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At this Geneva Motor Show, Volkswagen exhibited the environmentally friendly and low fuel consumption Passat BlueMotion model, intending to maintain its leading position in low fuel consumption and environmental technology through this car.

The models on display are divided into two versions, Passat BlueMotion and Passat Estate BlueMotion. The most important feature of the new car is its low fuel consumption. The power heart of the two cars is the 77-kilowatt TDI engine that has been carefully adjusted. , Both cars can run 1,350 kilometers. The carbon dioxide emissions of new cars remain at the level of 136g/km.

According to the manufacturer, the reduction in fuel consumption will not affect the handling of the new car. If necessary, Passat BlueMotion can reach a top speed of 193 km/h, while Passat Estate BlueMotion has a top speed of 190 km/h.

Volkswagen’s first BlueMotion model was the POLO launched in the summer of 2006. Due to low fuel consumption, sales of this car in Europe tripled shortly after its launch. Now, “BlueMotion” has become the label of high-quality, low-fuel consumption models among Volkswagen models.

After the editor——

Leading environmental protection technology has become the highlight of Passat BlueMotion. It is also hoped that other Volkswagen models with the same technology can be introduced into the country, so that consumers can enjoy the benefits brought by the new technology.