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[YesAuto News] A few days ago, we reported an article about the problem of oil emulsification and increase in Toyota/Lexus dual-engine hybrid models, which received a strong response from netizens. (Article details: “Emergency investigation! Toyota/Lexus caught in the oil incident”) On March 11 (today), Mr. Toyota Asia Dragon Shuangqing hybrid car advocated to go to the 4S shop for maintenance and treatment of increased oil/emulsification. We Also went together and recorded the maintenance situation throughout the process.

30 seconds to read the full text:

1. The engine oil of the emulsified model has been changed after appointment;
2. All costs (working hours + oil + machine filter) incurred in oil replacement are free and take 30 minutes;
3. In the process of maintenance, there are still 3 car owners with oil problems coming to the store for maintenance (2 emulsified, 1 more);
4. The shop had previously repaired 5 models with emulsification;
5. The 4S shop has a good service attitude throughout the whole process.

Event review:

Mr. Che Zongyuan: The problem is severe, the oil is both increasing and emulsifying

Mr. Zhang in Shanghai, he drives the Asian Dragon Shuangqing hybrid luxury model, not only increased oil, but also emulsified problems. In early January, when Mr. Zhang sent the car for maintenance, he did not find a problem with the oil. A few weeks ago, Mr. Zhang learned through the information push and WeChat group that the Toyota Shuangqing hybrid models had problems with increased oil/emulsification. With the mentality of giving it a try, Mr. Zhang took the lead in checking the oil dipstick, and the results showed that there was indeed an increase in oil. However, Mr. Zhang did not deal with it in time. Until recently, Mr. Zhang accidentally turned on the oil cap, only to find that the oil cap clearly saw the milky white oil. “From the perspective of emulsification, this is obviously not a recent problem.” Mr. Zhang said.

Record of maintenance process:

On March 10th, Mr. Zhang called the 4S shop to make a maintenance appointment. At around 9 o'clock in the morning on March 11, Mr. Zhang came to a FAW Toyota 4S store in Pudong New Area in Shanghai with us. After entering the store, the maintenance staff first checked the condition of the vehicle and confirmed that the hybrid model of the Asian Dragon Shuangqing driven by Mr. Zhang did have problems with increased oil and emulsification.

After Mr. Zhang's Asian Dragon Shuangqing hybrid model had oil emulsification after driving more than 8,000 kilometers, the 4S shop completed the relevant replacement with 0W-20 model oil.

The shop stated that the oil and filter will be replaced free of charge, and Mr. Zhang's working hours will not be charged. The entire repair time is about half an hour . For the oil cap with emulsification, the method adopted by 4S is: spray the throttle cleaner, then dry it with an air gun, and finally wipe it with a cloth.

During the maintenance process, we learned that the current solution to this problem in the store is to replace the oil and filter for free. If the emulsification occurs again after the oil is changed, you can come to the 4S store to replace it again for free . As for the cause of the problem, the maintenance staff in the store said that the increase in oil may be related to the mileage.

In general, in response to the increase in oil and emulsification incidents, the 4S shop has a good attitude and service in solving problems. Judging from the frequency of maintenance, during the maintenance process of our shop (within about 1 hour), two Asian Dragon Shuangqing models had oil emulsification problems and one car had problems with increasing oil. Currently, the 4S shop has repaired five problematic models. The store staff said that there are fewer problems with oil emulsification, and there are relatively more problems with increasing oil. It is worth noting that as of press time, FAW Toyota has not yet responded to this matter. The replies of FAW Toyota and Lexus have not been updated before.

Here we would like to remind the owners of Toyota and Lexus Dual Engines to check the condition of the vehicle in time and maintain good driving habits. Once there is a problem of increased oil or oil emulsification, please call the official authorized 4S store in time to make an appointment, and then go to the store to proceed. The engine oil is changed to avoid secondary damage to the vehicle.

We will continue to report on the latest development of the incident. If a car owner encounters a similar problem, please contact us at the bottom of the car home Li Na/Zhou Yi editor blog.