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[YesAuto concept car real shot] In the Skoda Brand Day event on the eve of the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Skoda brought its first pure electric concept car, the VISION iV.

The car has just made its world premiere at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show that ended in March, and this time it made its Asian debut. It is understood that Skoda will launch a mass production model based on this car, and it may be officially released in 2020.

The appearance of the VISION iV is very sporty, and the design style is inspired by the Bohemian crystal cutting process. The lines on the front of the car are clear, and even some of the feeling of a muscle car is embedded in it.

Oliver Stefani, chief designer of Skoda Auto, said: “Although the car is a pure electric concept car, it still retains Skoda's DNA.” The traditional front center grid shape has a high degree of recognition, extended by the left and right headlights. The coming through-type light strip divides the front center net into two upper and lower layers.

The straight waterfall-style former China Network incorporates the design of the LED water lamp, which looks like a flowing “waterfall” and has a more futuristic feel. The dark pattern design inside the front LOGO and LED strip is also inspired by the crystal cutting process.

The shape of the side of the car is relatively full, and the overall shape is designed as a crossover coupe style. In terms of body size, the length/width/height of this car are 4665/1962/1613mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2765mm.

The car also uses the more popular streaming media exterior rearview mirror and no door handle design, in order to achieve the ultimate aerodynamic effect.

The 22-inch large-size wheels also use a fully enclosed design, which is more complex in shape and also very aggressive.

The charging port is designed on the right rear fender. According to Skoda, a fast charge can charge up to 80% in 30 minutes, but the initial charge has not been announced; and the slow charge time of the car has not yet been announced.

Oliver Stefani mentioned in his interpretation of the design language of the rear: “In terms of the rear styling, it still follows the inspiration brought by the Bohemian crystal cutting process.” However, compared to the front, it is more complicated than the front. After the effect, there is no complicated “cutting process” lines, but the whole is still relatively thick.

The C-shaped taillight with LED light source and the luminous brand English letters not only give people a sense of avant-garde design, but also enhance the recognition of the car.

The penetrating light strip on the rear enclosure not only makes the rear of the car more eye-catching, but also increases the width of the car body in terms of visual effects. The diffuser at the bottom also indicates that the car has specialties in sports.

The double door design is one of the highlights of the car. The sporty style-based exterior design adds a touch of retro touch.

The interior design of Skoda VISION iV is simple and without losing the sense of design. The overall style is very avant-garde, and the multi-layered center console has outstanding visual effects. This design will also be used in other production models of Skoda in the future.

The steering wheel uses a new two-spoke design, the driver can choose the driving mode on the steering wheel. The instrument panel is a full LCD instrument, but the size is small, but it also contains information such as power, remaining mileage, gear, vehicle speed, and vehicle status.

The large-size central control screen also gives people a sense of the future. Below the center console, there is also a wireless charging function. It can also be seen that with the advent of the era of mobile phone wireless charging, the use of this function in passenger cars may become more common.

In addition, the VISION iV concept car can also monitor the driver’s eye movement and heart rate to determine whether the driver’s attention is concentrated and in a dangerous state, and automatically control the vehicle to complete a safe stop when necessary.

VISION iV is based on Volkswagen's latest MEB pure electric platform. The power battery is installed on the bottom of the car body. The power is 83kWh. Under the WLTP test standard, its maximum cruising range can reach 500km.

In terms of power, VISION iV is driven by dual electric motors located on the front and rear axles. The official announcement of the maximum power of the power system is 226kW (306Ps), and the 0-100km/h acceleration time is only 5.9 seconds.

The Skoda VISION iV concept car is an important step for the brand towards electric mobility. Skoda plans to launch more than 10 electric models worldwide in 2020. In the future, it will invest 2 billion euros in the research and development of new energy technologies and the development of new ones. Mobile travel services.