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[YesAuto Test Drive] “Rones” is an important model launched by imported Hyundai in 2009. Following the listing of Genesis, the new Genesis-Cool sports car was launched on March 3, with a minimum price of only 199,000 yuan, making every effort to create a civilian-class sports car with outstanding performance-to-price ratio. Today, more than three months later, we ushered in a rare opportunity to test drive the Genesis-Coolpad. The model for this test drive is the 2.0T luxury automatic version priced at 250,000 yuan, which has the highest configuration among the Genesis-Coolpad 2.0T models.

In fact, before the test drive, what I most want to drive is a model equipped with a 3.8L V6 engine, which has a superb horsepower of 303. Although the 2.0T already has a strong horsepower output of 210 horsepower, but I still particularly want to feel the power of the Korean sports car 303 horsepower. But things backfired, this test drive model is 2.0T, a little disappointed! However, from a market perspective, the 2.0T model is the most cost-effective model considered by most consumers, and it is currently the most popular in the entire vehicle series. In this case, I put the focus of this test drive experience on daily driving. Next, I will focus on feeling the daily practicality of the Genesis-Coolpad 2.0T luxury automatic version, and experience its driving experience in comprehensive road conditions.

● The appearance is definitely a sports car! Tire flat is relatively low

From the perspective of price and parameters, it can be said that Genesis-Coolpad is a high-quality and inexpensive product, at least much cheaper than German and Japanese models of the same level with similar parameters. In addition to the brand factor, then we will experience him from the perspective of a pure sports car. In the end you must know if he is really good and cheap…

Genesis-Coolpad completely got rid of the old models in appearance, and the size of the body can fully show that this is a brand-new Coolpad! The wheelbase reaches 2,820mm (290mm longer than the previous Coolpad), and the specific body parameters are 4,630×1,865×1,385mm (length x width x height). The two waist lines that start to rise from the front wheel eyebrows extend to the taillights, giving it a very dynamic visual effect.

The low and wide front of the Genesis-Cool looks sporty. The narrow air intake grille and headlights are not so eye-catching. The front bumper with a little twisted line is very attractive.

The rear window that echoes the front window is a bit “soft”. The eaves line of the window does not extend parallel to the waistline, but has a curved curve. Such lines are interpreted from a good-looking perspective, and have the effect of lowering the visual center of gravity of the tail; from an unsightly perspective, it is not like the lines that a sports car should have. It seems that whether the rear window looks good or not is a matter of opinion.

Lawnes-Cool’s tail can’t be said to be sexy, it’s more appropriate to say that the line is tough and powerful. There are three sturdy tail highlights, one is the taillight group that echoes the headlights; the second is the sturdy dual exhaust pipes; and the last is the angular rear wing that makes people like it at first glance.

If it is said that the front-rear-drive drive form is a must have the characteristics of a pure sports car. In order to match the terms “rear drive” and “sports car”, tires must also be taken seriously. The tires of the Genesis-Coolpad 2.0T Deluxe Automatic Edition (included) are all front 225/40 R19 rear 245/40 R19 low aspect ratio tires, the following two models tires are front 225/45 R18 rear 245/ 45 R18.

However, to be honest, I prefer steel rims with a flatness ratio of 45 or 18 inches. Low aspect ratio tires can improve the performance of the vehicle, but as a civilian-class sports car, after driving through various Chinese road conditions with such tires, its durability will be greatly reduced, and the cost of replacing sports car tires is really not low.

In order to enhance the practicality of Genesis-Coolpad, there is still a good space to open the trunk. If the depth is not enough, you can turn the rear seat over. In this way, the luggage of two people traveling for a long distance can be put down completely.

● The interior workmanship is good / the center console is fully functional and generous

The Genesis-Cool interior continues the sporty style. From the perspective of interior color matching, the leather seats are available in two colors, black and brown. From the perspective of enhancing the sense of luxury in the car, the black interior with brown seats and door trims will be more classy. Of course, the classic all-black interior of the sports car is also good.

Silver trims and trims in the T-shaped area are used more, which is also a standard match for the vehicle's sports interior. The two barrel-style instrument panels have a clear division of labor, and the light blue backlight is also dreamy. The trip computer in the middle of the dashboard is relatively ordinary. In addition to displaying the two mileages A and B, it only has two functions: average vehicle speed and remaining fuel mileage.

