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[YesAuto four-wheel drive detailed] In this issue of playing four-wheel drive, we will introduce you to the four-wheel drive performance of Infiniti's various SUVs. As a Japanese luxury brand, Infiniti not only owns road-oriented SUVs such as QX60 and QX70, but also has off-road champions like QX80 with non-carrying bodies. (In the following articles, QX50, QX60, QX70 and QX80 will be referred to as Dongfeng Infiniti QX50, Infiniti QX60, Infiniti QX70 and Infiniti QX80)

Dongfeng Infiniti QX50

Infiniti QX50 2015 2.5L Premium Edition

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The QX50 is the first domestically produced SUV model produced by Dongfeng Group and Infiniti after the joint venture. In order to cater to the domestic consumers' car purchase philosophy, the domestically produced QX50 has a longer wheelbase and has a better space performance than imported models. At present, the entire QX50 series are equipped with a 2.5L V6 engine, which is matched with a 7-speed automatic manual gearbox.

The domestically produced QX50 still uses a full-time four-wheel drive system, with a multi-disc clutch structure in the middle, open differential locks on the front and rear axles, and four wheels with electronic assistance. In daily driving, this four-wheel drive system is more backward-driven. By pressing the multi-disc clutch, a 50:50 power distribution between the front and rear axles can be achieved.

Power distribution test between shafts

Power distribution between axles is the most basic test item. Most four-wheel drive models can easily pass, and QX50 is no exception.

Cross axis test

In the power distribution between the axles and the cross axle test, QX50 has a good performance. The electronic assistance system can restrain the wheels from slipping and ensure that the wheels with adhesion can get enough power to get out of trouble.

Power distribution test between wheels

    Although successfully passed the cross-shaft test, the QX50 still failed the test when faced with more difficult power distribution between wheels. The electronic auxiliary system is not very obvious for the braking of the wheels, resulting in power loss, and a short slip will cause the multi-plate clutch to fall into overheating protection.

Summary Advantages: Possess a certain ability to escape difficulties Disadvantages: Multi-disc clutch type is easy to overheat

The QX50 is a sporty SUV with a full-time four-wheel drive biased to rear drive. The cross-shaft test proves that it has a certain off-road performance, but it cannot pass the power distribution between the wheels and is easy to fall into overheating protection. bottleneck.

Infiniti QX60

Infiniti QX60 2014 2.5T Hybrid four-wheel drive all-around version

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738.80 million

In Infiniti's SUV lineup, the QX60 can be regarded as a model that emphasizes comfort. The four models of the whole series are divided into 2.5T Hybrid and 3.5L engine displacements. The matching models are all CVT gearboxes with simulated 7-speed. Today we are testing the 2.5T Hybrid with hybrid power. Four-wheel drive version.

Infiniti QX60 uses a timely four-wheel drive system based on a transverse engine design. In daily driving, the front wheels will get 100% of the power, and when the front wheels are skidding, the rear wheels can be allocated up to 50% of the power, and there are no buttons in the car to intervene in the driving mode.

Power distribution test between shafts

The coaxial two sets of open pulleys are the simplest of all tests. As long as the multi-disc clutch can be compressed, it should be said that the test to deal with this intensity is more than enough. In the actual test, the performance of the QX60 is not disappointing. Either the front axle or the rear axle can pass easily.

Cross axis test

However, in the subsequent cross-axis test, QX60 disappointed us a bit. The electronic assistance system failed to effectively brake the wheels, resulting in the power cannot be transmitted to the wheels with adhesion. In the end, the QX60's four-wheel drive test stopped at the cross-axis, and this performance also made it basically bid farewell to off-road.

Power distribution test between wheels

Since the cross axle cannot be passed, the power distribution test between the wheels is even more impossible to talk about. In the end, the QX60 failed to pass the test of the project because the electronic system could not play the role of restriction.

Advantages: The power of the rear axle can be disconnected during daily driving to achieve lower fuel consumption with two-wheel drive
Disadvantages: weak four-wheel drive performance

In the final analysis, the QX60 is still a road-oriented SUV, so its off-road performance is not eye-catching, even the cross axle fails to pass. From a structural point of view, this timely four-wheel drive system can disconnect the power of the rear axle while driving to reduce fuel consumption, and when the front wheel is detected to slip, the intervention of the rear wheel can also bring higher stability to the vehicle Sex.

