[Auto House Race] Halfway through the 2012 Dakar Rally, the drivers will have their only rest day on January 8. Since the start of the race on January 1, 40% of the drivers have retired. The difficulty of the race is really not small. Up to now, among the 469 Dakar warriors, there are still 284 who continue their journey (participating: 188 motorcycles, 32 quad bikes, 173 cars and 76 trucks), including 119 motorcycles and 19 Quad bikes, 95 cars and 51 trucks.

Retirements in the first half of 2012 Dakar (as of January 8)
Motorcycle Quad bike car truck total
Participate 188 32 173 76 469
To retire 69 13 78 25 185
Retirement rate 37% 40% 45% 33% 40%

Fortunately, the eight warriors of the Chinese Army successfully ended the first half of the race. Haval Dakar’s Sosa is ranked 8th in the overall results list, and is currently 1 hour, 12 minutes and 50 behind the leader Peter Hansel. second. In the second half of the game, as long as Sosa can continue to maintain a stable state, he is very hopeful that he will realize his pre-match “Top 5” rhetoric. Another driver of the Haval Dakar team, Zhou Yong, ranked 30th. He also performed well in the first half of the race. I hope he can continue to be in good shape. In Peru, the birthplace of Inca civilization, refresh the Chinese driver’s success in Dakar. best result.

In terms of other drivers, the leaders of the Chinese team are Yunnan Dongfang Racing Team Zhou Jihong/Liao Min, who ranked 26th in the overall results list, Zhou Yuande/Pan Hongyu of Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank Team ranked 31st, and Liang Xi/Huang Fengge of Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank Team ranked 31st. At 66th, Guo Hongzhi of Wolf Totem Racing Club ranked 86th. In the motorcycle group, Jincheng Motorcycle Team Wei Guanghui ranked 107th, and his teammate Pascal ranked 90th.

Today, the drivers will have an official day off in Copiapo, and will start the eighth stage competition on January 9th local time, from Copiapo to Antofagasta, special The mileage of the stage is 477 kilometers and the mileage of the driving section is 245 kilometers.