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[YesAuto 车坛勐料] When we play video games, we often encounter some super-sweet players who can always complete some operations that cannot be achieved by humans. What makes these big players so powerful is a kind of cheating. Device/plug-in stuff. Plug-ins are very common in video games, but fortunately they have not yet invaded the real world. But is this really the case?

Recently, a physical plug-in that can find holes by itself has appeared in the sports world, and its inventor is Nissan, which has nothing to do with golf.

This “physical plug-in” is called “ProPILOT golf”. First of all, it does not deal with the entire game (it doesn’t make sense if the ball is in the hole), it is used when the golf ball reaches the “green (hole area)” Putt stage. Before putting, the looking-down camera (probably something like a drone) will mark the position of the ball and hole. After the putt, the system calculates the correct path and corrects the orbit through the motor in the ball, finally allowing the golf ball to “drive in” “In the hole.

In fact, this is not the first time Nissan has “clicked on the technology tree”. In 2018, they “opened” a ryokan called ProPILOT Park Ryokan. It looks quaint and very traditional, but when you walk in, You will find that the atmosphere is a bit secretive-including slippers, cushions, low tables and many other items, when you finish using them, they will automatically return to their original positions, as if they were alive.

Nissan is naturally not making these things for fun, but its original intention is to promote its own technology. The slippers that will automatically return are to showcase Nissan's ProPILOT Park automatic parking technology, while the golf ball that you find yourself shows ProPILOT 2.0 intelligent control piloting technology. The effect and cost of brand promotion in this easy way are better than traditional hard-broadcasting. Why not do it?

Of course, the car company that does this is far more than Nissan. Many brands have done similar things that are not doing business. For example, Honda's ASIMO humanoid robot. Honda has been investing in this area for many years. It has already been able to walk, run, and sing. Jump, although it is still a long way from practicality, it has deepened the impression of the Honda brand as “black technology” and “technical maniac” in the hearts of many people.

Black technology is an area that fascinates car companies. The Lexus Hoverboard released by Lexus in 2015 is an example. This skateboard uses cryogenic superconducting technology, which can “fly” off the ground like a maglev train in a specific venue. Although there are many limitations in use, it is still very eye-catching to move the scenes from the movie “Back to the Future” into reality. As for what Lexus wants to express with this product, I guess it’s about saying: “Don’t think I’m an old-fashioned old man, look at how cool and young I am now!”

The black technologies mentioned above are all run on the earth. Honda’s Honda Jet can only fly a few kilometers, but Audi’s vision is much higher, because they launched the lunar quattro. A vehicle to travel on the moon. Compared with the “abstract” expressions of the previous brands, the technology demonstrated by Audi's lunar quattro is more and more realistic: space launch is calculated in grams, so lunar quattro has an extremely lightweight aluminum body; the surface of the moon Rugged and uneven, so the quattro four-wheel drive system is essential; this project does not involve astronauts, so lunar quattro's autonomous driving technology must be complete…

Black technology is undoubtedly a good way to attract attention and enhance the image of the brand's technology. A variety of products that you have never imagined, have been manufactured by various car companies. Some people think that it would be better to have more free time to improve product quality? What is the use of making these impractical things to attract attention? However, I feel that in this boring world, some novel things are really good, and maybe they will come into our lives someday.