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[YesAuto Fun Four-wheel Drive] SUV occupies a pivotal position in the Toyota brand. Among them, Prado, Land Cruiser and other models are more famous for their powerful four-wheel drive systems, so today we will mainly talk about representative Toyota brands. The four-wheel drive performance of these models, the protagonists on the stage include RAV4, Highlander, Prado and Land Cruiser.


FAW Toyota RAV4 2013 2.5L Automatic 4WD Elite Edition

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RAV4 is a very popular compact SUV under Toyota. At present, the 2.0L and 2.5L models on sale have four-wheel drive versions. It uses a set of electronically controlled timely four-wheel drive system. In automatic mode, the RAV4 is mainly front-wheel drive. , When the front wheel slips, a part of the torque will be automatically distributed to the rear wheel. In LOCK mode, the multiple disc clutch is pressed against the front and rear wheel torque distribution 50:50 to give, but this mode can only be turned on at 40 km / h, will be automatically canceled after exceeding the LOCK mode speed.

From the test results, the RAV4's four-wheel drive system can only pass the pulley block test between the front and rear axles. The rest of the tests including the cross axle and the more difficult single-wheel landing test failed. We saw that in the cross-shaft test, the electronic system failed to effectively brake the slippery wheels, and the idling was obvious. Therefore, the RAV4's four-wheel drive system is relatively rudimentary and is limited to wet and slippery roads in cities and low-intensity off-roads. The environment, but it is normal for an SUV that is biased towards the city.


The all-new Highlander has been in a state of hot sales or even increased prices since its launch. Its large shape design and 7-seat flexible space transformation are deeply loved by consumers. It is equipped with 2.0T and 3.5L engines. With a timely four-wheel drive system, the computer will distribute power to the front and rear axles according to the driving state of the vehicle. Normally, the vehicle is biased towards the front drive and can automatically switch between 100:0 and 50:50. The driver can also manually lock the central differential, theoretically the driving force will be fixed at 50:50.

The four-wheel drive test result is the same as the RAV4. It can only pass the test of the pulley block between the front and rear axles. The cross shaft and the three open pulley block cannot pass. During the test, it can be found that the Highlander has electronic auxiliary braking, but the force is minimal and cannot help. The vehicle is out of trouble, so Highlander 's four-wheel drive system can only cope with low-intensity off-road.


Prado 2016 3.5L Automatic VX NAVI

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The off-road capability of Toyota Prado is obvious to everyone. The models currently on sale are divided into 3.5L and 2.7L models. The 3.5L models have four-wheel drive systems. The top version has a differential lock on the rear axle and can be manually operated. It is locked. The rear axle of the low- and mid-range models has an open differential, and all four wheels have electronic auxiliary brakes.

The 3.5L VX NAVI top-equipped Prado has the most powerful full-time four-wheel drive system in the whole series, the central Torsen torque-sensitive self-locking differential, and the power distribution ratio of the front and rear axles is 40:60. It can be used under extreme conditions. It becomes 29:71.

Take the 3.5L TX-L NAVI video as an example. There is no problem with the vehicle passing through the three open pulley blocks. Although the rear axle differential lock is missing compared to the 3.5L VX NAVI model, it still only relies on one side of the front wheel. One wheel can successfully get out of trouble, and the electronic auxiliary braking force is very powerful.

The 2.7L Prado has the same four-wheel drive structure as the 3.5L mid-to-low TX-L NAVI, but the electronic auxiliary braking force is not decisive enough to pass the test of the triple open pulley block with a single front wheel on the ground. There is a gap with the 3.5L model. So if your budget permits, and you prefer to drive into the field, you still have to 3.5L.

Rand Cool Road Ze

Land Cruiser 2016 4.6L Automatic VX-R

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119.40 million

As a heavyweight player in Toyota off-road vehicles, the outstanding off-road performance and reliable quality of Land Cruiser are the most direct impressions of people. The Land Cruiser currently on sale has four models with 4.0 and 4.6L displacements. They use V6 and V8 engines, respectively. The test model is a 4.6L automatic VX-R top version.

In the actual test process, the Land Cruiser can still pass smoothly in the face of the three open pulley block with the strongest single front wheel on the ground. The electronic assistance is very powerful. After detecting the tire slip, it can decisively brake and intervene. There is no item in all items. Difficult to stay “Lu Xun”, the strength is affirmative.

Full text summary

At this point, Toyota’s mainstream four-wheel drive models have been sorted out for you. From the results, the RAV4 and Highlander with a horizontal engine platform and a multi-disc clutch-type central differential are relatively general in four-wheel drive performance and cannot pass The cross axis can only meet the needs of urban and low-intensity environments. The 3.5L Prado and RAND cool Lu Ze performance is satisfactory enough, we passed all test items, worth certainly, this performance difference is also in line with their respective positioning. (Wen Auto Home Zhang Yuda Video Ji Zhenjia)