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[YesAuto Four-wheel-drive Detailed Explanation] In this issue of Fun Four-wheel-drive, we bring you the Acura brand. Acura's domestic ownership is really small, but this does not affect the performance of its car itself. Acura currently has three SUV models in China, MDX, ZDX and RDX. MDX and ZDX have exactly the same four-wheel drive structure, and RDX is about to face a model change. Therefore, in this four-wheel drive selection, we will first Introducing the MDX to you. When the new RDX is officially launched, we will show you the four-wheel drive performance of this car.

● Acura MDX four-wheel drive test

Acura MDX 2014 3.5L Deluxe Edition

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79.50 million

Acura MDX should be regarded as the brand's largest sales model, even so, we really rarely see it on the road. It has two models in China, an elite version and a luxury version, both of which use a full-time four-wheel drive system.

● Introduction to four-wheel drive structure

The four-wheel drive structure of the Acura MDX is special compared to most models. There are two sets of multi-disc clutch-type limited-slip differentials on the rear axle, that is, it does not have a central differential mechanism. In addition to the special structure, another major feature of this system is that the power can be continuously switched between the front and rear axles at 90%: 10%-30%: 70%, and it can also actively distribute the power of the left and right wheels on the rear axle. The ratio is 0%: 100%-100%: 0%. The 100% here is not 100% of the engine power, but all the power distributed by the rear axle. For example, the maximum power distribution of the rear axle is 70%. In other words, the maximum power distribution of a single wheel is 70% of the total power, that is, all the power distributed to the rear wheels.

● Power distribution test between the front and rear axles: the front two wheels and the back two wheels lose adhesion to test the vehicle's ability to escape.

● Diagonal pulley block test: Diagonal wheels slip, test the vehicle's ability to get out of trouble when there is one wheel at the front and rear with adhesion.

In the face of the first two test items, MDX's performance was very relaxed, and the power distribution of the front and rear axles was very fast, especially when setting the front or back two pulley blocks, the vehicle passed through with almost no slippage. In the case of diagonal wheels slipping, MDX can still pass easily, which can be said to be an easy operation.

● Tri-pulley test: Only one front wheel or rear wheel has adhesion to test the vehicle's own ability to escape from trouble.

In the test facing three sets of pulleys, when one front wheel has adhesion, the electronic auxiliary system's braking of the slippery wheel is still very obvious, and it can be relieved by a single front wheel. But when only one of the rear wheels has adhesion, the vehicle can’t get out of the trap. In this way, Acura’s four-wheel drive system is still based on the front-wheel drive. Although the data shows a large range, it is still in the actual test. Failed our test.

● Summary:

Advantages: The front and rear power distribution ratio is large, and the power distribution can be adjusted to the left and right rear wheels according to demand.

Disadvantages: Although the left and right rear wheels have a wide range of power distribution, they still cannot get the vehicle out of trouble. It seems that the effect of the multi-disc clutch is still not good enough in terms of endurance.

On the whole, the MDX is still a road-oriented SUV, and its performance in off-road can only be regarded as basically qualified. The full-time four-wheel drive system has a large proportion of power distribution, and 90% of the front wheels are used daily. Power distribution, the performance when facing the cross axle is very calm, even if only one front wheel has adhesion, the escape performance is considered excellent, but when one rear wheel has adhesion, the distributed power of the rear wheel cannot make the vehicle complete the escape. Up. On the four-wheel drive system, ZDX and MDX are the same. Therefore, in the performance of the four-wheel drive test, I believe that ZDX is also the same. As for RDX, let's wait for the new models to arrive, and then conduct a more comprehensive test for everyone!