[YesAuto Racing Exposure] One of China's largest and most difficult off-road races is going on in full swing. In the pit lane of the stadium, a “red flag” racing car was surprised.

It can be seen that the classic appearance details of the “Hongqi” have been preserved as much as possible, and even the interior of the cab is wrapped in a retro-style imitation wood structure, which must be interesting when driving.

Turning such an old car into a racing car naturally takes a lot of effort. The original internal structure has been completely reborn. The full-tube formation frame is inherited from the Dakar race lineage, which is also a common equipment for the Tour of the Towers.

In terms of power, the front mid-mounted 5.65L V8 engine using a dry oil pan provides excellent driving performance with the support of the four-wheel drive system, and finally four 275mm off-road tires are used to ensure power transmission.

In order to ensure the maneuverability in complex road sections, the shortened wheelbase racing car uses a double wishbone suspension structure. The double shock absorber can withstand greater support force during continuous bumps, and it has better heat dissipation than a single shock absorber.

The cars that can participate in the Tour of the Towers are not the ones waiting to be idle, and they have brought the “red flag” to the stadium to show their full feelings. Let us look forward to it can achieve good results on the field.