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[YesAuto New Energy] On May 21st, Ideal Auto issued an official statement on the fire of Ideal ONE on May 8. The statement stated that the cause of the fire was “foreign objects attached to the front surface of the exhaust pipe in the lower right part of the front engine room” . Ideal Auto tracked down that the foreign matter was a paint protection pad that was left in the front cabin during the delivery and maintenance of the accident vehicle. Ideal Auto's official also apologized for the incident and proposed corrective measures.

In this statement, Ideal Motors stated that after the accident, it cooperated with the owner and the fire department to conduct investigations. It was investigated that the cause of the fire was “the front section of the front section of the exhaust pipe at the lower right of the front engine room was attached with a foreign object” and that the foreign object was traced A car paint protective pad that was left in the front cabin of the accident vehicle during delivery and maintenance, and then the ideal car disassembled and confirmed the accident vehicle:

1. The oil pipeline of the range extender and the fuel is in good condition, and there is no fracture or fuel leakage during the entire combustion process;

2. The dual motors, motor controllers, high-voltage wiring harnesses, and batteries in the middle of the vehicle body in the front engine room are free from combustion and structural damage, and the insulation layer of the high-voltage wiring harness is not damaged;

3. Both the extended range system and the electric drive system are normal.

Ideal Motors also stated that the accident was caused by management omissions. In the process of the gradual increase in the delivery volume, the detailed control of the process management was missing. For this, they also apologized to the majority of car owners and immediately responded to the delivery of the vehicles. The surveillance video during the pre-delivery maintenance period was reviewed, and the paint protection pads in the delivery center were counted. At the same time, a series of measures will be taken to ensure that the same type of incident will not happen again.