Wonderful Car Life] Foreign movies always have a Chinese name when they are introduced to China, and this name is often not related to the original foreign name. For example, the racing movie “Speed Car King” that will be released in the second half of this year, its original name It's called “Ford v Ferrari.” Yes, it's literally translated as “Ford v Ferrari.”

As the name suggests, the movie is about the grievances between Ford and Ferrari, but one is a popular brand that started as a national car, and the other is a high-end brand that focuses on racing and supercars. Is there a competitive relationship between the two? It really existed. The story happened in the 1960s.

Europe is the birthplace of motor sports, and the results on the field can often affect a brand's status in the hearts of consumers. In order to enter the European market, Ford decided to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, the reality is that Ford knows very little about this European race. Therefore, when Ford’s head Henry Ford II learned that Ferrari was going to be sold, he decided to negotiate with the Italian car company in order to get Ferrari’s racing. Technology and experience.

However, when Ford’s negotiations to acquire Ferrari came to an end, Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari suddenly announced the interruption of the transaction. The reason is very simple. When Enzo sold Ferrari, he hoped that he could maintain the lead of Ferrari racing business in the future, but Ford did not want to do that. At that time Ford had spent millions of dollars on the audit of Ferrari factories and finances. Henry Ford II was furious and vowed to defeat Ferrari completely on the field.

However, determination does not mean success. The Ford GT40 car developed in 1963 did not finish at Le Mans, let alone kill Ferrari. To this end, Ford found the godfather of American racing carol Shelby, with his help Ford won four consecutive Le Mans 24-hour endurance race championship, and the upcoming “speed car king” tells This is the story.

The film is starred by Matt Damon, and he plays Carol Shelby in the film, and Christian Bale plays the legendary driver Ken Miles. The movie was originally scheduled to be released on June 28, 2019, but because the production company Twentieth Century Fox was just acquired by Disney in March 2019, affected by this, the release time was postponed to November 15 (US).

“The King of Speed Cars” is another film that tells the story of racing and shows the passionate years after “The Speed of Wind”. It is believed that this movie produced by a big company and starring a big star will bring an unforgettable visual feast to the fans and car fans. As for whether this movie will be introduced to China, there is no news yet. (Wang Meng, Home of Wenzhou Automobile)