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[YesAuto Connected Travel] What is the most anticipated after the 2021 Cadillac XT6 (hereafter referred to as XT6) goes on the market? Perhaps most people will focus more on the new 48V light hybrid system. In addition, XT6 has also been upgraded in terms of the intelligent connection system that everyone is not particularly concerned about. The biggest difference from the past is the introduction of Baidu voice assistant, Baidu map and some networked life service applications. I want to know this In addition to basic travel assistance, are there any new features of the new CUE system that are worth exploring? Let's take a look!

● The hardware equipment and layout have not been adjusted, and the interior styling still has a deep brand imprint.

Since 2012, Cadillac has used the CUE Cadillac User Experience system (Cadillac User Experience) with a large touch screen on its models. After multiple rounds of iteration, the CUE system has also continued to enrich the number of networking functions in the system following the development of the networking era. The introduction of functions in the Baidu ecosystem by CUE this time is also a major upgrade for this system. The upgraded system is more adapted to the local network ecology. At the same time, the addition of many networked applications can further enhance the convenience of car owners when traveling.

In order to meet the needs of local users for connected vehicles, it is very common for overseas brands to cooperate with domestic Internet companies to develop intelligent connected systems. There are even many overseas brands of vehicles directly developed based on ready-made connected vehicle systems. In CUE The introduction of the Baidu ecosystem into the system is also a necessary improvement to satisfy Chinese consumers. But the difference is that the system we see currently only introduces some functions, and does not directly replace the entire system like other brands.

● The screen size has not changed, and a large number of physical buttons are still retained.

First, let’s take a look at the hardware. The interior design of the new XT6 has not changed. The interconnected touch screen is still an 8-inch embedded in the center console. Although the size is not large from the current point of view, the built-in screen together with The touch buttons on both sides still occupy a large proportion in the center console. The pointer instrument panel with 8-inch color screen, HUD head-up display, night vision goggles and streaming media rearview mirrors are all exclusive configurations of the top version. In terms of technology, the platinum model has reached the mainstream level of the same-level models.

In addition to the large number of reserved physical buttons to meet the usage habits of the elderly and facilitate the “blind operation”, NFC mobile phone direct connection and OnStar manual customer service are still two of Cadillac's characteristic functions. Among them, the NFC mobile phone quick connection is very distinctive. The NFC function of the car/mobile phone is kept on, and the mobile phone is close to the icon (sensing area) at the bottom of the screen, and then the Bluetooth of the car can be connected more quickly. Currently this function only supports Android phones with NFC function, iPhone does not have this function temporarily.

● The simple UI interface has basically not changed, and the voice assistant only supports key-on wakeup.

The UI design of the new CUE system is basically the same as before, and the white characters on the deep background are highly recognizable both day and night. Due to the increase in functions, the application that can be displayed on two pages has been increased to three pages. It will be a little harder to find it. Fortunately, the application icons can be adjusted in position. Move frequently used functions to convenient positions or simply It is possible to wake up with voice.

Baidu's voice assistant needs to be awakened by a button on the steering wheel or on the roof. There is no voice wake-up word such as “Hello, Cadillac”, which is still slightly lacking in the creation of a technological atmosphere. The new voice assistant is much better than the original cold simulated female voice. Not only the reply sentences are more personable, but the top of the screen also has facial expressions to enhance the sense of interaction. The new voice assistant can also understand natural sentences and rely on networked resources to help users complete some simple search tasks, which is a highlight of the new system.

● Four audio entertainment applications can meet the needs of most users.

Networked entertainment applications come from QQ Music, Kuwo Music, Tingban FM and Himalaya FM. In addition, the system also has network radio, ZAKER news client, etc. to provide users with richer and more detailed real-time information. The number of applications is in all car associations. The system is relatively rich. Of course, like other car-linked systems, the network resources of the above third-party applications, especially high-quality resources (high-quality music, long-form serialization, etc.), need to be bound to the user's own third-party account and purchase the corresponding membership level to listen. The 14-speaker BOSE Zhizhen series high-end audio is an exclusive facility for the top-of-the-line version. With such a high-end equipment, don't you have a piece of works from famous artists such as Chopin, Mozart, and Beethoven?

The navigation function is very interesting. First of all, the audio control pilot system that comes with the CUE system is still retained, and the system will turn on the pilot system by default if the destination is issued through OnStar's manual customer service. The advantage is that the guide path is very simple, and the path can be projected on the instrument and the head-up display, so that the driver's line of sight does not leave the road ahead.

If you use the voice command “Navigate to XXX”, the system will turn on Baidu Maps by default. Compared with the system's built-in voice pilot, Baidu Maps can not only display road conditions and lane information in a comprehensive way, but the application also includes built-in grouping I personally think that it is better to use common functions such as travel and circumventing restrictions than voice-controlled navigation. However, the guidance information of Baidu Maps can only be displayed on the central control screen, and cannot be extended to the dashboard and head-up display. XT6 has room for improvement in terms of integration capabilities.

● Dual Bluetooth connection, wireless CarPlay and mobile phone App remote control are all available.

Dual Bluetooth connection and wireless CarPlay are now standard on many luxury models, and the XT6 also does not drop these functions, and performs well. Through the “MyCadillac” mobile phone App, functions such as remotely locking/unlocking the door and checking the status of the vehicle can be realized. Finally, let’s take a look at other hardware related to the intelligent connection system. As the top version in the car series, the platinum model is equipped with a 360° panoramic parking image, three-temperature zone automatic air conditioning, PM2.5 filter system + negative ion generator, and mobile phone. Features such as wireless charging, comfort and convenience facilities are quite complete.

● Article summary:

Although the CUE system is almost the same as the old system in terms of hardware configuration, interface design, etc., after the addition of Baidu voice and navigation applications, it has been improved a lot in terms of ease of use, a more “smart” voice assistant and a more “smart” voice assistant. “Detailed” map guidance can improve the convenience of users outside. However, compared with other luxury brand models of the same level, this upgraded version of the CUE system still has a lot of room for improvement. Although the internal functions are still relatively detailed, the screen size is not huge and prominent in today’s eyes. Baidu Navigation is not well integrated with the system itself, so its guidance data cannot be projected on the instrument and head-up display, while the voice intelligent guidance that comes with the system has only suggested guidance arrows but cannot view detailed road maps and lane information. , Both systems have their own advantages and disadvantages. I hope that in the future, officials can further integrate the functions of this system and catch up with the newer and more fashionable interconnected era.