Infiniti QX70

Infiniti QX70 2013 3.7L Beyond Edition

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80.80 million

Although the same as the QX60 is a road SUV, the QX70 must be more sporty in terms of exterior design and driving style. The car offers two engines, 3.7L and 5.0L, and is matched with a 7-speed automatic manual gearbox. Today we tested the 3.7L transcendence version.

Infiniti QX70 is equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system. Most of the power in daily driving will be transmitted to the rear axle to create a sports car-like driving feeling. When the rear wheels slip, the front wheels will get better. With more power, the maximum adjustment range of the two is 50:50. It can be said that this four-wheel drive system of QX70 is mainly for road driving. Next, let us see how it performs in terms of four-wheel drive performance.

Power distribution test between shafts

For the QX70 with a full-time four-wheel drive system, the simple test of power distribution between axles is obviously not difficult, and the passing process is also very easy.

Cross axis test

The simple inter-axle distribution is naturally difficult to defeat the QX70. In the cross-shaft test, the QX70 still performs well. The electronic system can effectively brake the slippery wheels, thereby helping the wheels with adhesion to get more power. , To achieve relief.

Power distribution test between wheels

After successfully passing the cross-axis test, we increased the difficulty and only allowed a single round of landing. At this point, it can be seen that although the electronic system is braking the wheels, only the front axle is more effective. The rear axle with an open differential still slips severely, and the loss of power prevents it from passing this test.

Advantages: daily driving is biased to the rear drive, which has a certain driving pleasure
Disadvantages: unable to pass the power distribution test between wheels, limited four-wheel drive capability

The cross-shaft test proves that the QX70 still has a certain off-road capability, but after all, it is positioned as a road SUV model. The QX70 still cannot be completed, such as the power distribution between wheels, which requires high four-wheel drive performance. Therefore, the flat road is it. The ideal place to ride, the rugged mountain road will only make it embarrassing with you.

Infiniti QX80

Unlike the QX60 and QX70 models introduced in the previous article, although the positioning tends to be comfortable, the QX80 is still an out-and-out cross-country weapon. The addition of a large number of comfort configurations did not make it lose its proud off-road performance, whether it is on well-paved urban roads or bad conditions in the desert Gobi, you can see it.

The QX80, which uses a non-load-bearing body structure, is equipped with a full-time four-wheel drive system and is equipped with a low-speed torque amplification gear. The only regret is that the rear axle uses an open differential, but even so, its four-wheel drive performance cannot be underestimated. peep.

Power distribution test between wheels

For such a model with super off-road capability, it is the respect for it to directly enter the most difficult project. In the power distribution test between wheels, the QX80 behaves very calmly, without any mode adjustments, and only with the powerful electronic system, the QX80 can pass the test.

Power distribution between shafts

The power distribution between axles does not pose any threat to the QX80 at all, and the vehicle can pass the test effortlessly. The main test of this test is those models with weaker four-wheel drive performance, and the QX80 is obviously not out of the list.

Cross axis test

Since the QX80 can pass the most difficult wheel-to-wheel power distribution test, pediatric tests such as the distribution between axles and wheels are naturally a matter of course.

Summary advantages: powerful four-wheel drive, simple operation and quick response
Disadvantages: the rear axle uses an open differential

QX80 uses its powerful performance to show us the demeanor that a flagship model should have. Even in the face of severe wheel-to-wheel power distribution tests, it can still be easily crushed. In addition, the rich comfort and safety configuration also makes it look like a mobile fortress.

Full text summary:

Through today’s test, we can see that the entire Infiniti series of SUVs can be divided into two categories: timely four-wheel drive and full-time four-wheel drive. Among them, only the QX60 with the timely four-wheel drive cannot pass the cross-shaft test, and the rest use the full-time four-wheel drive QX50. , QX70 and QX80 have good performance in cross-country, especially QX80, the powerful performance is worthy of the title of king. (Picture/Text Car Home Li Weilong)