The three steering wheels have more functions, and the audio control buttons, cruise control buttons and automatic headlights are all standard features of all cars, and these are very practical configurations for car owners. In the center console, the large-size front multi-function display and automatic air conditioning are also standard features of Genesis-Coolpad. Judging from the configuration of the whole series of models, Genesis-Coolpad is indeed a good price/performance ratio.

After experiencing the various buttons of the center console, I feel that the buttons are designed to be larger and feel good, and the functions are easy to use. In terms of entertainment configuration, USB+ipod+AUX+MP3 is also standard for all cars, and the power jack next to the interface is quite practical.

● The seat is very comfortable / storage capacity is weak

The Genesis-Coolpad 2.0T manual and Liangya automatic seats are made of fabric. If the leather seats do not have ventilation function, I prefer the fabric material in summer. The driver’s seat can be adjusted electrically in six directions, the backrest and lumbar support can be manually adjusted, and the passenger seat can only be adjusted manually.

No beverage bottles can be placed on the door panel, and no beverage bottles can be placed in the central armrest box if it is MP3 or sundries. In this case, the place to put the beverage bottle is behind the barrier. If you put an ashtray in it, you can only put a can of Coke at this time. There is a place for inserting a key next to the cigarette lighter in the center console. In this case, there is no place to put the items that the owner carries with him.

● Better power / more general comfort

If the old Coolpad before was a sheep in wolf skin with a shell, then Genesis-Coolpad is definitely a real wolf. The 2.0T in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged engine is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox with a maximum power of 155kW (210ps)/6000rpm. The maximum torque of 299Nm exploded earlier, and it can explode when the engine speed reaches 2000 rpm.

There are two venues for this test drive, Tianmashan Circuit and urban roads. Let us experience whether Genesis-Coolpad can better balance driving pleasure and daily driving comfort.

When Genesis-Coolpad accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers at full throttle, although the body does not have a catapult attitude, the power it provides is quite satisfactory. When the engine reaches about 2500 rpm, it feels that there is turbine intervention, and when the engine reaches 3,000 rpm, the power output can be felt to be very linear. Driving in a congested urban area, this kind of tuning makes the car owner feel more comfortable, parking and starting will not have a strong feeling of forward rushing, and the middle acceleration is very powerful.

In the narrow continuous corners of Tianmashan Circuit, although the 245's wide tires can provide strong grip, the performance of the Genesis Coupe is not like a rear-wheel drive model, and the understeer feels a bit like the front Drive. However, I believe that this kind of training is mainly for ordinary car owners. Imagine a 210-horsepower 2.0T engine plus a rear-drive mode. If it is tuned to oversteer, it will be very difficult for the average car owner to drive.

The steering force of the Genesis-Cool steering wheel is a bit heavy. The 2.0T model is not equipped with a 6-speed ZF manual transmission. The 5-speed manual transmission is relatively smooth when driving in the city. If the full throttle action is used, it will respond to an upshift at about 5000 rpm. Tuned training.

There is also the sound of a sports car as well as the sound of the engine. The whirring sound of the dual exhaust pipes at high speeds can be clearly felt in the car. When driving on a high-speed section, a lot of engine noise will also be transmitted into the cab. It is impossible to drive quietly in a sports car.

The Genesis-Cool suspension is very stiff, and the strong turbulence will make the passengers in the car feel uncomfortable in places where the road conditions are slightly worse. If you consider Genesis-Cool’s sports car positioning, this kind of training is really suitable for wild on the track. Coupled with the front and rear wide tires, the stiffer suspension can provide excellent support. However, how many car owners can run the track? I think most of the time it is driven in urban areas. In this case, the suspension with insufficient comfort will become a disadvantage of Genesis-Cool.

Test drive summary:

It seems that as a civilian sports car, Genesis-Cool has all the advantages: rear-wheel drive, high-horsepower turbocharged engine, cheaper price, stylish and dynamic appearance, low-profile wide tires, and Suspension with sufficient support. He is more like a sports car than the old Coolpad! Of course, since it is called a sports car, you enjoy the strong power and the windy appearance, then you have to sacrifice for it, and you have to get used to its harder suspension, but I want to choose Genesis-Coolpad My friend will not care too much about the loss of comfort.

In addition, the humanized storage space in the car is not enough, and there is room for improvement. Finally, considering the market in terms of price, I have to admit that Genesis-Coolpad has very few competing models at this price. This will doom its market prospects to be as good as the old Coolpad.