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[YesAuto Motorcycle] Motorcycles have always been a controversial topic in China. However, with the development of the times, some old concepts have faded, and regulations and policies have gradually improved, making the conditions for the Chinese motorcycle group more and more. The more convenient it is.

At the press conference just held by the Ministry of Public Security, a convenience clause for motorcycles was announced, “In order to reduce the burden on the masses, especially car owners in rural areas, to help alleviate poverty and rejuvenate the countryside, the nationwide inspection of automobiles has been implemented. On the basis of this, further liberalization of cross-provincial (regional, municipal) inspections of motorcycles in different places. At the same time, motorcycles within 6 years of registration will be exempted from inspection by inspection agencies.”

In other words, from now on, motorcycles can be inspected in different places, and there is no longer a need to go through the commissioned inspection procedures to achieve national inspections. In addition, as with the automobile policy, motorcycles registered within 6 years are exempted from testing and inspection, but whether it is necessary to register every 2 years, I have not yet seen relevant instructions.

We are all happy to see the relevant policies that are conducive to the modification of motorcycles. However, the policy that requires 12 or 13 years to obsolete regular three-wheeled motorcycles and other types of motorcycles (course limit, regular three-wheeled 100,000 kilometers, other motorcycles (120,000 kilometers by car), this old rule should now be cancelled or revised.

Nowadays, motorcycles have undergone rapid changes in both performance and quality. The evolution of various electronic safety equipment, brakes, damping, tires, etc. has been very reliable. Of course, it is not ruled out that there are very few copycat manufacturers that fail in all aspects. I believe our laws and regulations will take the policy of compulsory scrapping of motorcycles more seriously. (Zhu Xuran, Home of Wen Auto)