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[YesAuto Race] On September 23, the Great Wall Motors “Impression Dakar” event held in the Kubuqi Desert in Inner Mongolia officially came to an end, which also marked the countdown for the Great Wall Haval SUV Longteng Team to enter the 2012 Dakar Rally. Regarding the preparations for this trip to Dakar, according to Dong Ming, the vice president of Great Wall Motors in charge of events, the two Longteng chariots have been modified. In addition to the drivers, they will continue and create the best record of the Dakar Chinese Army. In addition to the cooperation of driver Zhou Yong, a foreign driver will also be signed.

According to Dong Ming, Vice President of Great Wall Motors, the prelude to the Great Wall Haval SUV Longteng Team’s Dakar race has already begun. At present, two Great Wall Haval Dakar Longteng chariots have been refitted in France in order to adapt to the Dakar Organizing Committee. Regarding the requirements for explosion-proof fuel tanks, the third-generation Longteng racing car will still adopt the method of increasing the wheelbase, which seems to be slightly longer than the average Haval car. In terms of safety and stability, it has been tested after two years. no problem.

It is also reported. Zhou Yong, a Great Wall driver who achieved the 22nd best performance in the overall score last year, has also visited France twice to inspect the modification of the new car, and negotiated the modification plan with the technicians, and even the specific LOGO spraying of the car body has been implemented one by one. Dong Ming said: “As the logo of the Great Wall Longteng team, the third-generation Longteng chariot will also have a large dragon as the main pattern, but the proportions will be slightly changed. However, what we are most concerned about is not the surface condition of the car, but The dynamic performance of the car. To this end, the team will arrange a test run at the Gobi Circuit in North Africa next month. At that time, Zhou Yong and another driver will go to test the car. After that, there will be a test in the desert. It must be ready to be shipped to South America.”

For the mysterious driver, Dong Ming also revealed some details: “It must be a foreign driver. He has participated in several Dakar races and finished in the top ten. Over the years, he has changed 4 teams. , With different maintenance teams can achieve very good results, it seems that the compatibility is very good, there should be a harmonious cooperation prospects with the Great Wall team. This driver was absent from the Dakar race last year for some reason, but we absolutely believe His ability and level.”

The 9,000-kilometer course of the 2012 Dakar Rally will extend from Mar del Plata in Argentina to Lima in Peru. The 14-day competition will kick off in Argentina, Chile and Peru from January 1st to 15th, 2012. This race will challenge the participating drivers with a variety of topography, especially the changeable sand dune topography. During the time when Dakar kicks off in 2012, we will also continue to pay attention to the latest news of the Chinese Army.