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[YesAuto Intelligent Vehicle Association Evaluation] In just a few decades, Chinese brand cars have been catching up, gradually narrowing the gap with overseas brands, and even have been able to catch up with their rivals in some hardware devices and functions. As a compact SUV, Changan CS75 PLUS is not only “online” in appearance, it also reaches a leading level in terms of intelligent network connection and technological configuration. With the gradual deepening of the cooperation between Changan and Tencent in intelligent network connection, the intelligent connection system of its models has also been deeply integrated into the Tencent ecosystem. For example, the Changan CS75 PLUS is equipped with the Wutong Autolink TINNOVE intelligent system jointly developed by the two (below All are referred to as “Wutong Auto Union”). So can Wutong Auto Union meet the travel needs of the current Internet youth?

There are currently six 2020 models of Changan CS75 PLUS on sale, all of which are equipped with 12.3-inch screen Wutong car linkage system as standard. The internal functions are basically the same, but the smart phone key and mobile phone App remote control are slightly different. What we are testing today is the 2.0T automatic flagship model, with a guide price of 154,900 yuan, which is the top model among all configuration versions.

With good human-vehicle interaction performance and rich functions in the intelligent connection system, Changan CS75 PLUS has obtained a high score. Avant-garde equipment such as surround view driving recorder and remote parking have earned many bonus points for the intelligent connection system. At present, All the models tested are among the best. Next, we will give a detailed introduction to each item and its functions.

Human-vehicle interaction

The intelligent connection system mainly interacts with users through the form of central control screens, meters, and voice assistants. Changan CS75 PLUS uses a dual-screen design, the top version of the dashboard and central control screen are 12.3-inch widescreen. The central control screen and the air conditioning panel adopt a design that is biased toward the main driver's side. Visually, not only the visual weight of the entire cockpit is inclined to the main driver's side, the unique line design and interior color matching also make the cockpit full of technology. I believe this design It is very attractive for young friends.

The multimedia control buttons are mainly concentrated on the steering wheel. In most cases, the driver can control some frequently used functions without leaving the steering wheel with his hands. The right and back of the handlebar are buttons for volume adjustment, song cut, panoramic image and parking assist functions. In addition, a set of touch buttons are arranged on the left side of the dashboard to control automatic start and stop, headlight height, lane keeping assist, etc.

The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument only comes standard with the top version, and the rest of the models are all 7-inch LCD instruments. The top-fit large-size LCD instrument provides three UI interface styles to choose from, rich in display content, and a sense of technology.

The initial wake-up word of the voice control system is “Hello, Xiaoan”. The system has strong natural voice recognition capabilities and can understand the user's needs for information query, foreign language translation, opening windows/sunroof ventilation, etc. In addition, the voice system can also identify the location of the command, so as to control the air conditioner or window of the corresponding area.

The performance of Changan CS75 PLUS in terms of interaction is still good. First of all, on the hardware, the dual screen and center console surround design is still in place in terms of creating a sense of technology; secondly, it is awakened by the command “Hello Xiaoan”. The voice assistant can then control many functions including the intelligent connection system, air conditioning, car windows + sunroof. However, it will take some time for the voice assistant to understand and respond after receiving the instructions, and the response is a little slow. I hope that in the future, it will be able to speed up its response rhythm by upgrading.

Other hardware equipment

In terms of other hardware equipment, the top version CS75 PLUS is equipped with 8-speaker audio, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, air purification devices, etc. The sound quality of the audio system has also been processed by professional companies, and the sound quality is naturally better than the 4-speaker 6 of the low-end models. The speaker sound is better. The dual-zone automatic air-conditioning touch buttons have vibration feedback, and the interactive performance is also good.

Without any operation, the air conditioner temperature and air volume will be displayed in the upper right corner of the main interface, but the font is too small, and the enlarged font will only be displayed when the air conditioner needs to be operated. Air purification device is now a more common configuration. In addition to particulate filter device, CS75 PLUS also provides negative ion generator and other equipment, which can be controlled by touch screen and mobile app.

Function realization

After talking about the hardware level, let's take a look at the performance of Wutong Auto Union. In terms of entertainment system, in addition to basic radio and external audio input, the system also has built-in online audio sources such as QQ Music, National Radio Station and Tencent Car Radio. The content covers music, audiobooks, cross talk and other programs, and the resources are relatively rich. If you don’t want to listen to anything, the on-board system also comes with two background music for appreciation.

The built-in navigation system of Wutong system comes from Tencent Maps, and its internal functions are not much different from those of Baidu and AutoNavi. In addition to conventional functions such as avoiding congestion, entering license plates to avoid restricted areas, and destination collection, Tengxu Maps also has mobile App destinations. The navigation path will also be projected in the instrument for functions such as launching, team building and so on. In addition, according to the updated content of the latest version, the system will also add AutoNavi navigation in the future to achieve dual navigation functions.

In addition to the dynamic auxiliary line and independent display of the camera screen, the panoramic parking image, Changan CS75 PLUS can also view the 3D image, not only the visual effect is better, but the blind spots around the vehicle can also be seen more clearly, and you have ideas for walking through crowded alleys. Improve safety.

According to different configurations, Changan CS75 PLUS provides two App functions: remote monitoring (1.5T three low configuration) and remote control (1.5T top configuration and 2.0T). The low configuration remote monitoring covers vehicle status query, vehicle positioning and diagnosis. This function, the high-end remote control adds the control of the air conditioner, the door lock, and the car search function.

Service ecology

The service ecology is currently lacking in the Wutong system. Some payment functions are lacking in the on-board system. Its competing products, such as Xiaodu’s on-board OS, have opened up Meituan Takeaway and other platforms to realize functions such as ordering food and buying tickets. In addition, Changan CS75 PLUS does not currently have a one-key emergency rescue function like CS95. The most convenient way to ask for help is to call customer service through the “Yantong” button in the menu bar.

Communication Favorability

In terms of communication favorability, the Wutong Autolink system can indeed give users good interactivity in terms of “language interaction”. Although it lacks a virtual interactive image for the time being, the good natural voice interaction ability is believed to be able to appeal to many young users. It's just that the response speed of the voice assistant is not fast, and I hope that it can be improved gradually in the future through OTA upgrades.

● Article summary

Auto Home Smart Car Association Evaluation
Rank Model Human-computer interaction Function realization Service ecology Communication Favorability Total score

Roewe RX5

(Zebra 3.0)

83.6 81.2 66.0 50.0 78.1

Star Way LX

(Lion 3.0)

83.7 91.7 36.0 30.0 77.9
3 Changan CS75 PLUS
(Indus Car Association)
89.5 95.2 8.0 30.0 77.2
4 Ideal ONE 101.5 86.2 10.0 40.0 77.1
5 NIO ES6 102.7 78.9 22.0 60.0 76.6
6 WEY VV6 88.5 84.2 42.0 20.0 76.0
7 Changan CS95 92.0 82.8 22.0 40.0 74.0

Hongqi HS-5

88.5 79.5 40.0 30.0 73.8



(Zebra 2.0)

95.3 77.9 32.0 30.0 73.8

Pentium T77

84.2 83.0 26.0 60.0 73.7

Finally, let's take a look at the total score of Changan CS75 PLUS. After calculating its final score of 77.2 points, the ranking is quite high, especially the avant-garde configuration such as the surround view camera has helped it obtain good scores in terms of human-vehicle interaction and functions. However, in terms of service ecology, especially the response speed of shopping and voice interaction, Wutong vehicles still have room for improvement, especially the addition of practical small functions such as non-inductive payment parking fees.