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[YesAuto New Energy] Weimar EX5 had four consecutive fire incidents in the past month, causing major groups of electric car owners to explode. Then Weimar Motors released the recall news, which added fire to this series of incidents. Some problems arising from the fermentation of battery cell quality have made many electric car owners, including Weimar Motors owners, a little “terrified” for a while. Rumors and truths are flying everywhere. Is there a relationship between fire and recall? Which models are involved in the recall? Why did Weimar choose multiple home appliance core suppliers? For this reason, Autohome also asked the relevant person in charge of Weimar Motors for verification at the first time.

A quick overview of events:

According to domestic media reports, in September this year, a Weimar EX5 in Wenzhou caught fire. On October 5th and 13th, the Weimar EX5 operating vehicles launched by Weimar Motors in Shaowu City, Fujian Province suffered two fires. Then Weimar cooperated. Relevant departments conducted an investigation. Then, on October 27th, in the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, a Weimar EX5 with smoke from the bottom caught fire. According to netizens’ feedback, the vehicle also exploded. After the incident, it was learned by the car home that the vehicle was involved. It is also an operating vehicle.

Subsequently, the State Administration for Market Regulation issued an announcement stating that Weimar Motors has filed a recall plan with it and decided to recall the 2020 Weimar EX5 equipped with the battery model ZNP3914895A-75A from October 28, 2020, totaling 1282. Vehicles. In addition, Weimar and battery supplier ZTE High Energy Technology both issued a statement on the recall. Among them, ZTE High Energy Technology admitted that the battery cells of two vehicles that caught fire in Fujian Province were supplied to his home. However, the fire incident of Weimar Automobile in Beijing involved The vehicle is not equipped with high-energy technology batteries.

Question 1: Is this vehicle recall related to the recent vehicle fire incident?

In the recall document, the official stated that the reason for the vehicle recall is “Because the battery cell supplier has mixed impurities in the production process and produced abnormal lithium precipitation, in extreme cases it may cause the battery cell to short circuit and cause the power battery to be thermally out of control, which is safe. Hidden danger.” The supplier of these problematic batteries, ZTE High Energy, stated that the two fire accidents that occurred in Fujian Province used its own batteries for the models, and is currently fully cooperating with the quality supervision department and Weimar Motors in the accident investigation. .

It is worth mentioning that the fire accident that occurred in Haidian District, Beijing on October 27, according to ZTE High Energy’s statement, did not use the defective battery in this recall, but should be provided by another battery supplier. Therefore, the cause of the car's spontaneous combustion may not apply to the abnormal lithium evolution described in this recall statement. Weimar told us: “At present, we are fully cooperating with the public security, fire protection and related supervision departments to carry out accident investigations, and the follow-up results will be announced as soon as possible.”

Question 2: What types of vehicles are involved in the recall and when is the delivery time?

The official introduced to us that the Weimar vehicles that were actively recalled are all 2020 models, using batteries of model ZNP3914895A-75A, a total of 1282 vehicles, and the production date is between June 8, 2020 and September 23, 2020. In time, as for the specific model, the official did not give a clear answer.

Question 3: In what way will vehicle owners be notified of the recall information, and how can they offset the concerns of other non-recall vehicle owners?

Since the incident, we have learned from the Internet that some car owners and consumers who intend to buy Weimar cars have expressed concerns, so we have also consulted official personnel regarding the aftermath. It is understood that Weimar Motors has “through the intelligent interactive system, accurately locates risky vehicles and pushes and informs users of related service information. At the same time, it also uses cloud intelligent calling functions, as well as telephone, SMS, WeChat, registered mail, and Xiaowei accompanying APP and other methods proactively contact users and invite them to complete the recall.”

As for users who have not received the invitation, it means that they are not within the scope of this vehicle recall. At present, there is no evidence that the vehicles that are not recalled have problems with the power battery. Therefore, we also suggest that the owners of the unaffected vehicles do not worry too much about the problems with their vehicles.

Question 4: How to deal with the vehicle after the recall? Are there any compensation measures for the affected users?

I believe many netizens are concerned about how Weimar will deal with these recalled models. We learned from the official that Weimar Motors will use authorized dealers to replace vehicles within the scope of the recall with power battery packs of other battery brands for free, so as to eliminate possible risks.

Question 5: Why does Weimar adopt multiple battery suppliers?

According to the product announcement, the batteries in the models recalled by Weimar come from the supplier ZTE High Energy. This batch of models uses a 75Ah ternary lithium battery produced by ZTE High Energy, the model is ZNP3914895A-75A. ZTE High Energy Technology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZTE Corporation, focusing on the research and development, production and sales services of new energy passenger vehicle power batteries. At present, the mass production is mainly the ternary lithium battery cell with the ratio of NCM622.

According to a number of domestic media outlets, starting from the second half of the year, the company has defaulted on supplier accounts, and recently there have been rumors that it has filed for voluntary bankruptcy. After the incident, there were voices questioning that the power battery supplier of Weimar Motors was “messy”, which was not conducive to the unified control of battery quality.

In terms of battery quality control, Weimar Motors told us that it uses qualified high-quality battery cell products. The entire battery pack system has undergone 66 rigorous tests before leaving the factory, including 56 battery pack tests and 10 complete vehicles. Level testing, so it can ensure the safety of the battery pack system and the vehicle. But it did not explain why the current fire incident still occurred under such rigorous testing.

Full text summary:

Before this incident, Weimar Motors had achieved a 7th consecutive increase in sales from the previous month, and the quarterly sales also reached a new high. However, the fire and recall will undoubtedly have an adverse impact on brand reputation. As for what measures to take to ensure that similar accidents will not occur again in the future, and how to reshape the brand image, Weimar Motors needs to seriously consider next. At the same time, this incident has once again sounded the alarm for the entire industry, and battery safety issues cannot be ignored.