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[YesAuto Model Shopping Guide] Four-wheel drive is not only an exclusive configuration for off-road vehicles, many cars and models with a certain leisure temperament also adopt four-wheel drive structure, so that the vehicle's handling and passing ability are enhanced, and there are some products. It not only has the ability of four-wheel drive, but also has its own characteristics in style. The four models introduced today are undoubtedly such four models.

Haval M1, Jimny, Haval H3 and Legacy, although two of them are imported models, they also have a high degree of attention. The sales of the two Great Wall players are also getting better, so what kind of personality and characteristics do they have? ?

Great Wall Haval M1 is the best choice for low-cost transportation

Like other domestic independent manufacturers, the development of Great Wall Motors in recent years is obvious to all. Great Wall, which has many years of experience in pickup truck production, has also made considerable progress in the fields of cars and SUVs. The Haval M1 is a small car with a high degree of attention. Car, and it is currently the smallest four-wheel drive model in China.

Although it is not difficult to see some traces of imitating a certain foreign model from the appearance of the Haval M1, the small and exquisite design is very flattering. It is actually the Cross version of the Great Wall Wizard, and a four-wheel drive system is added on this basis. The Haval M1 uses a central differential structure with a viscous coupling. The characteristic is that it will enter the four-wheel drive state after the front wheels detect slippage. Normally, it will be front-wheel drive. Of course, you don’t expect this car to go to a non-paved car. It is installed off-road on the road, but it is still helpful for getting off the muddy or snowy roads.

Although the interior design of Haval M1 has not gone out of the way of imitation, it is still quite distinctive, especially the handlebar integrated in the lower end of the center console has been widely praised, and the distance from the driver is reasonable and easy to operate; the price is only a few. For the 10,000 models, there is no need to impose any demands on the workmanship of the interior. Simple and practical is its fundamental principle. Moreover, the workmanship of domestic cars is also improving day by day. ,

In terms of space, the performance of Haval M1 in the field of small cars is quite good. Passengers with a height of 1.75 meters sit in the front row, and their heads are far more than a punch from the roof. Keep the seat in place. In the back row, there is room for a punch on the head and legs. There are not many that can achieve this level of space in a small car, especially the excellent head space.

Configuration Haval M1 four-wheel drive comfort Haval M1 four-wheel drive luxury Haval M1 four-wheel drive premium type Haval M1 4WD Elite
Manufacturer's guide price : 51,900 55,900 5.69 million 59,900
Driver's seat airbag :
Co-pilot airbag :
ABS anti-lock:
Braking force distribution
( EBD /CBC etc.):
Engine electronic anti-theft:
Aluminum alloy wheels:
Multifunction steering wheel:
Single CD:
Speaker system: 2 speakers 2 speakers 4 speakers 4 speakers
Front fog lights:
Electric adjustment of rearview mirror:
Rearview mirror heating:
Rear wiper:

The four-wheel drive version of the Haval M1 starts at 51,900. The lowest model does not even have ABS and airbags. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy. If you like this car, it is recommended that you start with the 55,900 luxury model. After all Safety is of paramount importance. A four-wheel drive vehicle with the same configuration is about 7,000 yuan more expensive than a two-wheel drive vehicle. According to the configuration, this price may not be cheap in small self-owned brands, but there are really no other four-wheel drive small vehicles to choose from. The Haval M1 is equipped with a 1.3-liter engine with variable valve timing technology. The maximum power is 92 horsepower and the maximum torque is 118 Nm. It is matched with a 5-speed manual transmission. Of course, don’t expect it to be able to What surprises it brings in terms of power? For specific experience and detailed tests, please refer to the following link.