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[YesAuto Fun with 4WD] Isuzu has always given the impression that it is producing a commercial pickup truck, but this year its first SUV model in the domestic market: the mu-X was officially launched and launched. The four-wheel drive model has been dubbed the hard-core off-road model by the manufacturer, so is its four-wheel drive system really as powerful as the manufacturer said? This article tells you the answer.

Jiangxi Isuzu mu-X models use two engines, 2.5T diesel engine and 3.0T diesel engine, a total of seven models, including 5 four-wheel drive models.

Both diesel engine models and gasoline engine models adopt a time-sharing four-wheel drive structure. The front and rear axles are open differentials. There are three types of rear drive (2H), high-speed four-wheel drive (4H), and low-speed four-wheel drive (4L). Four-wheel drive mode, in which the low-speed four-wheel drive can amplify the torque by 2.48 times, allowing the vehicle to gain more powerful climbing and escape capabilities.

In addition, except for the lowest equipped models, all other four-wheel drive models have a body stabilization system. This time we tested the relatively main-selling 3.0T four-wheel drive model.

● Three sets of open pulley block test

Because the manufacturer’s positioning of this car is biased towards the hardcore off-road SUV, and the vehicle’s electronic assistance system and time-sharing four-wheel drive system all give us great hopes for the four-wheel drive system of this car, so we have a lot of hope for this system. For the test, we directly gave it the most difficult one: three sets of open pulley blocks.

Advantages : The four-wheel drive system performs very well, and can switch between high-speed and low-speed four-wheel drive below 100km/h.

Disadvantages : The braking of the slipping wheels is relatively slow in the early stage.

to sum up:

The four-wheel drive system of Isuzu mu-X is still very good from the test performance. At least in this price range, the performance of this four-wheel drive system is in line with the manufacturer's statement. In addition, the ground clearance of this car is 225mm, which can basically cope with not extreme conditions, reflecting the advantages of hardcore SUV.