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[YesAuto Electric Vehicle Technology] At this Beijing Auto Show, Kia Niro made its debut, and the new car is expected to be sold in the country in the form of imports at the end of October. The car is a hybrid compact SUV equipped with a hybrid power system consisting of a 1.6L Atkinson cycle engine and a single electric motor. What are the characteristics of Kia’s hybrid system on the Kia Niro? Let’s take a closer look at the model at the Beijing Auto Show.

Full text summary:

Kia Niro’s hybrid system combines an Atkinson cycle engine and an auxiliary drive motor to obtain sufficient power output and better fuel economy than traditional power vehicles. Unlike models equipped with Honda i-MMD and Toyota THS hybrid system, which abandon the traditional gearbox design, the car retains a 6-speed dual-clutch gearbox. This makes the car's driving feel closer to traditionally powered cars. In China, there are not many hybrid compact SUV models. The introduction of Kia Niro is an important step for Kia to seize this market segment. (Photo/Text/Photographed by Chang Qinglin from Autohome/Reporting team in front of Autohome Beijing Auto Show)